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League of Legends Build Guide Author pocketbrain

Renekton: The Angry Crocodile

pocketbrain Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Renekton is a very interesting and fun champ. His damage is somewhat ability dependent. Since his abilities can do so much damage, I focus on cooldown reduction in this build. Rather than building an auto-attack build with madred's and attack speed items, I go more more straight damage and armor penetration. I personally find auto-attacking champs and builds rather boring and have less strategy.

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I take armor penetration marks and quintessences to get past some of that pesky armor champs tend to have. The health seals are for just the bit of beefiness Renekton needs. I take cooldown reduction glyphs as I focus on damage through abilities rather than auto-attacking.

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I take defensive masteries for more survivability so I can lane more easily and aggressively as he is a melee champion. Another reason why I went up the defensive tree is, because for the style of play this build focuses on, the talents did not fit. I did not want critical strike chance or attack speed for my abilities do not benefit from either. I get much more out of the defensive masteries rather than wasting them on things that will not increase my items by percent.

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Attack and armor penetration is key in this build. As I have said earlier, this build focuses on abilities rather than auto-attacking. To start out, I take a Doran's shield for the health and health regeneration. I then take go and get some boots of speed along with a phage. Next, grab those Ionian Boots of Lucidity for that nice cooldown reduction. After that, you should get your frozen mallet. Frozen mallet is, in my opinion, one of the best items ever on Renekton. It allows you to stay in range and beat on them with your abilities, plus it gives you a nice bit of health which allows you to take more damage. This will allow your Slice and Dice to slow your enemies in the chase and help you and your allies get a kill. Remember your stun applies on hit effects so it will slow your enemy after you stun them. After getting frozen mallet, get a spirit visage for not only the magic resist and cooldown reduction, but for the increased healing it gives you. This will help Renekton stay alive and keep you fighting for longer. Youmou's Ghostblade is another important item on Renekton. Youmou's gives you armor penetration and cooldown reduction. The active on Youmou's awesome, it allows you to go even faster and when you use your stun, the duration increases as you just hit them two or three times. This will allow you to close gaps between you and another champ when you both have ghost on. Last whisper will allow you to do a lot more damage as it will get rid of more armor and it gives a healthy amount of attack. Lastly I get The Bloodthirster. This is great on Renekton for he kills creeps with ease and in seconds, thus allowing him to get the passive up very quickly. For another option one could swap out the spirit visage or youmou's for another bloodthirster for more damage.

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Summoner Spells

I take ghost and flash for several reasons.

Ghost allows me to catch up to an enemy and stun and slow them for me and my allies to rip them apart. It also helps me get away in crazy circumstances when slice and dice won't just cut it.

I like to take flash because it can save me and let me kill an enemy hero quite nicely. The extremely long cooldown is a pain, but if used wisely it can be very deadly. You won't die as much and you might pick up a few kills. You can even take certain skill shots for allies if they might die.

Exhaust is also a very good choice. Exhaust allows me to take other champs one on one more easily and can just take a physical dps out of a team fight. One exhaust on an attack damage Kog'maw or Master Yi and they're useless for a god few seconds. The slow also doesn't let them get out of your range if they are smart enough to run away for the duration.

The only other spell options I can see working with Renekton are ignite, teleport and cleanse. Ignite can be useful early game or against Dr. Mundo to take away pesky healing but overall not that great late game. Teleport can be used very nicely on Renekton as it would allow you to farm big waves at your towers. Pretty much everything else is out of the question in my opinion.

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Overall Renekton is a very fun and unique champion to play. Please remember that this build focuses on dealing damage mainly through abilities and not necessarily meant to completely dominate a game. If you use this build good luck and have fun with it. I am open to criticism and please comment below.