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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warzodiac

Renekton top lane W CD build

Warzodiac Last updated on June 4, 2013
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Hello Summoners I am only here to suggest some alternate building strategy for Renekton not to say mines better than anyone else's. It works for me maybe it will work for you but if it doesn't oh well we all have different play styles after all. I would also like to say i'm not very good at coding so to save people the trouble I will just leave it out if you really want to know you can read my words I will try to explain it to the best of my ability's.

Sorry about the bad audio

Please tell me of any errors please

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Runes to Get:

9 Greater Seals of ARMOR.

9 Greater Marks of ARMOR.

9 Greater Glyphs of MAGIC RESIST.

3 Greater Quint of ARMOR PENETRATION.

I personally get 9 Seals of ARMOUR and 9 Marks of ARMOR so I can focus on going straight for Brutilizer early game instead of worrying about armor. I get 4 glyphs of SCALING CD REDUCTION for a little kick on my later game sustain with my Q in a team fight. 5 Glyphs of Magic resist are to help against a possible AP top, AP jungle ganks, AP mid ganks, or late game team fights. 3 Quint of ARMOR PENETRATION to counter a possibly brusier top or tanky top.

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1 in Summoner's Wrath to shorten CD on Ghost and Ignite which are the two spells I usually use.

3 in Sorcery for its CD so you can use the Combo described in chapter 5 more often and to stack on top of you CD runes.

4 in Deadliness to help get a little more attack damage by level.

1 in Weapon Expertise for the armor pent to counter the usual armor heavy champ in top lane or to just do more damage in general.


4 in Durability for the bonus health by level.

3 in Harness for that bonus armor to help counter the usual AD top or to help against a ranged who likes to poke with basic attacks.

2 in Resistances are to help against a possible AP top, AP jungle ganks, AP mid ganks, or late game team fights.

2 in Unyielding just to take that 2 less damage from enemy attacks because every little bit helps.

2 in Relentless to help insure a slow doesn't stop you from insuring a kill.

1 in Veteran's Scars as bonus health early game because in an early game 1v1 top lane that 30 hp could save you.

1 in Block to help against basic attacks in general or to help against a ranged top that pokes with basic attacks often.

3 in Juggernaut for the 4% bonus health like I said early game 1v1 top lane every bit helps.

1 in Defender to help in those 5v5 team fights.

1 in Reinforced Armor to help defend against the adc's critical strikes or against a possible adc top lane. (EX Tryndamere)

1 in Honor Guard just to improve over all durability through out the game.

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Starting Items

Boots of Speed: To help chase down kills if needed or escape if needed early game.

3 Health Potions: To help me sustain my lane for a little longer if needed.

Early Game

Brutilizer: For its damage and CD early game the runes I selected make it safer to go straight AD near the beginning.

Phage: For that extra health early game and that passive to slow an enemy and possibly insure a kill.

Giants Belt: To increase over all Tankyness. --> Is that even a word? I don't think so...

Ninja Tabi/Mercury's Treads: For the movement speed and chose what ever one helps your situation best.

Mid Game

Bilgewater Cutless/Giants belt: Bilgewater Cutless if you plan on building Blade of The Rune King, Giants belt if you plan on building Warmongs.

Sprite Visage: To stack on top of your Q heal and for the CD and Magic Resist.

Sunfire Cape: To stack on your R and for the bonus armor and health.

Late Game:

Frozen Mallet: To slow down enemy's and insure kills in a chase. --> Don't Chase To Far

Blade of The Rune King/Warmong's: Depending on what you build Mid game you will build into these items. Warmong's is for health and I take Blade of The Rune King for the %health damage to counter tanks late game, also for its active ability.

The Black Cleaver: For the passive armor penetration to help insure kills.

I might add that HexTech Gunblade may not be the best item to use but its nice to experiment and see what works and I've been using it and its worked good for me just fine its just some verity to your building patterns.

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Skill Sequence

Skills go in this order: (Q-> W-> E-> W-> W-> R-> W-> Q-> W-> Q-> R-> Q-> E-> Q-> E-> R-> E-> E)


I follow stacking W before Q because you W will do more burst damage early game. So I use E to go in W then E to go back out and repeat that until there low enough to use R and finish them using Ghost if needed. I use my W to farm faster as well without pushing to fast and ending up over extended I only use my Q for a little heal when needed but I don't rely on it until late game when I have the CD ETC... to use it more effectively in team fights. This is not the play style for everyone I might add as well.

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Ghost: I get Ghost over Flash mainly because I feel Renekton is tanky enough to run away from a fight rather than Flash away. Also his E counts as a dash so you can always use that and if you hit an enemy with it you can use it twice. Another reason is because if I use my R then use Ghost to keep up with them when they run I find it more effective than using flash to chase because sure you closer but now what you still slow there is still no catching up if there faster.

Ignite: I get ignite to help get a kill early game and to stack damage with my R and Sunfire Cape late game.

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Pros / Cons

There are some pros and cons to this build and I will try to explain them all if you find anymore feel free to let me know in the comments but if you rude I will ignore it.


1: High sustain off Q late game.

2: Good burst damage with W early game.

3: Extra heal off Q late game.

4: High damage with R stacked with ignite and Sunfire Cape


1: Stacking your W first instead of your Q will remove some sustain from your laning phase because you won't be able to rely on your Q's heal.

2: Going straight for AD early game instead of some armor can get you killed if you don't play smart.

3: Sunfire cape is not good in all games because auras of the same name don't stack so if someone else on your team has it you can't get it.

4: You might not be able to farm as fast without you Q maxed early but if you play smart it will even out near the end.

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Team Work

As far as Team Work goes you will most likely be the initiator so what I usually do is use R then jump in with my E and try to stun the adc. Use your fury points on your Q to sustain longer in the fight. Also remember that its a team game there are no KS's and build items around your teams strengths and to counter opponents not just to build what you want. Also remember Auras of the same name don't stack so try to call that your getting Sunfire cape and if someone else has it get a different item in a team fight the damage from it will still be done just not from you.

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Unique Skills

1: When your E hits an enemy champion or enemy minion you can use it a second time, but be careful not to use it as a fury ability unless you escaping.

2: Your Q heals you some when you use it as a Fury ability.

3: Your W when used as a fury ability hits the enemy 3 times and stuns them.

4: Your R makes you gain 5 Fury a second for 15 seconds.

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Farming might be a little difficult with a maxed W instead of Q early game. But if you play smart and to you advantages with a stacked W you can get top lane to be frightened alowing you to free farm. Don't be afraid to use your W as a farming tool it has high damage and can get you though farm fast if you use it on a Siege minion and save your Q for the normals. Mid and late game your farming ability's will be fine though, Unless you suck... --> Just kidding guys :D

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1: I have changed HexTech and CD Glyphs and removed them from the build and replaced them Due to many complaints about such.


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