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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChimChimMonk

Renekton ChimChimMonk Build

ChimChimMonk Last updated on January 20, 2011
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Hey everyone, this is my second build. This is how i've been playing Renekton and its worked so far. Renekton is a great new champ with some pretty intense skill combos. He is kind of like Nasus because of his ultimate but reminds me a lot of Xin. His skills are great but come with pretty long Cool downs at the beginning, I will help you with those Cool Downs a little in this guide. Check out my build and let me know what you think.

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Runes are pretty self explanatory, Armor Pen, CD reduction etc etc CD reduction is really good, so if you want you can also just get more CD runes rather than armor pen as well. Renektons skills are strong, but the cooldowns can be a killer at times.

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Skill Sequence/Summoner spells

Renekton is a GREAT champ and is espcially deadly early game. One of the most deadly in my opinion if you use him correctly. The reason for ghost and exhaust is extremely useful for those early kills as well as later game kills. Most people level up Renektons Cull of the Meek first which is great for you if your laning against him. Cull of Meek is good to heal, but Ruthless Predator is his BREAD AND BUTTER. This skill does so much damage plus a stun, combined with exhaust there is no way a champ is getting away. LEVEL UP RUTHLESS PREDATOR AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! I've laned against many Renektons who level Cull The Meek first and they end up being my first kills. If you can save Ruthless Predator until you have rage in early game, this will take almost half health from most dps champs and scare away all tanks. I cant stress enough, RUTHLESS PREDATOR!!!!!!

Below I will explain a little more on my early game tactics.

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Early Game

Renekton is amaazing early game, but only if you get Ruthless Predator first. Start off by checking out the other champs in your lane first, obviously. If you have a lux or another squishy champ in your lane then thats an easy kills for you. Dont attack them right away!!!! This will make them play more cautiously, make sure the time you attack is the time your ready to go all out with your ghost and exhaust! Waiting for a minute or 2 also serves another purpose, BUILD YOUR RAGE!!!! Get your rage to 100 if you can so you can hide in the bush for a couple of seconds, then use ghost, and exhaust the champ. Use ruthless predator with rage and there is no way they are getting away from you! If you can get to them without using exhaust, even better. Use your ruthless predator and the second they recover from the 1.5 second stun exhaust them. You can do this over and over and once you level ruthless predator up enough you wont even need to waste your exhaust on most squishy champs.

Sidenote: I mention it later, but if you are racking up kills and your not taking much damage from the enemy champs in your lane dont be affraid to pick up a zeal a little quicker than instructed in the guide. This will come in handy to build Rage much faster and it will also allow you to get those kills when you dont have exhaust. I've done this many times and it helps out a lot!

And if your getting killed in your lane then the same goes for switching the phage and the brutalizer in item build. Phage can come in handy to keep you alive longer.

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Midway Game

Now that you have some items under your belt, you are definitely more deadly than before. When people stop laning and there are champs running around everywhere, with any character you have to be careful with ganks, but luckily Renekton isnt an easy champ to bring down, especially if you have your ulti ready. You can also trick a lot of people into tower diving for you when your low health and then pop your ulti and stun them with ruthless predator. If someone does make this foolish mistake, do the same strategy from early game 1. stun with ruthless predator 2.exhaust 3. use all your other spells and this will result in an easy kill for you. (those are always the best lol) Since Renekton is kind of beefy, I usually initiate a lot of fights since I have stun, but if you have a tank thats not playing like a wimp then let them do their job, but if not then i sometimes slice in, stun with ruthless predator and the dice out. That usually gets your entire team to attack or at least the tank which will make the team follow. This also allows you to run in with them since u dice out, but be aware of the champs your trying to do this to and watch out for stuns. Also, now that Cull does more damage you can use this and slice and dice to farm more efficiently now as well as heal yourself. I am constantly running from lane to lane, so why not stop and kill some minions on the way with cull and slice and dice.

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Items are pretty straight forward, start with boots for the CD reduction and go for some attack damage and health after that. Most people dont utilize Renekton as a DPS champ which is surprising to me, because he needs the DPS to build rage quickly and hurt champs with his skills. I sometimes will mix up my build order and get a zeal early if the champs in my lane aren't too threatening. Try this when your laning against champs who have low health and attack damage. If your laning against some heavy duty tanks it might be better to go with a phage first then get the brutalizer. CD reduction items are also very useful, which i sometimes throw in, but with boots and Blue rune you usually don't need them and its better to focus on Attack Damage IMO. Going back to Renektons skills, if you get his attack damage pretty high and when he uses Ruthless Predator its either 150% of your attack damage or 250% if you have rage. If you have some good attack damage, this is a killer for any champ.

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Pretty self explanatory, I go more offense than anything else. Make sure to put 1 point for ghost

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I know my build isnt pretty with all these colors and fancy pictures, but thats not important lol. Please leave some feedback, let me know what you think and vote! Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and GOOD LUCK!