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Renekton Build Guide by MaxedVolume

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaxedVolume

Renekton the monster from the sewer

MaxedVolume Last updated on November 7, 2012
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DPS atker / Tank atker

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Renekton players

This is a guide about one of my favorite champions Renekton
lately i've noticed that more players had started to play renekton so i decided to help you Renekton players become the most feared summoners in the game.
Renekton can be played in many ways but in this guide i will focus on dealing an enormous amount of DMG on the field

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First build

the first build is a fighter's build that is based on dealing a large amount of dmg and secureing kills in team-fights

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i choose to start the game with a Doran's Blade for a better farming and chance of takeing the first blood.

the next item i buy is the ionian boots of lucidity and the reason is very simple, renektons greatest tool of dmg is his fury and the best way to use it is by atking with your abilities as soon as u can i havent always used these boots a i often found myself in and situation where i died just because of renekton cooldowns.

i feel like renekton falls abit in the mid-game and the start of the late game which is why i buy The black cleaver,Frozen Mallet, and Atmas impaler for a boost of dmg and durability.

i round up the build with Two dmg dealing items which are Infinity edge and The bloodThrister
if u feel that u dont have enough sustain u can always but the bloodthirster before the infinity edge.

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Skill Sequence

i usually max the W first as it deals more DMG than your other skills but if u have trouble going vs high dmg champions u can always max the Q first for better sustain
i feel like the E is not as usefull as the other skills for fighting so i keep it at lvl 1 till i max the others
if u agree with me so u must remmember not to waste ur precious fury on it

ur ulti is a good tool for fighting but it can also be used to heal urself if it can save your life

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Summoner spells

Flash- as an extremely strong weapon u will find urself being focused and ganked many times which is why i use flash to cover up my escapes
the technique of escapeing ganks with renekton is very simple use ur Slice and Dice (E) abillity over the enemy minions and then flash away from the danger zone. once ur being chased u can sue ur E again to dash over the terrain and run into safety
**notice** that slice and dice cant get though all the terrains

Ignite- the best combo of killing with renekton is building up 50 fury and then initiating with "Ruthless Predetor" (W) once your victim realized in what trouble he is he will use everything he can to escape u that way u can finish him off with ignite

if u dont like the use of Flash and ignite u can always use these substitute spells

teleport (mainly for solo-top)

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Renekton is strong enough so u can focus on defencive masteries as long as u take armor penetration and cooldown reduction masteries which is why i go for 9/21/0

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The runes i take are quite simple
i get my atk DMG runes from seals and quitensses which gives me the abillity to feed myself at the early game. getting fed in the early game is very important for renekton because it helpes u being ahead of the build and that way u can make the enemy team fall back in the mid and late game

renekton atks in combos which is why the armor penetration is extemly imortant and that is another reason to get the black cleaver early in the build

armor runes are quite obvious because as a meele fighter u will suffer from harrases and burst dmg the armor runes should help u deal with that
i suggest that if u dont have enough armor from your glyphs u can give up some atk dmg from seals to get more armor.

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Second build

This build is based on being a tank and helping to feed your team
i reccomend using this build if your team counts on u to be the tank

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for the beggining of the game i open with a dorans blade for bette laning and farming

renektons greatest drawback is the large cooldown so i fix that with ionian boots of lucidity and the brutalizer renekton atks in combos which is why armor penetration is a key to success

i start being tanky when i get the Frozen Mallet and Sunfire Cape
sunfire cape is a great advantage for a tank renekton because he stand in the middle of the fight

after u get Guardian Angel your team will win all the team-fights, as u stand in the middle of the fight respawning will let your team dmg dealers finish the fight
make sure u initiate

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Skill Sequence

I max the Q first because this is the only source of sustain which is very important for this build
as before the E is quite useless so i keep it at lvl 1 untill i max the others

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i take teleport and ignite

i take teleport because as the tank of the team you will probably want to solo top, another adventage to teleport is going around the map helping your team as u tank for them

ignite will help u getting kills and remaining your build, i find ignite expecially usefull when u tower dove

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Renekton is strong enough so as a tank u can focus on defencive masteries as long as u take armor penetration and cooldown reduction masteries which is why i go for 9/21/0

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For runes i take Armor penetraion marks because it is a key to get kills with renekton and is especially important when u solo top

i get alot of armor because as im in the middle of the attention i will be focused and i need a way to survive team-fights

i get the atk quitecensess because IMO renekton is a killer and if u go full tank u are just wasteing your time
as this build is tanky and u wont get that much kills with it u should consider some atk runes for a better start

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Tricks and Tips

1) after a fight when u are wounded renekton has a special ability to drain huge amount of life useing his "Cull the meek" Q .for a better use of this abillity remmember to hit as much minions as u can this will get u rdy for the next fight within seconds

2) you will find renekton a great and fun champion to tower dive with
for a better chance of getting the kill all u have to do is build up your fury and repeat the following steps
*rdy your next atk to stun (W)
*slice in (E)
*use your ultimate (R)
*kill the victim useing your prepared W and Q\ignite
*dice and flsh out (E)

remmember that u dont have much time to use ur E the second time so be quick and make ur time count

3) try to surprise junglers from time to time with your W from bushes. remmember that no one can go 1vs1 with renekton.

4) dont take all of ur team feed because as much as renekton is strong he cant carry the game alone

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Team Work

In the late game renekton cant count on himself to win the game by alone and that is why i will give u some notes about teamfighting with renekton
as i have mentioned before u cant keep all the feed to urself

1) the best way to feed ur team mates is by building up your fury while isolating the volnurable champions in your enemy team, stun them with a powerful atk and use ur other skills to keep off the rest of thier team
this build is not tanky enogh to take keep them away for long, so dice away as soon as u can

2) while initiating teamfights make sure that u dive in after the tank because if they focus him but you are still in the middle of the fight your ulti will be more usefull and u can drain a larger amount if life with your Q
remmember to slice and dice to chase the wounded and pick the kills up

3) if your team is fed enough its time to think about youself use your E to chase the volnerable and pick up the kills thanks to your great mobility and areal dmg