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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BallBreakimus

Renek --- Tank DPS

BallBreakimus Last updated on February 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 1

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 8

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Welcome to my guide on Renekton the Butcher of the Sands. With this guide, I hope to help you accomplish a more efficient and streamlined play-style. With that, will come survivability, harass, and kills. He has ability, you, the player, just have to make it happen.

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Great Farmer
Really strong Stun
Cooldown Champ
Fury makes Abilities even better
Great Engager
Ult makes you Beast
Great Healing ability with Q
Can charge through thin walls with E


Really weak early game
Easy to harass
Slower Champ
Fury takes time to accumulate
Relatively slow champ

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9xGreater Marks of Desolation-- Armor Penetration is a must for melee DPS characters, even if we're building sort of tanky here. I choose these over attack damage or attack speed marks because armor penetration curves better in the late game.

9xGreater Seals of Evation-- Dodge Chance helps you tank more effectively. Like it or not, you're going to be diving into frays and drawing some serious aggro. Any hit you don't take is good for you and bad for them, so this, I feel is the most beneficial.

9xGreater Glyphs of Focus-- Being a Cooldown champ, Renekton really needs the highest CD % he can possibly get with the least amount of effort. These glyphs, plus the CD mastery in the utility tree affords him between 11 and 12% at lv 1 without any items. I choose this over CD/lv because unlike the other /lv runes, the CD/lv runes aren't better than flat CD runes until after lv 11. That's HUGE.

2xGreater Quintessence of Fortitude-- This is purely for Renek's early game. Because he's so squishy, he needs that extra health boost early game to be competitive.

1xGreater Quintessence of Desolation-- Little bit more Armor Penetration never hurt.

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I chose a 1/8/21 build for a few reasons...

1 Offense -- Imp exhaust -- Obvious

8 Defense -- The early game is [as I've said] Renekton's weakest phase, so the extra Armor, MR and Dodge, while minute, helps. Every bit of survivability that you can get helps the early game.

21 Utility -- Now you might ask why I chose to max the utility tree on a tanky-DPS champ. I did the pros and cons of maxing out each tree, and I personally don't like maxing out any of the trees, but Utility really helps Renek a lot. It helps him with Movement speed, gold, Cooldowns (which are huge for him) and extra experience. These things benefit him more than health or attack speed, as the majority of his damage comes from the spammability of his abilities. Take my word for it, he is best with max utility.

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Summoner Spells

First ---

Exhaust is really, really good for Renek as it allows him to not only be a little bit more aggressive in the early game (his weakest period) to get to mid game faster. Also, It allows

Second ---

Ghost helps Renek to chase down his victims. No offense to the dude, but he is not that quick. He's got 330 movement with the mastery, and without boots. His bro, Nasus, just got buffed to 325 without anything.

Quite frankly, these are just my choice for him, but it's all preference...

If you like any of the other spells, go for it, just remember, I take the exhaust mastery, so allocate that somewhere else.

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Core --- Mercury Treads, Spirit Visage, and The Brutalizer
Start with a Doran's ShieldBoots of Movementand a Kindlegem.
The next trip, try to finish Spirit Visage and start The Brutalizer. They make up the bulk of your CD%. Finish your Mercury Treads as soon as possible after that.

From there, you'll build a tanky item based on the other team's carry. I like Sunfire Cloakfor melee DPS or Force of Natureor magic DPS.

After that, Make a Black Cleaver. IT works best with your Fury-Charged E, as it applies all 3 of Cleavers Stacks. With the damage from it, you should chew through anyone, even tanks.

From there, build another tanky Item... In this slot, I like Guardian Angelbecause it makes you super annoying. You have 2 lives to kill people. Make them count.

Finally, Finish Yomuu's Ghostblade. If the game goes log enough, or if you're fed enough, the active on this baby makes people dead.

Good Other Choices
Randuin's Omen- Damage+Health+Health Regen+Cd and an active to die for.
Quicksilver Sash- Their team rife with CC? This will save the day and gives you some MR
Frozen Mallet- Gives lots of health, and a static slow. Use for champs that are super hard to chase.

Also to use the ability buffing elixers. I like Elixer of Fortitudefor the health and damage, but all 3 are beneficial.

I would also like to put a lot of stress on Sight Wards.
Map awareness is huge. They help you to avoid ganks, and will keep you in lane longer. More lane time means more farms, and more farms means more gold. They're really good.

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Phases ---- Farming, Ganking, Fighting

Early Game (Farming Phase)

For this phase you need to remember one thing: Don't engage the other champs (unless they're really ****in bad). This phase you want to accumulate as many creep last-hits you possibly can. If this means ****ing over your laning partner, so be it. [Sounds bad, but it's true]

If you have a jungler, Renekton has the ability to solo, but don't take it over like a Mord or Someone who wrecks solos.

Your basic combo for farming early is to Slice (E) in, Cull the Meek (Q), and Dice (E again) out. This is what you will do if you're under a lot of pressure, which is probably going to happen more often than not.

If you're under less pressure, feel free to start harassing around level 3. By then you'll have Cull the Meek, Ruthless Predator and Slice and Dice. For that, you'll Slice in, Ruthless Predator (W) your target (preferably the squishier of the two), Cull the Meek, then Dice out. This should take no more than a second or two, so you should come out of the meat grinder relatively unscathed. Continue to engage accordingly based on your enemies' health.

Mid Game (Ganking Phase)

By this time, you'll most likely have your 1Boots, Visage and the Brutalizer. During this phase, I like to push my lanes really hard. Stun the people you're against, and blow your proverbial ability load on them, and finish without risking yourself too much.

If you are running Ganks, be sure to Slice in, Stun them, Cull the meek, and chase with dice. You can also ult with Dominus if you need to, as it feeds you fury and gives you an AOE DOT, and you should be able to finish most people... That combo is E-W-Q-E----R if you really need it.

To escape ganks, remember to protect your squishies. A good way to do that is to Ult, Stun and spin... If you need to catch up, slice through an enemie and Dice closer to your tower. That should keep you out of trouble. If you're near a thin wall, feel free to slice through it. Works well. R-W-E-E

Late Game (Teamfighting Phase)

Rule #1 --- Try to let your main tank engage.
Rule #2 --- Don't use your ult until you're fully engaged.
Rule #3 --- be a big stunny, spinny, dashy, annoying gator of doom.

Added note, you just really need to get the squishy... IF your squishy is targeted and in trouble, SAVE THEM. You have a great chase, great stun, and good damage output. Keep them alive.

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So yeah, This should give a pretty DPS-y, survivable, and fun way to play Renek. IF you like, by all means give me the +1 and comments.