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League of Legends Build Guide Author PepeMaor

Renekton -The Angry Gator DPS Quick Guide

PepeMaor Last updated on January 20, 2011
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Heya all :) just want to share quick dps guide for Angry Aligator Renekton...This quick guide, is based on my Tryndamere gameplay, you can probably see that this Renekton have somehow somehthing common with Tryndamera i gameplay style...Got the same start squishy as hell till 6 lvl, both extremely depending on items...ive seen many players going to get Renekton some tanky items, but i dont thing he can be so valuable tank as he can do HUGE DPS with some survivability...i like smart but aggresive playing with using Slice Dice to bushes and back, even low health but uncommonly come to fight...ill be talking just on 3vs3, because yesterday i dont have my mates for ranked 5vs5...if you like this guide ill updated it soon is my first build :) ...lets move on Equiment

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As you cant see i choose Red as AD runes, because he profits from AD with all common abilities...just ultimate ability wont..then i choose dodge runes because of the talents, nimbleness saved my live many times, and be sure you will be targeted in early this little speed up is great save mechanism when you get huge load of damage...everyone when time passing by dont want to let you get feeded...again same as Tryndamere...Blue Runes are focused on Cooldown goes with items as you can see, and because of no mana cost on abilities its pretty abusing for enemies late game, coz you dont get just burst DMG but really great abillity to get loooong big damage...

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Summoner Spells

This little spells in you HUD can change whole game if used properly :) ussualy i get Ignite and ghost...or Exhaust and Ghost...Just in case of some new idea for some of you ill desicribe the masteries :)

GHOST - Its great skill that you can you use both defensive and offensive. I can save your life or lives of your collegues ;) can run away from fight to get heal of the mobs, and get quick back, or you can just chase someone down prety well too.

IGNITE - great in early game for First Blood in team fight down there in Treeline :) and great counter for healing chars, especially Mundo's Ultimate...Its very offensive spell

EXHAUST - Great againist Close ranged characters, and chasing down somebody, great use dor defensive or offensive style of gameplay...Team fight exhaust biggest close range hero, kill his squishy mage mate and then you got advantage as hell...

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Ill go through Offense tree as you can see focus on maximize DPS...then defense tree where we want to get discussed nimbleness, whitch i see as an great help even if it dont look like in the first time ;) with this mastery you can loose focus from your enemies prety fast and runes will help you to get much as possible...

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Many people get Renekton for armor, healt regen, and so bored with this builds...i like to do dmg not just ticking theyre HP down slowly and hope they dont run to base early...and Renekton can do huge amount of dps with burst...i hope you like to see huge parts of health running down fast as my money in pocket when i went with my girlfriend to the NewYorker :) so we start with OP dorans blade and health potion for the emergency in the lining phase where we are lil bit squishi and be sure you get targeted...Then we get Luciditi boots for CD reduction and usual M. Speed 2...then i take scepter, is really great for staying in line, with your Q you wont get low HP for a long time :) then brutalizer for more reduction of cooldown and some AD power for our spells...then frozen mallet for some health and some slow you can see all low things weve bought its used for high end items to save money...we follow with can choose yourself witch depends game to game...but i thing bloodthirster is great way to get little bit over you opponets if you play have to decide what you enemis can do :)...then yommuss Blade, great item for offensive or deffensive can chase or you can run away with it...even though its uncommon source of damage for a few seconds that your opponents wont you got nice life steal from bloodthirster, from all items you get nice dmg and youre danger even for can end with Infiti Edge ;)

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Lining Phase

The start will be little bit harder for Renekton because hes squishi a little bit...staying in lane as long as you can, dorans blades 100hps will help a little bit, and healing pot got pretty heal from Q abillity too...try to last hit minions...its really easy with Renekton, yesterday ordinary 3vs3 solo game 21minutes and i get 151 minions, and i was in bottom...and iam not great last hitter as PRO's trust me you will earn money pretty fast i get all the items i mentioned in ITEMS 21 minutes...Team stats was 27 to 21 for our team...using Q and slice dice is great way to farm many mobs...

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Middle phase

You got some great items and Team fights starts, when you see big group of minions you heard will beat little bit faster :) Cink Cink Cink you can clean them so fast with Q and W...get lizard buff as much as team fights try to not initiate them, focus but dont chase, try to stay in the middle of the fight coz you do pretty AoE dmg... Put up ultimate, go slice in...Q as soon as possible W on your target to stun them...and dice through CD reduction offer you this rotation pretty obvious so you got big mobility to do a little chase or run if youre targeted...via ghost or slice n dice...try slice through enemies or mobs to get dice and spin faaaar faaar away ;)...Life Steal provides you great opportunity to jugnle a bit if lines are ok...the spin is not easy as trynda, but you can spin twice and in different direction which is great...especialy is great to run if someone chasing you with low health and even hes low to the bush, and slice back W,Q dice back...bang hes this many times...

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Late Game Phase

In this phase youre feared you get this phase sooner than everyone in the game coz of you farming abillity..EX. me 18 all this is huge advantage...this phase youre pretty powerful but stick to style middle can do a little chase but its about your enemies...again game to can push tower pretty well because of your AD...

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END :)

Thanks for reading my first build, ive read and see few vids of Renekton play, but imnot satisfied with them...coz i dont like the tanky builds...i hope you have fun with reading my build :) ill update it as soon as possible, when i get some new ideas...feel free to comment please :)