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Build Guide by Drakkis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drakkis

Renekton: The Butcher

Drakkis Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My name is Drakkis and I've been playing LoL for only about 3-4 months. In that time, I've learned a lot. Out of all the champions to play, free or bought, the ones I'm best with are: 1-Renekton; 2-Shen; 3-Warwick; 4-Garen; 5-Jarvan IV; and 6-Nocturne. As you can see, I'm pretty much the type that likes to deal damage(besides Shen). In this Build Guide, I will show you how I play as an offensive Renekton. This build is not perfect as as any other build or guide will be perfect because we all like playing things different. So I hope you all enjoy this build as much as I do. The build has gained me a lot of victories.

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Build Basis

This is my Basic build for Renekton that I use when I want to go Melee/Bruiser in a battle. I started out by switching things in and out but once I figured out this build, It has helped me a lot. This build is also what I use in Summoner's Rift and NOT in Twisted Tree Line. If I do, I will edit this one letting folks know this is a Summoner's Rift build and the other a Twisted Tree Line Build. So please do not troll in the comments saying this build guide is bad because you simply can't use it. This is what I use and you are most welcomed to use it as well.

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Runes are pretty standard. My marks and Quintessences in armor penetration are basic for my Melee users. This helps getting in the Damage I need. Armor per lvl seals and Magic resist per lvl glyphs are there to help with take some damage when need in a battle or just to run in and stun to save a teammate then run away.

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Masteries are pretty standard as well. With the 23/6/1 build, this ups my attack power and gives me some added defenses. The ghost does really help but you can always switch it out if you choose to.

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Summoner Spells

The spells are use are pretty basic for a lot of melee based champions. Exhaust is a great way to slow down your enemies movement as well as their defenses. This way you can inflict more damage to them. With ghost, you can use as an escaping tool or use to catch up to you enemies to make sure you get that finishing blow in. If you don't like using ghost, Flash is another good spell that can replace this one. Other spells instead of using Exhaust are ignite(I don't recommend) or Cleanse to help remove stuns, slows, etc.

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Skills Selection

I start out by putting one point in Cull The Meek, Ruthless Predator , then Slice and Dice. After I have one point in each by level 3, I max out Cull The Meek first. Taking a point in Dominus each level it is available starting at level 6. After Cull The Meek is done, I then max out Ruthless predator then finishing Slice and Dice. This way, once I hit level 3, I can slice in for a stun, use Cull The Meek, then finally dicing out. If done right, you can damage the enemy/s a total of 5 times(Ruthless Predator doing 2 attacks) without the help of any fury based power.

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I start with a Cloth armor and 5 health potions. After I get enough gold, I go for Wriggle's Lantern and Ionian Boots of Lucidity so that I get the much needed cooldowns. Then I go for a Black Cleaver to help with added damage and attack speed early on. I then build up to Stinger and get me another B.F. Sword. This way I reduce my cooldowns a littl bit and gain even more attack speed. After that, I build Stinger up to Nashor's Tooth to give him some AP so that my my skills will inflict some more damage and having Dominus inflicting more damage to surrounding enemies while adding more attack speed. Then I sell Wriggle's to get Bloodthirster so that I can do more damage and gain a better life steal. After that, depending on what would be better in the fight, I end up getting either Madred's Bloodrazers or Sword of the Divine for their attack speed.I will mostly likely end up getting Bloodrazers to also gain another stat reduction Item.

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Pros / Cons

With Nashor's Tooth, Dominus will inflict more damage while active. This will also make his Skills slightly more powerful.

With All the speed and power you have, Dealing damage and getting health in return is a very good outcome.

Wriggle's Lantern gives me no limit on wards besides that once I place it, I have to wait 4 minutes to do it again.

If always needed, you can always skip Madread's Bloodrazors and Sword of the Divine to gain some health or armor. If so, I would get either Wormog's Armor for the great health increase of 920(+450 after getting enough minion/champion kills) or Frost Mallet for 700 health and gain another way to slow down your enemies.


This build is very Attack based so this leaves you in needing of Armor and Health.

You are very powerful once you complete half of the main items. Once it starts to sink into you opponents mind that you are doing a lot of damage, They will see that you are low in defense and will make you a target in team fights and ganks.

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Tips & Final Thoughts

Over all, This build is very Attack based. This will help with taking down Champions, Minions, and Turrets alike. It may not be a very good idea to become a martyr but it will help saving a teammate while doing great damage to them. Just run to where your teammate is, stun the opponent, then run like hell.

This build is not really good for juggling. I would highly suggest in getting both red and blue buffs in Summoner's Rift. The Blue buff will help in with cooldowns and the red will help keep the enemy's from running.

All in all, if you are a very offensive player, this is a build that might want to try out.