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Build Guide by schnobben

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League of Legends Build Guide Author schnobben

Renekton - How to play Him right..

schnobben Last updated on January 24, 2011
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In this guide I will show You all out there how to play Renekton right, I personally use this build and I have found it to be a great build for Renekton.

(this is my first guide ever, so please leave a comment telling me what to improve :D )

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In the Runes department I have chosen to go with the following setup:
9 * Greater Mark of Desolation for some extra armor penetration, these runes result in 15.03 extra armor penetration.

9 * Greater Seal of Defense for added extra armor, these runes result in 24.3 extra armor at lvl 18.

9 * Greater Glyph of Shielding for some extra magic resist, these runes result in 24.3 extra magic resist at lvl 18.

3 * Greater Quintessence of Desolation for yet some extra armor penetration, these runes result in 9.96 extra armor penetration.

In summary: The runes in this rune build will give you 24.99 extra armor penetration, aswell as increased armor and magic resist.

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In the masteries part I have chosen to go with the 23/6/1 setup, because this will give all the extra damage and better exhaust from offense, aswell aswell as further extra magic resist and armor. This together with the upgraded Ghost results in a very good masteries build.

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First of in the game, grab yourself a Doran's shield and a health potion and then head to one of the sidelanes. Going mid with Renekton is possible, but not recomended with this build.
As first skill you want to take "cull the meek" because this gives you decent damage, good farminf capabilities, aswell as a minor health regen to improve your laning capacity.
as second skill, grab "slice and dice" and as third skill grab "Ruthless Predator"

Keep on farming creeps, and use "cull the meek" when you can to sustain a sufficient HP-level.
When you're lvl 4 you should have the following skills: cull the meek (lvl2) slice and dice (lvl1) and Ruthless Predator (lvl1). You should also have enough money to port back and buy the shoes. if you do have sufficient money, port back to base, buy the boots and then run back up your lane again.

From here you just want to keep farming creeps, harass when there is oppurtunity (see skills chapter below) and port back every now and then to buy next item in the item chain.

_!NOTE!_ Do not upgrade "the brutalizer" to "Yoummu's Ghostblade" until you have bought everything else.

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Farming & Harassing when Laning

Farming : When Farming creeps with Renekton there is one really great way to earn a lot of last hits and a lot of money. When a group of Creeps are in front of you, Use "E" to jump in and damage them, Execute "Q" to damage them and then use "E" again in such a way so that you last hit all the damaged Creeps at once. Doing this will result in a lot of creep kills, and that will render you a lot of money.

Harassing : Okey the enemy champion in front of you is constantly harassing you, but how do you do to harass him back? Well this is what you do!

Hit a lot of creeps to build up 100fury, shouldn't take to long, and then use "E" to jump in, slice him with "W" slice him once more with "Q" and then use "E" to jump out again. This will result in quite nice damage, and most of the time you will force your enemy to teleport back to base, leaving you more space to creep-farm.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence with Renekton is very simple:
1, grab "R" whenever possible.
2, go up in "Q" as often as it is possible.
3, third prio is "W"
4, and last of all you want to level up "E"

_!NOTE!_ First skill is "Q" second skill is "E" and third sill is "W", after this the skills dhould be learnd according to the section above.

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Summoner Spells

The best Summoner Spells for Renekton according to me are: "ExhausT" and "GhosT".
Exhaust in order to slow the enemy while chasing and hitting them
Ghost in order to give you that extra speed often needed when rither huntign down a running opponent or when you need to make a dash out of a bad situation.

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_!NOTE!_ This chapter can be ignored, because it is only a chapter about jungling. If you are not interested in Jungling, feel free to ignore this chapter.
Okey, so You have decided to go jungling. Wonderfull, this will render your team with two lanes that will gett 100% exp and it will appear to the other team as if this is a 4vs5 instead of a 5vs5. But how do you jungle with Renekton? Well so far I have only found out one working way for me.

Start off by buying one "Cloth Armor" and as many "Health Potions" as you can. As your first skill you want to grad "Q" because this will hit multiple targets, at the same time as it heals you. From here you progress with the same build as usuall.
For summoner abilities, I reccomend "ignite" and "smite".

Head off to the golem camp (the place with two golems in it) and start attacking. Ignite one of the golems at the same time as you smite the other one. keep on hitting the smited one and use "Q" as often as you can. when the smited one is dead, start working on the ignited. _!NOTE!_ Use a Health Potion if you need to.

When both of these are dead, head to the wolf camp and use the same tactic, use "Q" as often as you can. After this you head off to the "Wraith" camp and focus on killing the smaller ones before killing the big one. After this you slay the mana golem, then the Golem camp and then the Lizard Camp. _!NOTE!_ Always focus on the smaller creeps when jungling with renekton.

Jungle until you are around lvl 6-8, Then head off to one off the lanes and help gank there and start the normal farming and laning.

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This is the way I think that Renekton should be played, and this is also how I play with him.
Hopefully I will meet a lot of other players in game using the same build.

Writers comments: As mentioned earlier on, this is my first guide ever, so please comment this guide to help me improve it.

Also: I am from Sweden, therefore my poor english, but I hope that you will be able to understand what I have written anyway :)

Questions about this build can either be sent as a comment here, or directly to me in game, my in game name is "schnobben".

Peace out ;D