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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tj

Renekton - Reptilian Wrath

Tj Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Renekton can be a lot of fun to play, but there are some pros and cons that you need to be aware of and account for with this build. Renekton gets pretty beefy in this build, especially while his ult is tearing up enemy champs around him.

First things first, I start with because the stun gives you a great chance to gain first blood. If you're laning with a champ that has good damage output the chances are high you'll strike first. Having ignite helps with this considerably...

Secondly, don't be afraid to play defensively. Sure, you're a giant alligator and you haven't had anything to eat for 2 weeks because its the dry season but that's no excuse to turret dive.Ever. If you can slow you're farming and let them push minions up to your turret you stand the best chance of dominating your lane, let the enemy be the first to make a mistake inside turret range, and with your stun you can keep them there until they fall before your awesomeness.

Last but not least, use your ult!!!! Compared to the length of the game your ult is on a short cooldown(no thanks to your items of course). It will get you through many team battles, even if you're in a 1v1 situation use it. It can and will make the difference between you being the first person to get blown up, and your team losing the team battle to you out lasting the enemy team and winning the team battle with flying colors. Not saying to spam it, but don't forget its there if you get in a sticky situation.

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I like this item build because it allows you to be fairly beefy by end game, without giving up much damage. Tanks will be out of your gasp unless you cast your ult, but you shouldn't be going 1v1 with tanks anyway.

I went this route because cool down reduction is key for Renekton, you'll chew through squishy champs like mashed potatoes with this build, and you should have enough survivability to stay in the fight long afterwards.

The last two items are very situational, and they are on a as needed basis. FON helps spirit visage bump up your regen to an awesome level along with great magic resistance for going against casters. Thornmail helps to buff your armor if you're going against a heavy melee dps team or have an angry Master Yi who likes to hunt you down.

Other options for these slot include any damage item, since all of Renekton's abilities scale with AD, I would suggest Bloodthirster or Black Clever.

  • with full stacks has one of the highest damage outputs in the game, it also adds to your life leech and thus your survivability.
  • will give you a nice damage boost, as well as more armor pen which can be very helpful if the other team is fairly squishy. Don't count on this to get you through a tanks armor though ;)
  • You could also choose something a little cheaper is money is short, a wouldn't be a bad choice if you're looking for damage with good armor pen

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Team Work

Team Work!!!

A few of the basics... Call MIA's.. No one needs a Warwick sneaking up on them in the bushes.

Early game, Renekton is fairly strong while in lane. Since your semi beefy be prepared to get paired with a squishy. With any luck, they'll have a good dps output to compliment your abilities.
Good champs to lane with:

Just to name a few that I've had awesome laning experiences with

Don't be afraid to harass once you hit three, jump in , stun , slide back out . But be weary, Slice 'n Dice doesn't always go the exact direction you'll want it too and you can end up in a tough situation quick. This is part of the reason I go flash, its great for avoiding ganks but also for compensating for mishaps which do happen.

Once you hit six , go for a kill. Wait to pop your ult until they really focus you and you start to get low. Once its up let them have it! I prefer to start with my stun , cull of the meek , auto attack, and by that point they should be running away, then I use Slice 'n dice to get close, stun again and if your laning partner is up to speed with you you'll get a kill, maybe even two if you can keep them disoriented enough.

Mid game I generally float around on the map, if you have a jungler this would be a good time to give solo lane a break and for you to get some nice solo exp. Renekton is actually very good for ganking so don't be afraid to give it a try. Slice 'n Dice in, stun, cull of the meek = death to everyone. Also, if possible try to choose a lane to keep pressure on. You want to be the team that dictates when and where team battles occur and if no one keeps the enemy team in lane you can't do that very well. If they go for a gank you want to punish that choice by taking a turret then killing thems.

Late game, you should be pretty beefy by this point and apart from being focused by the entire enemy team or a couple fed enemies you shouldn't have any problems surviving team fights. If you end up with a Zilean or Shen Renekton is an awesome initilizer for team battles. Your survivability gives you a good chance of lasting, combined with Shen or Zilean's ult you should be just fine. By the way, if you ever find yourself surrounded by the entire enemy team, always use your ult! You'd be surprised how effective it can be at draining 4 of the 5 people you want to kill while you're teammates put the hammer down.

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Always remember, Renekton is NOT a tank. At best, he is an off tank/dps. There are a lot of other builds out there that go all damage or mostly defense and while Renekton can have insane damage output, without some survivability items you'll be as squishy as an underfed Yi and about as useful.

To finalize a few things, play defensively, gank as much as you can, and demolish your enemies with your ult and crushing damage. Let me know what you think, I'm open to input.

gl, hf
-Thomas the Red