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Renekton Build Guide by ederdouglas

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ederdouglas

Renekton : Slice and Dice to Victory ! (Revised)

ederdouglas Last updated on October 17, 2012
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Hi LoL players !

This is the way i build and play Renekton! Feel free to comment, i'll be glad
to help you.
If you find some grammatical errors i'm sorry ,it's because english is not my main laguage.

Thank you for the view !

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Pros and Cons !

Pros !

1- Very fun to play.
2- Dificult to dive by enemy.
3- Able to ignore unit colosion with his E.
4- His stun apply On-Hit efects (Slow,Lidesteal..)
5- Mana independent.
6- Cull the Meek can trick your enemys.

Cons !

1- Large Cooldowns.
2- You have to choose between damage and resistance.
3- Hard to master, need practice.
4- Need fury to increase the damage.

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Well, i'll explain why i picked these itens :D

First :i start with dorans blade because it gives u 10 atack damage and 3% lifesteal and the 100 points on health helps on first gank.

Boots :The Cooldown Reduction is extremely good for Renekton, it helps you when fighting and even running away from ganks.

Vampiric Scepter :Lifesteal make you able to stay in line for a long time withdraw having to recall to heal yourself.

Phage :This iten gives you more survival chances early game and also has a slow chance.

Zeal :You need movement speed to chase and stun ranged DPS and mages, the atack speed bonus also gives you a fast full Fury bar.

Sheen :Renekton doesn't have mana so he can use as many ability as he wants, Sheen gives you a bonus damage every time you use an ability; thats great for us ham ? :)

Trinity :Just complete Trinity.

Infinity :Infinity is a amazing iten, this will give you a nice bursty damage from the 50% extra damage on criticals.

Ok, right now you have many ways to build him :

( In fact, you can build both, just take look at the enemy to grab the beter option at the moment.)

Option 1 - The Bloodthirster :You probally bought the Vampiric Scepter at begin so just have to complete the iten, a nice Lifesteal is always good.

Option 2 - Maw of Malmortius :The magic resist and the atack are really nice together, it fits even better when the you are facing a fed Ability carry, like brand, veigar etc.

To Finish : Guardian AngelThis is my favorite item in the game, it is very versatile because it protects both physical and magical damage. Additionally has an incredible passive that can really make the difference in late game.

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Skills : How to use them

Reign of Anger : Renekton gains fury every auto atack he makes. If you are low health, you recive more fury. This fury make your abilitis strongers when you stack to 50 fury, but it can be load up to 100.
Cull the Meek : Renekton swings his blade,dealing damage to surround enemies and restoring a small portion of the damage done. It drains a enormous amount of life when used into the fray, you can use it to bait opponents into thinking you are weak that you really are !
Ruthless Predator : Renekton slashes the target twice and stuns it for 0.75 seconds, if you have 50 fury he will slashes the target three times! This skill is very important on ganks, and can be used to escape was well.
Slice and Dice : Renekton dashes, dealing damage to enemies in the way. He can do it twice.
This is the most versatile renekton's skill, you can use to scape or chase. You can Slice into the enemie use a skill and Dice back for safe!
Dominus : Renekton growns reciving extra health, gains fury and make damage over time.

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Skill Sequence

The combinations are very versatilies but i will mention my favorites :

Healing :into the minions - and back to safe.

Scape: Get into a brush, stun the enemie withuse through the enemy and again for safe !

Gank :through the enemy, stun with and again followed by a and a second stun with

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Summoner Spells : What should i pick ?

Exaust :This is my favorite spell for Renekton, Exaust can be used to chase, to run, and in x1 fights combinedwith Ignite.
Ignite :This spell works well in X1 and to finish the enemy at low health, combined with your Exaust, this gives you a alsome x1 advantage.
Flash :The most versatile summoner spell ! The ability of teleporting can help you chase, run, jump over the walls, get into a battle or even get out of there. Not a bad option.
Teleport : Very good on map control, allows you to get back fast to the lane or save that tower in danger =]
Heal : It's not effective at all, but if you like, can combinate with your ult.
Revive :Wont even Mention...

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As a Top laner you really have to think about warding... Some people think that warding it's a job for supports, thats true but as you are probally going to play at SOLO Top with Renekton there is no support for you.
You dont need to ward all the Map, just make sure that your lanne is safe from ganks..

Here is a diagram explaining the main points to have a ward :

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Farming : Cull the Meek

Renekton's Cull the Meek it's a very effective tool to earn money, try use it when you are surrounded of low health minions. You can manipulate the results too, use auto atacks to make the most of minions low health spliting each auto atack on a diferent minion, after this use Cull the Meek and pick up your Gold !
Slice and Dice can be used to devastate minions waves too, you can Slice into them use Cull the Meek and Dice to safe.

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Good Bye.

Please, after vote, can you comment ?

Hope ypu enjoy the Guide, and good luck on ypur next match !