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League of Legends Build Guide Author junsays


junsays Last updated on February 18, 2011
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Renekton is a unique character. He is a character that can provide DECENT damage but has good survivability. He is right in the middle. I would consider him in the class of Nasus, Dr. Mundo, Garen etc. He is tanky but he can sneak in some kills.

He is all about COOL DOWN REDUCTION (CDR). His base Cool down without runes or items is approximately 20 seconds long which does NOT include his lvl 6 skill which is 3 times as long.
As much as I hate to say it, he is dependent on items thus his full potential won't peak until mid/late game. However the item sequences should assist you with as much ease (hopefully).

I have built him 6 different ways (Ie, jungling, all tank, all offensive, hybrid etc) and this is the one that works. I welcome any suggestions. I hope my build will make Renekton a enjoyable hero to play with. Please do not hesitate with questions/concerns/comments! Thank you in advance.

Edits 02/18/11. Item changes. Please refer to Sub Chapter "items" to see. Thank you!

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You NEED the greater mark of desolation and greater glyph of focus.

For Seal and Quintessence is up to you. You can swap them for more cool down/health/armor penetration. It is up to you and the amount of IP you have :D

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The items are situational but for the most part this should do well.

1] Doran's shield + your Cull The Meek will should help you stay in your lane as long as you can.
2] Any boots are fine. Do not get the ionian boots because you will have enough CDR. I usually go for mercury threads for magic resist. You can go for berserkers too.
3] Brutalizer should be the next item. The extra CDR + damage will further increase your ability for farming/gold/leeching HP.
4] Heart of gold should be the next item. With this item in your belt and with your current farming abilities will allow you to rack in the gold very quickly.

**Note: The brutalizer can be kept till the way end. Focus on getting other items before upgrading the brutalizer or heart of gold. It is more beneficial to rush another AD or tank item. I would get BFs, and upgrade them to ANY item you prefer. IE, BloodThirster, Black Cleaver all work great. Thanks to gulag for noticing this.

Once this has happened, you can follow the above sequence or mix it up.

The Core Items ARE||||

After the Core Items, you can alternate your 5th/6th item depending on the situation.

You can make him more tanky/more magic resist or other damage output items. Up to you! :D

These items are situational. IF the other team is heavy with magic, rush the spirit visage.
If they are dps heavy harass, rush the omen.
If you are doing well and are up against squishy characters, go for that ghost blade.
Play smart! Know your enemy!

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Skill Sequence

Once you have all the Cool reduction items, Renekton becomes pretty fun to play. All of his skills should only have a 3.5-5.5 second cool down so you can spam like no one's business!

With that said, please follow the skill sequence above. I have tried other combinations but this seems to the work the best.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are entirely up to you.

You can use anything you want "as long as it makes sense."

I usually only alternate from 4 spells.

Ignite, flash, ghost or exhaust.

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Game Play

So how do you play with him? His skill sequence is actually quite important and crucial if you want to play with him well. The reason being is that he only has enough fury to execute for TWO skills. (50 fury points for 1 skill. And he only has 100 fury points)

Before you approach a fight or if you are going to gank. Try to have a full bar of Fury. This is always a huge help and it will amplify your skills. Remember, each skill takes 50 points and you only have 100.

1] Activate ruthless predator2] Dive into the enemy using Slice and Dice (make sure you HIT THE ENEMY to use it again)and hit your target with ruthless predator(this would do the MOST damage. It should bring them down 1/3 to 1/2 health)
3] Use Cull The Meekand Activate your Ghost Bladeand if you want activate your omen4] Activate Dominus5] Use your second Slice and Dice6] Base Attack
7] Repeat 1 - 3 (base on your cooldown it should have been ready already... :D)

As you do this, depending on how many enemies there are, you should be able to refill your fury points at least one/two more times****

*******NOTE: You have ghostblad AND omen. Please use those skills TOO! They compliment your skills and character very well. You can use them anytime after 1/2. But it is entirely up to you. But make sure you activate your items!

***** Obviously this skill game play is altered. If you do not have ghost blade or omen, just follow the game play with out it. You should be fine, ghost and omen only COMPLIMENT your skills but they do not make or break you.

Tip: It may not work for you, but it has worked for me NUMEROUS of times. When I am 25% health I hang out by tower and I notice 90% of the time people tower dive me. As soon as they do, I turn on my ultimate (which instantly increases your health, its like an instant heal) and I just stun them and let tower own them and I life leech em and BAM, free kill :D

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Team Work

As weird as it sounds. I believe he does well in a 2v1 lane or a 2v2 lane. BUT I do not think he does well in MID lane. He can easily get harrassed by Cait, MF, Ashe, Heim, etc etc. But he if you play smart, he does well against other non mid heroes.

I do not believe he is a jungler. I have seen people try simple because he has a life leech skill.
But he is NOT a good jungler because...
1] Cool Down is too immense until mid/late game when you have items to compensate
2] he does not have ANY slow ability

There are too many OTHER heroes that can jungle, so please do not use him as a jungler. He will get dominated by any other jungler.

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Like any other character he takes some getting used to. Especially because of his long cool down reduction. He has the most skills with the longer cool downs than any other characters (not including level 6 skills).

However if you follow this build, you will have about 40-50% cool down reduction which will result in 3.5-5.5 second cool down for your skills.

The reason why this build works is Renekton is heavily dependent on his skills. I've tried beefing him up with all (non CDR) offensive items or defensive items or mixing them but it is NOT useful in that no fight LASTs 20 seconds. You have to hope that you can kill your enemies with ONE round of skills and this will never happen unless you are several levels ahead of the enemy AND they have no defense.

However my build will allow you to use your skills at least two times within a fight if the fight lasts 6 seconds. You can use your skill 3x if it lasts 10 seconds. Thus in the end, the damage output you do will be significantly higher.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my build