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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Moo121

Renekton Massive DPS

Moo121 Last updated on March 18, 2011
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i changed a lot of the items in this build this makes him have a lot of survivability and a lot of damage mostly. because the last build people told me wat i did wrong so i just came up with a new one...and here it is.

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Hi there this is Moo121 and im telling you about this DPS build
Just to let u know this is a mainly dps build because of the life steal you will have a bit of survivability. If you are low on hp after an attack, gank and such just go and farm minions ur Cull The Meek will restore you.

In the game my Summoner's name is also Moo121 Feel Free to add me if u like

Note: Could you guys please tell me how to import pictures to this build. I want to show how effective this is by showing my K/D/A If you could send me a detailed message telling me how I would appreciate it, Thanks!

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Pros / Cons


Ability to stay in the lane FOREVER with just a Doran's Shield
Can effectively harass most champions
Is great in either a solo lane or 2v2
Does not use mana or health to activate his abilities
Awesome chasing ability
best farmer out there (I Think)
Great damage potential
Great AOE damage with his ulti and a Sunfire Cape
Can Escape Well

Somewhat vulnerable to hard CC: Warwick and Malzahar
Other than Ruthless Predator, does not provide a significant amount of CC
Difficult to solo against champions with great regen Warwick, etc.
Needs to be aggressive early in order to use his fury
Very dependent on his ulti Dominus. Be extremely careful if you are forced to fight without it.

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Ren's passive deals with fury, his unique resource system. The more attacking you do, the more fury you generate, and when you are low health, you get really angry and start generating fury at twice the normal speed. When Ren gets 50 fury, each of his abilities will be boosted and have a greater effect than when you use them normally, but will consume 50 fury. Fury maxes out at 100. Use Cull the Meek on minions to really get Ren's fury going before fights. Possibly the best thing about Renekton is that he doesn't require the use of mana or health to use his abilities, so aim to get a lot of CDR for him.

Cull the Meek: This is your primary farming skill. It serves two purposes, to kill minions quickly, and to heal you. During team fights, use this when the enemy team is bunched up to get a pretty significant heal, especially if it's fury boosted. In addition, use this skill when being chased for a small heal. Believe it or not, this has saved my life quite a few times. In the most recent patch, this was the skill that probably got the biggest buff. The cooldown was reduced to a flat 8 seconds, and the damage was increased by 20 per level, and the scaling was improved from 0.6 to 0.8 damage per point of bonus damage. This skill coupled with a Sunfire Cape will make your creep score skyrocket. Grab 2 levels of this by level 5 and max it second.

Ruthless Predator: This is Ren's nuke. It is basically a spammable nuke/stun that turns into a bigger nuke and a longer stun when boosted by fury. Even though his other skills were buffed by the recent patch, this is still the one you want to spend your fury on during team fights. Saving Ruthless Predator for when you have 50 fury is the most efficient way to dps with Renekton, so you should always be aware of your cooldowns and your fury. I always get this skill first, since it allows you to last hit creep at lvl 1 easily, and allows you to contribute in level 1 team fights. In addition, Slice and Dice-ing in and hitting a squishy with Ruthless Predator is a great way to initiate fights.

Slice and Dice: This skill is why you are an amazing chaser, amazing harrasser, and good gank escapist. Some guides I've seen out there will tell you to max this second, because it decreases the cooldown, but I think Cull the Meek is just too important for your farming and healing, so get a point in Slice and Dice at level 2 and max it last. However, never underestimate this skill's importance, and never waste it needlessly.

Dominus: This is your ultimate, and it's a great one. All of your abilities gain increased range, you deal AOE magic damage to everyone near you, you generate 5 fury per second (10 if you are low), and you gain up to 600 health. While your ulti is up, you are an unstoppable wrecking machine, get as much damage done as you can. Get a point in this every time you can.

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Team Work

Harassing Techniques Renekton

First of all i gotta say that he is very good at Farming minions considering the fast that he is one of the best farmers out there... All you got to use FOR FARMING is your "3" hit combo First Slice and Dice in then Cull the Meek then Slice and dice out. Renekton is also a good killer here you use your "4" hit combo first Slice and dice in (like always) then Cull the Meek then Ruthless Predator then Auto Attack (if u have time) then Slice and Dice at them then if they are low life (like 1-300hp)then just auto attack away (unless they are at their tower)

If you are having trouble with your lane enemies feel free to ask you team on top-mid-bot to switch with you because you got to try your best to be the carry of the team because renekton makes a GREAT carry always try the "Lead technique" when u are being ganked and they are chasing you and a teammate is near u (supposedly Renekton) then just lead to Renekton and run for ur life... If u have alot of kills or if you win you MIGHT receive praise :D. I have gotten many end-game comments saying "Moo you are the best" "Moo wow didnt know Renekton was that powerful" "Moo You are a ****ing beast"...Yea But dont get me wrong i still do bad in battles too but I always try to make it up Late-Game. Again Dont get me wrong i still fool around in some games.(dont tell the admins haha)