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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Auraux

Renekton the rapist

Auraux Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This isn't a comprehensive guide to teach you how to play League of Legends ground up. It is short guide on how to be able to tank for your team should they need it, while doing incredible damage (200+ AD) at the same time. It's assumed that you know how to last hit, you know to place wards, you know how to cooperate with your team, and you know when you're in danger.

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Depending on preference you might want to swap the Armor Seals/Quints with HP Seas/Quints or some other similar runes. I like the high early armor as a lot of damage early game is physical (even most casters will do a lot of autoattack damage as their spells are low damage and high cooldown early on)

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Summoner Spells

I find summoner spells to be a personal preference. I take ignite for easy kills in lane and to shut down self-healers like vlad and fiddlesticks. Flash is great, especially to close/make distance between you and the enemy in case there's no minions around to proc Dice. It'll net you a lot of kills and save you many times.
Ghost and Cleanse are the only other spells I'd consider taking in place of Ignite, and Flash is more or less there to stay.

But hey, it's up to you. If you want to take Revive and Rally then be my guest, just don't expect to do well.

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Note that the build will actually give an extra 58.94(59)AD from the passive of atma's, bringing you to a total of 196AD

This item build is a core build, designed to be tanky while still providing high damage (and more healing from your Q), the two leftover slots should be used for situational items depending on the enemy team composition. I'd advise aiming for multi-purpose items, you want to choose items that increase both your survivability and damage output, rather than one or the other. If the enemy has a well-rounded team composition, Aegis of the Legion is a great item. Keep in mind that once you have Atma's Impaler, every item that gives you HP will also give you bonus AD and Force of Nature will give you more hp regen. Buying more HP will essentially give you two other stats for free. Warmog's Armor suddenly became more appealing!

The order in which you build Atma's impaler and Force of Nature should depend on whether your opponents are more Physical or Magic damage oriented.

Frozen Mallet is an awesome item on Renekton, not only does it give HP and AD, two of the most important stats for him, but the 35% slow effect on-hit is brutal, it allows you to keep enemies in range of your ultimate while you hack and slash with your abilities as much as you want. It also allows you to save your Slice 'n' Dice for an escape if things go wrong while chasing, as you won't have to burn S'n'D just to keep up with your prey.

Sell your Doran's Shield if you need the extra gold to finish an item or you run out of slots

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Skill Sequence

A lot of players start with Q>W>Q for the improved damage/heal on your Q, but since Renekton is such a powerful laner, I find it better to go Q>W>E or Q>E>W. It adds that extra bit of lane dominance, allowing you to slice/dice in to your enemy, stun them, and nuke/self-heal, all at level 3.

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Team Work

Tanky Renekton is a god of teamfights. You have the survivability to dive into battle, and the damage to assassinate (or at least permanently disable/occupy) enemy carries.

You will be able to initiate teamfights, but due to not being a pure tank build, will not last as long as dedicated tanks under extended focus fire. You generally want to Slice in, if possible using your stun on an enemy carry, use your Q to deal aoe damage + heal, then Dice your way back out. After this, the teams should be in chaos (as soon as the enemy focuses you upon Slicing in, your team should have jumped in), now is the time to run back in, cast your ultimate and ruin their carry's day.

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Laning Phase

For starters, I STRONGLY suggest you take solo top lane, if not possible (no junglers, ****** team-mates saying "I SOLO OR I FEED", etc.), take a duo lane. I've yet to see a successful jungle Renekton. His Slice as a gap closer relies too much on proccing so you can Dice. This is easy when you're in a lane and can go through enemy minions, but really hard when coming from the river as a gank when jungling.

During the laning phase, you want to accomplish a few things:

  1. Become dominant
  2. Last hit minions effectively without pushing your lane
  3. Zone the enemy out of xp range

All this is easily possible with Renekton, even when soloing in a 1v2 lane (it's even possible to get quick double kills if your opponents aren't careful enough)

I know I said this guide won't teach you how to play the game, but I guess I lied.

After establishing lane dominance and getting your opponent low on HP, you will have two choices:
  1. Continually zone them
  2. Kill them
Now a lot of players would think "DERP of CAUSE killing them would be the best option!", but woah, ease up there turbo, no, it usually wouldn't. When you kill your opponent you will indeed get gold for the kill, but what happens after that? Your enemy will come back with full health and mana, and probably with another item or two as well. Considering that you'll probably be at half HP or lower, they now have a huge advantage and will become the dominant ones in the lane. Unless they're bad and don't take advantage of this, they will zone you and/or harass you, until your only choice will be to go back to base to heal up/shop. During which time they could have farmed up enough gold/xp to make up for giving you a kill and being out of lane, and maybe even get ahead of you if they have Teleport (or you just take forever to get back to the lane).

Now if you chose to harass them, you could keep them underlevelled (and underfarmed) for a longer time, until they decide to go back to shop/heal or leave your lane. Both of which will put you even further in front and you can also use this time to push their tower.

The choice between scoring a kill and continuous zoning is basically chosing between a small, quick bonus, or an incredibly large advantage over time. Not only will zoning the enemy put yourself ahead of them, but it will put them further behind your whole entire team, giving your whole team an advantage over them regardless of how well your team performs in their own lanes.

Your goal for the laning phase shouldn't be getting yourself ahead, it should be putting your opponent behind