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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author J Heezey


J Heezey Last updated on February 25, 2011
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Renekton, LOL's Fury warrior. Renekton quickly became a personal favorite of mine after a dominating first game with the champion. There are several different builds out there but none rated high enough to be a sure thing on this site. After skimming over and application of several different builds I've done my best to composite all (more reasonably most) of the strong points i felt stood out in each different build. This build works best for ME, suits MY playing style and by no means is gonna let you romper stomp every game and is just my best attempt at forming a sound build for a sound character. Read the Summary and skill sequence for a more elaborate explanation of my choices before you go judging muh build bro. :P

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Runes, as with everything else in a build, are completely up to player appeal. However i roll..

9 Desolation, Armor pen - More damage all around
9 Evasion, Compliments defensive build nicely. Renekton can become very susceptible to ganks if built for damage. Not only will this give you a chance of avoiding damage all together but can increase your run speed as well, a double whammy for an uncoordinated enemy gank ;)
9 Focus, Cooldown reduction goes hand in hand with armor pen (In terms of priority) On renekton. Faster cooldowns = faster cull the meek heals, faster ulti for rapid team fights, faster chasing with slice and dice, faster stuns. HOWEVER Often i see people rolling magic resist or CDR per level glyphs, Both a matter of personal opinion I just find the flat bonuses can give a strong advantage early game and by late game CDR should be maxed anyways so why bother? As far as the magic resist i leave this to item build as it is a situational defense, if you go against a melee cleave team with magic resist you just wasted runes....

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IMPORTANT: These masteries are MY OWN and suit MY play style of a balanced damage role.
I Read on a mundo build back when i first started the game that upper tier players often ignored the bottom of the tree, granted these are obviously your best stat increase point for point for any other talent, but imo leave your character way too one sided, either glass cannon who cant take a hit (21 in offense) Or lacking on damage output (21 in defense). I find i have everything i need with this build. CDR and armor pen in offense. MR, slight armor, dodge and a nice movement speed inc in defense. The exp boost as well as improved Ghost in utility.

As a said, if you wanna WTF romperstomp casters before any of your abilities even have a chance to come off cooldown, by all means suit yourself and go 21 offense. However don't complain when you get kited to death or dropped quickly in team fights because once the ulti is up if the enemy team is smart you'll become focus.

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Items are VERY VERY situational and change from game to game. Anyone who tells you to roll the same six items every game generally has little to no experience with the game because team compositions can vary immensely. This being stated i will try to cover all the bases but if you find yourself constantly falling pray to a particular enemy, build a counter set.


As with most builds, Start with Doran's shield. Although it doesnt build into anything later it suits early laning phase perfectly. Armor to avoid heavy damage, health regen to prevent constant recalls for health, and a nice health boost to get comfortable tagging enemies without the fear of an early burst.

Next on our list will be boots.. Often ill wait until i can get the whole item, but if you feel the need go back and grab the 1 Movement speed boots, But your endgoal with these should remain Ionian Boots. Why? CDR early game gives good laning power because of Cull the Meeks heal. However Mercurys treads may be called for against a cc combo or heavy caster team.

Spirit Visage should be your next focus, MOAR CDR = skill spamage, increased healing power from Cull The Meek, and a little MR for good measure.

After this you can begin working on your ghost blade, REMEMBER TO USE ITS ACTIVE. As nice an item as is with its passives, the active is the selling point on this item for me, Good for chasing, initiating or just plain ganking.

Then stop at brutalizer for your ghost blade, we will come back dont worry, but if you cant stay alive you cant farm gold.

Casters got you fretting? Have no fear. Depending on how heavily you're being focus'd there are a few options for you...

Slight Problems....
Wit's End. I try to stay away from this because i find its passive useless against a growing number of champions, but it definitely has its advantages in certain positions, Stacking this with harassment can force your enemies back faster simply for mana. No mana = No abilities = No hurt croc. A tad bit of MR again for good measure.

OMFG WTF WAS THAT?!?! (heavily focused casters)
Force Of Nature. heavy health regen so you can continue yoru harrasment and farming. If you get shut out your lane Renekton suffers from a lack of rage and gold leading to a fail game. heavy MR should dampen their dmg output a good bit as well.

Now lets say a nasty Xin / Tank combo or some other form of heavy melee harassment has your back against the tower..

Obvious choice here being Randuin's Omen, after all its a part of our build anyways ;)
CDR, Armor, health and health regen, Slowed enemies attack and a good Active ability for the inevitable team fights. UNFORTUNATELY nerfed but still a vital item in my opinion, A nice chunk of survivability and a potentially deciding factor in team fights especially against heavy melee carry teams.

Okay okay, lets recap what you should have before we continue into what is probably the most preference influenced part of item building for renekton.

Dorans shield should still be in your invetory, scrap it when you need the slot for something bigger and better
Boots, Mercury or Ionian
Spirit Visage
Ghost blade (If you stopped at brutalizer get this now)
Randiuns Omen / Force of Nature / Wits End

Now it gets fun, Damage stacking

I usually opt for vampiric scepter to build into blood thirster
The earlier you can aquire one the sooner you can build your dmg and life steal making it viable to get this over ghost blade early game, but i suggest ghost blade first.
its 100 bonus damage makes autoattacks straight beast, with 25% lifesteal you're healing a fourth of the damage you do, so in a senario against another melee champion doing equal damage, you have 25% MORE life. Nuff said.

Often i see people going with trinity force, because skills are free it gives a nice bonus to physical damage and can be used to ruin those towers. definitely a viable item, I prefer others though, possible choice if you wanna run a higher damage build (Replace Omen or shield)

IF YOU JUST CANT BUST THAT TURTLE (Wow term for defensive team with little to no offense)

Armor pen, possibly the greatest physical damage attributes in game, especially on Renekton.
Depending on the enemy team composition you want to grab either Black Cleaver (Personal Fav)
or Last Whisper, If the enemy is stacking armor or plenty heavy on the tankie side opt with Last Whisper, or if the game is drawing to a close its price difference may also make it worth your time. Black Cleaver's armor pen also gives a bonus to your team, but doesnt stack higher than 3, even if 5 team mates have it. So if no one else has grabbed one doing so may be more benefitial than Last Whisper, even facing 5 tanks (Dont think anyone would roll that and even if so wouldnt be a difficult victory, just used to express its value) However, Ghostblade usually gives me all the armor pen i generally need so these are purely if the enemy is defensive.

This gives you 6 items. Now to rid yourself of that outdated shield

Assuming you had a difficult time staying alive and had to grab a Force of Nature AND the Randiuns Omen i would get BT or LW in its place.

USUALLY i will replace (More often than this late in game) with Frozen Mallet. Completely disables ranged characters. Slowing them down reduces the ground they can cover in their escape which has 2 very powerful plus's..
1.) If they cant run you back into their side of the field, the likely hood of being ganked is dropped substantially.
2.) Even with flash or ghost, they're is little to NO chance of them escaping to the safety of a tower

Starter set

BOOTS (Mercury or Ionian)

Mid Game


Late Game


Ive had many games where i felt a certain item, such as frozen mallet, wasn't make or break for the build. I often find myself as the one scampering to the empty lane to cover another's lane in case of unfortunate events and the frozen mallet is perfect because they are often so deep in the lane that coupled with the slow, escape is not an option. Oh and the health is nice too... i guess :P
Point being, if you feel you dont want/need it by all means get what you prefer, whats the point of playing if you don't play the way you want to, this build is just to get you in the right direction.

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Skill Sequence

I dont understand why there is such variance among different builds in skill sequences. Seems no contest to me but to each his own.

As with anyone, Ultimate always has priority when up

Cull the Meek, good damage, wider range than melee attacks (Good for squeezing that last hit as they run into tower range) Perfect for farming minions and shortest cooldown. However i understand ruthless predator has its advantages as well, i just find cull the meek to be the priority because early game is all about lanning and starting the game off on the right foot. By the time the 20 minute team fight mark hits, ruthless predator is generally strong enough to serve its purpose just fine, and Cull the meek can be a good source of AoE Damage.

Slice and Dice is almost entirely for chasing and harassment and compared with Renektons other two skills takes the least priority

Condensed version ...

Dominus > Cull The Meek > Ruthless Predator > Slice and Dice

HOWEVER atleast one rank of slice and dice is a must.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust should be your best friend, With masteries gives you even MORE armor pen, a slow which renekton lacks, and can really stunt a carries damage. hands down a must in my book with almost every character

Ghost - Can be used to get to a lane just like teleport, not as fast of course, but with slice and dice returning is usually a painless process. Also provides Renekton with a back door, a way out of the inevitable ganks to come. Slice and dice can put you thru certain walls, but wont save you trying to bee line for a tower. Ghost can be Offensive (chasing) Defensive (running) and utility (Returning to lanes or quick responce time to lanes in distress) Well rounded spell for a well rounded build.

Other Options

Ignite .. meeh, maybe if you know youre going against a pesky healer and to secure early kills, but i find exhaust better

Teleport .. Read paragraph on ghost

Clarvoyance .. buy a dam sight ward bro.

Fortify .. can be used extremely effectively, but i find keeping a character alive provides just as much benefit unless they steam roll 5 v towers.

Rally .. Not a personal favorite, requires an enemy teams commitment to be used in team fights and as far as tower pushing is relatively ineffective with the exception of attacking the tower but if you get pushed off your flag, its wasted.

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Unique Skills

Although its got a short range, the skill works similar to tryndameres spin or a flash, if head of the arrow is on the other side of the wall, you can get through it. Practice through trial and error is priceless, i ran a few bot matches to get a feel for it.

Also save ultimate for 2+ enemies, use only in a 1v1 senario to save your life, but shouldnt be required.

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I dont know how to link item pictures so this may have been a confusing read, i apologize and hope you were able to shift through the typo's and rants to get the just of the build. Good luck and have fun