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Renekton Build Guide by ItzAsickVigilante

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ItzAsickVigilante

Renekton Is Always Hungry

ItzAsickVigilante Last updated on October 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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alright hi its ImAsickVgilante here with MY way of playing renek i like to play renek as a semi tanky brusier but depending on my team composition determens exactly how tanky i get im no pro, at least not yet XD but i have a pretty good understanding of the game. now lets get down to buisness

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ok for runes i like to go with attack damage marks armor seals and cdr per lvl glyphs yea i said it cdr glyphs and ill go back to that in a moment and that leaves quints for quints i either go with armor pent,attack damage, or move speed go with what u perfer they do almost the same one just allows u to last hit better, and the move speed just gives u a little bit more speed as renek is kinda slow but back to the glyphs i pick the cdr per level glyphs becasue this is the only thing that pretty much hurts renek as he has no mana and only cds the runes give u around 8.6 at lvl 18 combine that with the masteries i have set up and it becomes 20 pct at lvl 18 which in my opinion helps a ton

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ok masteries i go 8-22-0 i go 8 in the offensive tree because i take the point in summeners wrath to increase my ghost ignite combo and then 3 in the attack damage then 4 in cdr i only have 8 becasue i cant use the 9 point on the 10 pct armor pent and i dont find that one point effective any where else so i put it in my defence tree instead i go 22 in the defencive tree becasue i can help renek with what makes him fall off later game and that is becasue he is slow and just gets kited to damn well and grabbing that extra move speed helps and u also get to grab the cdr which is another 8 pct at lvl 18 so 8.6 from runes like 8.1 from the cdr from defence tree and 4 pct from the offence tree adds up to like 20.7 pct cdr at lvl 18 and i also feel he needs to be tanky enough to be in the middle of the team fight

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skill sequence

ok im gonna be honest i never put my point in when im at the fountain i usually put it in when im in lane sizing up my opponet,is he super agressive if so i get my stun, do i think ill get ganked at lvl too if i do i get my slice and dice so i can GTFO without taking serious damage but if i dont really know u can never really go wrong with lvl ur q first also talk with ur jungler ahead of time if he is one of those im ganking at lvl 2 cause im a man kind of jungler get ur stun and shut ur lane down hard from the get go but make sure u cordinate well and get ur 50 pct rage before u guys gank becasue u get a longer stun and more damage. if that lvl 2 gank fails it could hurt ur jungler because that was wasted time he coulds spent doing wraiths

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alright build time i like to start with boots and 3 hp pots 4 perferd u just have to wait til minions spawn but obviously if ur teams trying to invade waiting for that pot just isnt going to work out
next is some dorans blades u gotta get at least one i always get 2 but u need at least one
after the dorans get ur brutilizer this will eventually get sold but its a very strong early game item and the cdr is nice on renek
after that finish ur defencive boots i personally like merc treads but there are those games where u just gotta get ninja tabi
after that u wanna get a phage will be built into a frozen mallet later but the phage can really help secure those kills when ur jungler ganks and personally i think renek gets kited easily late game and i find that frozen mallet helps keep them in my grasp
i say after the page just rush ur mallet that slow can be devestating once u have won ur lane and u go raoming thay just cant get away with that slow proc
after the mallet get ur self that atma ASAP it stacks well with ur frozen mallet but it also stacks with ur ulti now i find the rest situational if they are building armor get that last whisper if their mage is really doing tons of damage get a MoM or maybe even a FoN a must if they have double ap if u wanted u could even get a black cleaver i have never really built it but in theory would be nice as it increases ur attack speed and has synergy with ur stun as it procs on hit effects (except life steal) if they have heavy basic attaking champs such as udry as a jungler and like a talon top or somthing go and get a rudimens and slow there attack speed down and i dont exactly recommend this but if ur team is derping and ur in that situation where again they have heavy basic attack champs get that frozen heart if no one else picks it up its a good item its just the mana is wasted on renek other then that not to bad and blood thirster is meh so-so ok life steal is always nice its just u dont spend much times basic attacking for it to be all that effective other good items are GA and SunfireCape

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Summoner Spells

alright summoner spells i almost always carry ghost ignite i really recommend ghost i find it very effective as i think late game he gets kited so when it comes to those make or break fights i ult up ghost in and double dash strait to there ADC/APC depending on who is carring harder and immediatly stun him with a 50 pct bonus and then position my self to hit as many people with my q as possible by then if ur team has half a brain shoulda followed ur lead on that stun and melted that champ then immediatly tried to burst down the other carry and for ignite well its mainly a lane summoner spell u see renekton is a high burst champ and when ur like lvl 9 or so u can hit them with a full combo knocking them pretty low wait for ur cds and imdieatly ult up ghost in use full combo ignite make sure he is low enough to where hes goign to die then GTFO P.S make sure u have map awarness in other words before u go diving make sure u know where his team mates are INCLUDING the JUNGLER now im not saying go mega warding his jungle but if he see he just ganked bot lane then its pretty safe to dive u can also carry flash u chould carry exhaust but i really wouldnt carry it over flash as u do burst damage in like 4 secs its either tey are gonna die or not becasue once ur kit is spent it is spent til ur cds come back off

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alright so thats just how i play6and build renek this is my first guide so lets hope its not in too bad a shape and i hope u all enjoyed it have fun wreckin with the croc XD

Oh and sorry for any spelling errors i made but tbh i dont really care.