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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ralle


ralle Last updated on August 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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At the begining of the game you want to stand next to your nexus. Once minions spawn kill the first minion that comes out. By the time you follow your creeps down mid your RM skill would have finished cooldown and you pop the 2nd melee creep. This prevents your opponent to level from the first wave.

One thing to keep in mind is use parley only when necessary to scare your enemy from your tower you never want to be OOM you want to keep the pressure and deny as many of your opponents xp as possible.

As wave of minions come down you always want to pop the melee creep and every 3rd wave you want to pop the cannon minion (with the mastery in dealing 4 more dmg to creeps you can 1 shot him so dont wait for its health to go down). Be sure to use it as they approach your tower otherwise the cooldown might not come fast enough for the next wave.

If done correctly by the time its in mid game you would have gimped the opponents mid carry by having him on equal lvl as your teammates or even lower sometimes. Usually you would be around lvl 15 while there mid carry is 11.

Once in mid game where ganking and team fights start just use morale to help teamfights as for the build its a basic crit plank build you should be able to carry your team with this.

I apologize if this doesnt help much or if there is too much reading.

Heres some more tips to help deny without Raise Morale.

-If the difference between you and your opponents health try and chase him out of the range to get xp when one of your creeps is about to die. Be very careful about this make sure they dont have a heal or if its a stunner make sure you have remove scurvy ready to heal and run back, it can be very risky and you can die if you fail.

Usually if they are not running when you already parley them and chase them fall back unless they are 1 hit from death if they have 2 or 1.5 bars on them ill let them go you can let your parley recharge so you can kill them if they havent blue pilled and is stupid enough to come back, and if they did blue pill its your chance to deny creeps and gain xp.

-If the person your laning against is gone dont atk the enemy creeps let them do as much dmg to your creeps as possible you can do the finishing blow but try to keep your enemy creeps alive as long as possible. This is also a good time to go and kill the four ghosts in your corner.

This is very effective when in the begining the mid carry ganks bot at the start of the match, if you are lucky not only will you have denied 2 melee creeps if he doesnt get back to mid quick enough he will lose out on a 3rd melee creep, this allows you to parley him a few times when hes lvl 1 and your lvl 2. If this happens you can even scare him from getting to lvl 2 until the 3rd wave of creeps.

-Now if you notice you have more creeps then the enemies and it doesnt look like yours is about to die before the enemies does, if your close enough to the enemies tower try and kill the enemies creeps them fast enough so your creeps goes up to the tower and gets killed before the enemy champion gets back.
use parrly to shott down the enemy.
the parrly can crit like a normal hit.