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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toy Soldier

Renekton: LoL Butcher of the fields

Toy Soldier Last updated on June 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So in general Renekton is a champion that is a DPS champion with what i believe is the best 3 ability combo of any melee champion. To play this character you need to play defensively but try to appear agressive at the same time. When using him you must be deceptively tanky but still have the damage to desecrate the enemy. your job as renekton will be to farm up those creeps and lead the way for victorious teamfights.

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My Runes definately help Renekton in the beginning and later on as well. ArPen is very good for Renekton as it allows his Ruthless Predator do some massive damage throughout the game and gives his cull of the meek that extra damage for you as well, so i focus my Marks and Quintessances around that. The Seals are great as Renekton does some great damage and AS is a must for him to do some insane damage. The CDR is great as his abilities have relatively low CD's already and every second will count sometimes as you may need Slice and Dice to ctach that champion who's about to get away or to just barely manage your cull of the meek on a champ attempting to ghost out of your area.

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Simple Masteries and i put Utility to awareness and max out both the Alacrity and Sorcery as they are both very good for Renekton. The rest of the Attack masteries are obvious and go down to max out on Havoc.

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So, i have seen many different ways to build items on Renekton but the way i use it allows me to do good almost every game. to start off i use Doran's Blade instead of Doran's Shield as i think the extra damage and lifesteal will allow you to harass harder and keep your health up from Cull of the Meek.

Ionian Boots of LucidityPerfect for Renekton. i HIGHLY adivse using only these boots as the CDR is critical for him and no other boots work as well for him

Brutalizer/PhageBrutalizer: ArPen, Damage, CDR, everything were looking for. very helpful to aquire on your second visit back. Phage will give you that much needed health and damage and the slow is perfect for him.

Black CleaverThis...This item right here will allow you to just shut people down if you land your 3 move combo. you will need the attack speed and the damage and the armor reduction? Fantastic. Perfect item for Renekton to get.

Mallet/Youmuu'sThese you should get after the Cleaver Through your Phage and Brutalizer. Great items that just add to your present items and Youmuu's active is extremly helpful for getaways and chases alike.

BloodthirsterAt this point in the game you should have about 4-5 kills or at least 7-8 assists and this item will enable your survivability to increase greatly and the Damage should easily put you just under 300 Damage making you a threat.

Phantom DancerIf the game drags on (which it shouldnt if you have been fed and got Mallet and Ghostblade early, but sometimes the enemies give you quite a run for your money) This will definately take the fights to new levels. Your crits will be often and hard and your enemies will have difficulty escaping you if they can manage to get away before you waste them anyway.

Dont forget about Elixers. If you have some extra cash the Elixir of Fortitude is a great asset for Renekton and so is Elixir of Agility.

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Skill Sequence

So as you see you will be focusing on getting all your abilities by Level 3 and you will have maxed out ruthless predator by Level 9. Why Ruthless Predator? Massive damage is the answer. my second favorite of the 3 abilties, it allows you to not only set up cull of the meek and a Dice, but puts out some huge damage at the same time. Upgrading it first will almost always allow you a first blood or an assist in the beginning as your stun should set up your ally and an exhaust will make it so a getaway is nearly impossible.

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Summoner Spells

Ive seen many different spells but the original Ghost and Exhaust are just my personal favorites. Ghost will assist is chases as they normally get away with very low health from Renekton and exhaust helps you put their armor down and put on the beating while they are at the disadvantage.

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Rage is Definately an asset you need to use when playing Renekton. I personally like to pop Dominus just before i head out of a bush to BD to get my rage up for those much needed buffs. Also pay attention to a Buffed Slice & Dice as it will reduce the target's Armor for a duration which is extremely valuable.

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When it comes to farming with Renekton he was almost made to do it. He can destroy a minion wave very fast and is a good farmer early on so use that to your advantage to get a lot of gold off the start to get your build going. since you dont really need all that much health in the beginning farming allows you to get it faster so you get that tanky appearance during dominance but can still dish out some massive damage to a close together team.

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During the laning phase you have to try and farm up well to get those items you need to put out damage early and of course with renekton you can play a little aggressive and i think it would work best with a ranged champ on your side so you can jump into combat and jump out and the enemy wont be able to chase without picking up a lot of damage. Later in game when comes to teamfights renekton is a great initiator. You will either pop Dominus before or Dominus once your in the fray and then try and head for their most important champ and unleash your full combo to get them too low to battle or take them out. often you may die because they will try very hard to shut you down and waste a lot of time and energy taking you out while your team runs in after yuo to finish them up. I often go negative with him because i initiate and the enemy wastes their ultimates or stuns on me and my team aces them with very little problem.