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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SKCIRT DNIM


SKCIRT DNIM Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Introduction (first build - hope you like it and find it interesting)

Alright, so this is my VERY FIRST build. Renekton is an awesome new champion that the riot crew introduced to League of Legends.

He is way better than nasus, and the good thing about him is that you can even solo mid with him.

Amazing OP/OFFTANK champion that should not be underestimated... sometimes you do have bad games and there are some champions that you should stay away from while using RENEKTON but overall he is a pretty easy champ to master and not that hard to use.

With this item set up you will end up being a major pain in everyones side.

I know that the champion stats for Renekton are not fully set yet so i will tell you what you end up with using this item set when i describe why those items.

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Now for all of you that do not know, I am not a level 30 so I do not have all of the runes required to play him or all of my masteries yet. Even though I am level 22 I am able to play an amazing game and give higher level summoners a run for their money.

I chose those runes for a reason.

I chose the Greater Mark Of Desolation because it gives Renekton the armour penetration to be able to deal the damage he needs to get kills and help out ganking from behind.

I chose the Greater Seal of Evasion because every good tank/offtank needs to have a dodge percent in order to stay alive longer and take the damage from the other team.

I chose the Greater Glyph of Warding because you need to have some magic resistance to help out against all of those pesky magic champions.

I chose the Greater Quintesence of Desolation because the extra armour penetration always helps. you could also choose the Greater Quintesence of fortitude or resistance if you feel the need to get more hp or armour than what my item set gives you.

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Plain and simple I chose these masteries for a reason, and there are no other alternatives. They are pretty self explanitory on why they have been picked because of the item set that you will be using.

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Ok, time for the piece de resistance!

Your items are the core of any good champion but some items are way better for different types of champions and what they were designed to do. Renekton was designed to be an OP OFFTANK champion and should be played that way. Although you are able to solo mid with him or jungle like another build suggests I prefer to go mid or lane with someone who has speed and attack damage because Renekton can stun and use exhaust on them while the other champion your laning with uses attack speed and movement speed to stay on top of them and destroy them.

Plain and simple I will tell you what the items give Renekton because he is not set up right yet on this site and needs to be.

Basically you will end up with

Attack Damage: 235
Ability Power: 1
Attack Speed: 1.0006
Movement Speed: 390 (with ghost it goes up to about 465)
Armour: 203
Magic Resitance: 57
HP: 3365 (with your ultimate - 3965)

Now like I explained in the rune chapter I am not a lvl 30 summoner so i do not have every rune or mastery set. In saying that everything listed above will go up slightly because of the runes and masteries.

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Summoner Spells

I chose these summoner spells for a reason.

Ghost - I chose Ghost because there are some times where you just cant quite reach the champion running in terror from you, even with your slice and dice skill. So the speed boost helps with that.

Exhaust - I chose Exhaust because its always good to be able to slow down champions fleeing in terror because you are so OP. Once you catch them you can use Ruthless Predator to stun and kill them within a good 4 - 6 hits if they have decent hp or 2 hits if they do not have decent hp.

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So in conclusion, USE RENEKTON IF YOU WANT AN OP/OFFTANK champion that can cut down CHO like nothing else 1v1 even take on 2v1 by yourself with Renekton. just be careful about ganks or enemy champions hiding in bushes. It really does suck when that happens because although you are an offtank and OP you just cant take on 3 or 4 of them by yourself especially if they are magic champions because your magic resist is not as good as other champions.

Overall Renekton is an awesome champion who should not be altered in upcoming patches he is only as strong as the way you build him, remember that and you will succeed with him no problem.

Thank you for looking at my guide on Renekton the OP/OFFTANK champion and feel free to make suggestions and please rate!