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Ryze Build Guide by Avanih

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avanih

Red Ball Express

Avanih Last updated on August 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there and welcome to my very first guide.

Why Ryze you may ask?

I'll tell you why. In My Opinion is ryze one of the most awesome champs in lol, because he gets his damage from mana, and he can spam those red balls forever.

he can root and do severe dmg alrdy in early mid game, and that's worth keeping in mind. Also he is not hard to figure out but with this guide i have slaugthered many other ryzes early game because they didn't have mana runes.

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I have chosen:

Greater Mark of Insight. x9 for the Magic penetration
Greater Seal of Intellect x9 for mana and damage
Greater Glyph of Intellect x9
for more mana and damage

and last

Greater Quintessence of Intellect x3 for even more mana and damage of course ^^

With these runes, masteries and a Mana Crystal you will have 819 mana from the very start. That means your overload get 65.52 bonus damage, that means you'll be punishing the enemy with almost 100 damage with only 3.5 seconds cooldown

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In items it should be obvious, that were gonna go for the items with most +mana ingame except boots and 1 item. (ill get to that item soon)

Early game:
Grab a Mana crystal and two Health pots, and go punish the enemy champion. When u got atleast 595 gold you can recall, but be sure to be at very low mana when you do, farm some minions if you got plenty of mana. But be sure you got enough for a Rune prison if someone decides to tower dive you. (not likely tho)

When at shop, turn your Mana Crystal into at Tear of the Goddess ( and Basic Boots, if you got enough for it) and head back to your lane and farm as hell to get that Tear of the goddess charged up.

Mid Game:
If you havent got boots yet, rush to Sorceres Boots and start on building Hextech revolver (the one non-mana item u need.) This item will make you extremely hard to keep low in hp, since you got loads of mana now, and are healing each time you slap someone with your red energy ball.

Time to get a Rod of the Ages. and yes you might be more than 20 minutes into the game, when you finish it. But you just can't ignore the benefits from it. HP to be more tough, mana for damage and ap for more dmg + the passive hp and mana regeneration when you level up!!!!

Late Game:
Now you need some more defensive items.

You want a banshees veil to make you less likely to get caught with a stun/snare/root and nuked into the ground or you can save a teammate from being killed by i.e Caitlyn's ulti or Nidalee's spear, you can even prevent Ashe's arrow to initiate a teamfight.

You should also turn Hextech revolver into Will of the Ancients for more ap and spell vamp + the aura for your ap mates and Frozen Heart to keep those ad carrys off your back in teamfights. In which order you get these three items should be based on who is the most fed/farmed/or generally the most dangerous on the enemy team. if youre on a roll just do as you please here.

And last for a little extra dmg is Archangel's Staff but most of the games are over by now.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence should be Q,W,Q,E,Q to get the most out of his passive. But most of the times i do Q,W,E,Q and then throw whatever is ready.

In teamfights where the enemy team are standing close together, throw E then pop R before E hits its target and then follow up with Q and W. and see the aoe dmg rain upon your enemies.

Most of the times will a squishy carry lose about 50% hp, which makes them back off a bit.

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Summoner Spells

As Summoner Spells i choose Ghost n' Flash.

Flash to get out of a gank or surprise an unaware squishy.

And Ghost to get back to the lane fast, to chase or retreat, or if a fight breaks out and you are nearby to rush in and help your mates to victory or help them escape a gank.

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Tips and Info

When you are in the late mid game. You are dealing significant damage with this build,
and if you are playing against some squishys who tend to run alone. Try wait for em in bush, and just before they reach it, pop R and burst them beyond recognition ;) many carry gets scared or dies short after since your cooldowns are so short, because of Ryze's passive.

And if you got a jungler, ask him if you can have blue after you get your Tear of the Goddess, it will help get it charged up alot faster and you only need it like once. Depends on how good you are at staying alive of course ^^

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Last i just want to say that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as i had fun making it.

And i don't care that this is my first guide, i want contructive criticism.

and to those who don't like this guide at all. I don't force you to use it, and if you are making rude comments.

You can "Take this scroll and stick it.. somewhere safe" because "I got these tatooes in Rune Prison" xD