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Twitch Build Guide by A.R.M.

Red Blue 42 it's my poisin now

Red Blue 42 it's my poisin now

Updated on January 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author A.R.M. Build Guide By A.R.M. 6,307 Views 12 Comments
6,307 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author A.R.M. Twitch Build Guide By A.R.M. Updated on January 6, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



Twitch is a "hard to play" champion. In this case I mean he has a learning curve... of course I started out on AP champs so it is like learning to Snowboard then ski... for it's going from skillshots to locked on targeting.

If you get twitches stealth first that is a mistake, even though it gives you some as, you don't stay stealthed long enough to pull anything plus people tend to get more defensive if you go invis... and why scount out the next bush when you can wait for them to show themselves and then hit them a few times and expunge them... it does so much more... plus the lifesteal gives the sustain you need.
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Pros / Cons

Twitch is a squishy.
You can't give twitch health/armor and build him to his full potential.
He is a slow to start champ (he's a late game champ). Until you get his base build (black clever, bloodthirster, and boots of mobility you are essentially playing defensively and last hitting as much as possible without pushing.

Once you get his bae build he starts to mow down the opponent.
This twitch build can beat as kog for this twitch has no health, just a bunch of lifsteal, ad, and armor penetration with expunge to boot.
When fully built twitch cuts threw his opponents like butter... ult boom... it's so fast that by the time they turn around to attack you your done ulting and then you expunge... then you just focus the remainder down.
Once fully build he is a great backdooring champ... especially if the opponent doens't have the sense to ward... if they do don't worry... your invis really is to be treated just as a attack speed boost.
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Creeping / Jungling

I don't ever jungle... I lane... although I do suggest staying with someone in lane, mid is ok, especially if vs a viegar for you can shut him down quite easily early game if he's careless about mana (dodge his attacks is all). Both blue and red buff help this champ although there not needed i recommend grabbing them late game to do at the very least buff control. and at the most... more ults and more continuous damage.
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Armor pen runes are the most important marks here, if I had the ip I would probably just switch out the attack speed runes for armor penetration runes. I STRONGlY urge you to get lifesteal quitessences for this build and replace the seals however you want... I suggest leaving the glyphs that way for it helps increase twtiches expunge which is ap scaling and goes off the # of stacks on the champ as seen at the top left of the screen when you have them highlighted, you can have up to 6 stacks... use expunge and it's good to go.

Runes The quitessesnces are WRONG becuase mobafire doens't have the lifesteal runes in the setup yet, so get 3 lifsteal runes instead of 3 armor pen runes. When it comes down to it lifesteal pays off far more becuase of the sustain it provides, starting with 6 (runes)+12 (vamperic sceptar) +3 (masteries) is a nice amount (21% lifesteal at the start).

Note that I started off as an AP player and due to balancing out ip between champs and runes has been an undertaking... and sicne I play more ap my runes are more ap based.

I don't suggest thigns I haven't tried, but in the case of the attack speed runes being replaced witha rmor pen runes, that would be fine... keep in mind the runes I have are for ad champs in general... (more specifically ad chamspw ith some ap scaling or hybrids)
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Well as ad lifesteal some magic pen to increase expunges effectiveness and a smidge of ap. Self explanitory, do what you wish.
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This is the most imporant section... you need to get a ton of gold asap even if it means ksing for (I find it easier to farm as ap then ad for ap just has to use a spell once in awhile to get the gold) if you don't you will be an underfed twitch... although it is hard not to ks for expunge usually is the finishing blow, especially since twitch has mana problems early game. Once you get the base build of black clever, bloodrazor, and boots of mobility you will actually be somewhat deadly... once you finish the build... someone else engages and then what opponent?
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Skill Sequence

Start with expunge because if you manage to get even 3 stacks on a squishy they most likely would die if you poped expunge when still at level 1. Expunge = your key to victory, as = the guide to get you to victory. The attack speed part is why stealth (q) is second most important. Ults of course always get leveled first.

For those of you who don't know, deadly venom stacks (twitch's passive) and it stacks up to 6. For each stack of deadly venom your oppoent has expunge will do 20-60 damage per stack plus the dmaage it does anyways (30-150 +100% ap). With this in mind you can do 150 additional damage early game (this time I mean level 1 early) if you get 6 stacks off if you have expunge. Late game you can do up to 510 damage with it (note both these do not include any ap). Also late game since you have your ult you jsut hit them 6 times expunge and boom that is how you get a pentakill.
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Summoner Spells

Exhaughst is great to hold down enemies who are trying to flee, and ghost is great for chasing them down and killing them, and vise versa on both of those.

I prefer exaughst and ghost because I don't mind dieing... you have so much lifesteal and attack speed that until you get stuned (or suppressed... etc.) you will havea hayday. When you do get stunned your team has a chance to take down their carries and since carreis usually don't have much health... especially after what twitch does to them... and that they used their cc on you.. you team is clear to wreck them.

Now I suggest that if your someone who is afraid of death that you get cleanse instead of exaughst... exaughst is more of an early game spell that on top of all other abilities spells and items you have, help you take down the opponent. exgaughst really helps out tiwtch early game for that is an addtional 10 armor pen and magic pen, so make
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Team Work

Twitch excels when his team causes the opponent to bunch up or line up into a line like formation. This setup would be perfect for twitches ult for it is an aoe type ult that fires like a basic attack but doens't lock on.

Have your team gaurd you as you steal barron via ulting and shooting through the mountain to steal it.
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Just last hit and focus the minions not being attacked if you must autoattack, you do consuderable damage thus shouldn't need to autoattack. Be skilled at last hittting, if your not you're ina world of hurt, once you get your base build you wont even have to try to last hit, it'll just happen, once you get a full build, then what minion wave?
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Look for loners, it is great to pick their team off 1 by 1, but that doens't stop you from jumping a few of them and ulting then expunging now does it? Basically yet again know your limits and definitly know if the opponent has a thornmail, do not attack those with thornmails if you can help it... if you can't try to get those without thornmails into the ult that is hitting those with thornmails so that you can still heal off of them all.

You can easily get dragon full build... heck base build it is possible to do so as well...

Know if your oppoenent is warding or getting oracles... study their habits so that it is easier to gank them.

Make sure you know when their doing barron, you have nough as to steal it via ulting up and shooting over and expunging... so if they kill all but you and you have a line of sight on all 5of them at abrron... go for it... even if your team isn't dead... as long as you know hwere they are go for it... and if you odn't know where they are give it a try anyways that way you can learn how to steal barron without entering the fray.

Stuns are deadly but avoidable because most champs that stun and squishy and don't have the time to get you... and if they fous you down your team can come in and finish off them, just because your dead doens't mean they are not sitll poisined.

Get vision wards if your oppoent is warding your lane... troll them... destroy their wards... this way you can harass them via stealth until they get oracles... being able to harass them this way early game is agreat bonus.. for when twitch goes invis the opponent usually backs up.

Make sure that in most cases, when you start an engage on someone who you know you can get and has escape spells that you use your (w) to slow them for mor eoften than not that combined wiht the other abilities and well autoattacks you have will result in you killing them.

Oh here's my favorite stratagy, if you need to b go somewhere in which you know the opponent does not havea vision ward and then hit q and immidiatly after hit b... you end up going b while stealthed due to the time it takes for stealth to take effect. If they have oracles this most likely wont work unless the opponent is horrible at chasing... which with teh spells, items, and abilities you have... you most liekly can get away.
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Twitch is a very powerful champ that is worth learning to play, although be warned... it seems any time I play twitch I get called noob... then I steamroll the opponant while carrying my team... don't underestimate a prideful rat.

I was really bad with twitch when I started playing him, but I knew his potential... make sure you know what expunge does and how it works. Make sure you can kill them before they can get you... aka if it's jsut arhi you have to kill her before she utls away... so leave her posiined and jump her.... you should be able to kill her, and if you can't get her via autoattack get her via expunge... not using your ult on her is usually the way to go... if there's not going to be a teamfight soon.
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Author's note

Still some changes I have to do such as spellchecking it, but lets stick with the joke that I have typelexia a smidge longer.
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