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League of Legends Build Guide Author cornarias

Renekton, The AD "caster" (Read Desc!)

cornarias Last updated on April 15, 2011
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Renekton, The AD nuker

Before you begin this guide keep in mind it is my first and may not be very good.

I started playing Renekton on his free week. I tried a bunch of these online build in which he was played as a tanky DPS but I was terrible with him. After a while I hopped on the Renekton UP bandwagon calling for buffs. A few days after my first go with him I was fighting a CC based team, I knew DPS would be useless against them and that burst would be the ebst counter so I had to make do. I didn't do brilliantly but I saw potential for the build. After a number of games I improved and fixed the build (even now it's still in production and I would value feedback) to what you see right now. It has a few side paths it can take, the first one is just the one I use most often. As an AD nuker Renekton you have the ability to burst for high damage at a decent rate. Playing this way with Renekton also takes a little mroe strategy. Your damage potential is massive through the use of 50% rage and W. Playing him right and on a good game you can make your W nuke for 1.2k damage with a stun. Add the fact that you have a great chase (E) and have a heavy damage autoattack squishies will fall to you.

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Pros / Cons

+ Great damage output.
+ Fun
+ Loads of help in team fights
+ Easy to learn
+ Can still take hits

- High DPS champs and kiters will destroy him
- Slow
- At a heavy disadvantage when singled out
- Susceptible to CC (like most close quarters champions)

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My rune choices are fairly simple for a melee type character.

Mark of Desolation The reason I have ArP instead of attack damage is due to Renekton's burst being severely punished by high armor, it also gives negative armor to your enemies early game which is extremely useful. If you feel that you usually have enough damage in game then feel free to go for AD runes.

Seal of Resiliance The dodge runes have been replaced by there armor runes for better survivability in the lane. Chances are you'd be screwed laning against a mage with our without these. They can still be replaced for dodge.

are NEEDED for this build. You can move about quints, reds, and yellows all you want. But the glyphs of celerity are there and needed. There is no reason you should have anything OTHER than focus. You do not need AP or mana or anything else blues have to offer and you also badly need CD reduction. The glyphs stay.

For quints I go HP now, I feel your damage output is sufficient early game now and the extra health will aid you largely.

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Why 21/9/0? Simple. Damage output. Renekton needs all the dammage output he can get for this build and only the offensive tree can do that. As for his defense, he needs it because of his early game squishiness and need to get within melee range; it also synergizes with his dodge runes well. He should not have antyhing in utility due to the majority of it affecting mana, If you truly want you could got for a 21/8/1 for ghost to replace flash.

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Summoner Spells

is brilliant for stopping those pesky runners or getting that winning edge over a DPS that's knocking on your door.

is just a flat out amazing spell. It's a get out of jail free card if you screw up and an amazing positioner if you need to initiate. (NOTE: Always let the tank initiate, but if there is no tank you should usually be the one to initiate.)

Other options-

Ignite- I don't usually like this spell, it becomes pretty useless later on in the game and you shouldn't need to last hit if you play well enough. However it can be brilliant for farming your occult.

Ghost- If you think your E is good enough for an escape then feel free to get this instead of flash.

Cleanse- Always good for getting out of a sticky situation.

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The old set was deleted to make way for this new set. It will be updated later when i have time, for now simply know that the last items bloodthirst and impaler can be swapped around.

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Differences in builds (A.K.A. the description.)

The original buils were mostly armor pen with a little AS mixed in because of his lower scaling. With the new scaling buff we can go all out power with minimal need for ArP. I recommend using the up to date build instead of the older one because of the Renekton "buff" (this is how I see it anyway).

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Playing as our friendly gator.

This build puts Renekton as a full on nuker. He can still chase down and like before the change, though constant damage will be harder.You will find yourself great at jumping into a fight, popping a few abilities, and changing the tide before running out again. He is great during a team fight though not so much in 1v1 anymore.Playing him early game can still get tricky.

EARLY GAME- Focus more on last hitting waves with your Q than attacking enemy champions. If they give you any trouble you should be spitting it back in their face by level 3. A good tactic to harass with ren is this. use your E to get in, immediatly pop your Q, then use your E to dash out again. Do not hang around and wait for them to counter attack, I see so many Renektons shoot in, hit a few times, Q, then dash out. Usually by then, if they are alive, they have pushed themselves to low hp. A big part of Renekton's early game is wise lane partner selection. Your W is a brilliant hard CC so make sure to lane with a very aggressive champion. At the same time you don't want to lane with a champion that will steal your kills. Laning with ashe is a great idea. Laning with Yi, however, is bad due to the fact that he will last hit more. Depending on whether your Yi is good or not it COULD win you the game to feed him since he's a better carry, on the other hand he is always useless in team fights and could similarly lose you the game.
MID GAME- By now you should have gotten some real damage. This is the perfect time to gank mid and is why I love flash. Ren on his own can not close the distance fast enough to be a truly brilliant ganker. With flash+slic&dice, however, he can close it in an instant. Make sure you time this with your team mate to secure the kill. Your attack should go like this: Slice, flash, W, Dice, Exhaust, Q, autoattack. If this doesn't kill the enemy then something went wrong.


Karthus (whilst he has his E on)- With his E on he will still deal insane DPS to you whilst stunned, this is a nono.

Kassadin- If you're 6 then he's 6. If he's 6 then there will be no gank.

Kennen (if he has his ult up)- His ult will stun you and he will escape.

Teemo- Chances are teemo will wait mid lane and turn invisible. If that's not enough he will have the brush shroomed. If that's STILL not enough he also has a blind which will shut you down completely.

LATE GAME- By now you should have insane damage and will be melting faces. Your ArP will smash tanks, your damage will murder squishies, and everyone else will fall prey to your stun. Chances are you feel a little like god by now, don't let it go to your head. You are still squishy and die when focused, feel free to jump into teamfight but be ready to jump out if it gets hairy. You are not a tank, you can not soak a fed yi's damage output.

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Author's notes (these little to do with the usage of the build)

As I stated earlier this is my first guide ever. There are a number of things i'd like to know.

-What can be changed in my build to improve it?
-Is the guide easy to understand/read?
-Is the guide helpful? if not then why.

Thankyou for taking the time to read through this guide/build for Renekton. I am open to constructive criticism at all times. If you do decide to rate this build please try it for a few games before doing so. I will attempt to try as many suggestions as I can and will improve the build accordingly. Thankyou again.

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Change Log/Update affects on the build

UPDATE!!! tuesday, april 12, 2011- AWESOME! This build just got a major buff. 0.9 scaling is amazing! I'm gonna run a few games when I can and alter the build. The original will be kept but will be stored as team 1.