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Renekton Build Guide by Varmi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Varmi

Renekton - Dominance in Dominion

Varmi Last updated on March 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1


Renekton is a melee figther who uses fury, instead of mana, when he has 50 or more fury he empowers his next ability with more damage or other cool buffs and he gains 5 fury each strike (bonus fury when on low hp) and his ultimate Dominus lets him regain some of his health while dealing damage to enemies around him and gain alot of fury.

I discovered Renekton while i was quite new to League of Legends and still looking for a champion that was perfect for me, and then a week he was Free To Play i just tried him out, and found out that he was the first champion i where realy good at. Weeks after i finally had earned myself enough IP to buy this amazing tanky crocodile we all know as Renekton i played him in every match i had and got better and learned alot more tactics with him, and think i master him pretty well, so i decided to put my dominion build out on MOBAfire.

If you dont wanna play dominion with him just check the build for Team 2

Pro's and Con's

- He CAN be pretty tanky
- Great stun, even greater when buffed
- Big output damage, even better with full fury
- Great at chasing down enemies
- Ultimate helps him alot to be less squishy
- If he first gets feeded there is no way of stopping a good Renekton
- Great harraser in early game, actually i would say he has a realy good early game overall

- Can be squishy if he is the target of alot of CC
- Not the best tank in teamfights
- Can easily be taken down by guys like: Xin Zhao, Tryndamere, Master Yi and all such champions
- MAY have a hard early game if youre not mastering him yet
- It can be hard to master all of his skills


Im sorry guys but i still dont know ANYTHING about runes, so i looked at the genius EvilDice's renekton build a sat my runes kinda like him.


In most fight i choose to do like this: I hold basic attack constantly to get my fury up and then i have 50 fury i spend them on my Cull the Meek, and if i have 100 fury ill spend them on both my Ruthless Pretador and Cull the Meek.

Renekton in Summoners Rift, Dominating the Late Game

I wouldnt say that Renekton has a bad early game, though there is no doubt at all that he is a way bigger threat in late game if he have been farming well, got fed or simply just build some good items.
In late game its important to remeber that though you also have extremely big damage output, you will too get very tanky and can take on the role of a more tanky character if such one is needed to take the damage in a teamfight our simply just defend a lane with your ranged carrys. Another important thing to remember is how well Renekton works with a support or any other kind of ranged AP, i myself like to go bot with a Sona, because she will be able to buff me alot in my low levels, letting me farm and tank smaller ganks or fights whenever possible, also when my Sona reaches level 6 you will have the perfect way of getting one or two easy kills, simply just make your Sona put out your stun so it hits all the enemy champions in the lane, use your Dominus to get your rage up, to tank and to deal damage to enemies around you, then just use Slice and Dice in, stun them with Ruthless Pretador and damage them down with your Cull the Meak and your Ruthless Pretador, while saving your Slice and Dice for a chase if necessary. This is a great way of picking up a lot of kills.
In situations where you will have to tank alot of damage, while also dealing alot of damage in a teamfight or smaller fight, simply just use Dominus, Cull the Meek whenever possible, save Slice and Dice for an escape, and stun the most dangerous targets with Ruthless Pretador. In this way you will both be able to take alot of damage while still be the one on your team dealing alot of AoE damage.


Though i am an experienced jungler, i will be honest with you guy's and admit that i have no idea if you can go Renekton jungle, though i am pretty sure you can, starting out with Cull the Meek i guess.

Team Work

I think i have already explained the most of this subject, but as i have said he will work extremely well with a support, a Sona for example, also i think he can, but aint sure how well he can jungle. He is really good in big teamfights in the late game, because of his ability to both tank and deal damage. Also he is a very good choise for solo top because of his tankyness and damage.


I myself think it is a good idea that you take the items in the order i arranged them.

- Boots of Speed
- Prospectors Blade
- Ionian Boots of Lucidity
- The Brutalizer
- Recurve Bow
- Chain Vest
- Wits End
- Phage
- Sunfire Cape
- Black Cleaver
- Frozen Mallet

Summoners Rift/Twisted Treelines:
- Boots of Speed
- Health Potions x 3
- Boots of Lucidity
- The Brutalizer
- Recurve Bow
- Chain Vest
- Wits End
- Phage
- Sunfire Cape
- Black Cleaver
- Frozen Mallet

But of course feel free to change out items like maybe adding more health for a tankyer version and add an Atmas Impaler instead of Black Cleaver.