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League of Legends Build Guide Author mo7ART

Rengar destroyer of the jungle... Season 6 (Path 6.5)

mo7ART Last updated on March 14, 2016
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Ekko Build

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Hi, and welcome to my Rengar Guide for Season 6! In this guide, I'm going to teach you some basic as well as advanced tactics you can use for Rengar. I personally prefer to build him as a full AD assassin, focusing on a mix of raw attack damage, armor penetration, and cool down reduction, but I included some other effective builds should that particular build not suit your needs and/or preferences, but no matter which build you choose, you have one job, and that is to burst down the squishy champs on the enemy team. Even if it kills you.

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Great at dueling and assassinating squishy champions
Good at getting into fights
Good and chasing down enemies
Insanely strong late game with a fairly strong early-mid game as well
Can solo dragon quickly and easily
Can be difficult to kill despite how fragile he is
If he gets ahead he will likely stay ahead
Has very quick clears and overall great sustain in the jungle

Needs kills and assists to really snowball
If he gets behind it is very difficult to catch up
It is difficult to get a good team comp for him in solo queue
Has a hard time getting out of fights
Is prone to crowd-control and disruption
Without Thrill of the Hunt, his ganks are usually so-so at best

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Passive: Technically speaking, Rengar actually has three passives, the first one being Unseen Predator, which allows Rengar to jump to a target with his next auto-attack. Next is ferocity, Rengar's resource bar. At five stacks Rengar's next ability will become empowered, gaining a powerful new effects, with the strength of the effect varying based on Reneger's level. Also note that using an empowered ability will not reset the cool down of his regular abilities. Finally, we have his third passive, the bone tooth necklace. This passive with grant Rengar a buff every time he scores a kill or assist. At 3 stacks he will gain 15 movement speed when out of combat or in brush, and six stacks the range of his leap will be increased from 600 to 725 units, at 12 stacks his ultimate's stealth duration will be increased from 7 seconds to 12 seconds, and at 20 stacks the bonus movement speed his ultimate gives him while stealth is increased from 15% to 30%.

Q: Savagery makes Rengar's next basic attack within 3 seconds deal bonus physical damage. When empowered, his Savagery will deal a little extra damage, while also boosting his attack damage and attack speed dramatically for 4 seconds.

W: Battle Roar. This ability deals a small amount of AoE magic damage, and also boosts Rengar's armor and magic resist. However, the amount of bonus armor and magic resist received will be increased by 50% for each champion and large monster hit, which can make Rengar surprisingly difficult to kill. When empowered, Battle Roar will deal more damage than usual, while also healing Rengar based on how much health he is missing. (Note that the regular and empowered versions of this ability cannot stack, meaning that you can't double the amount of resistances you have by using them consecutively).

E: Bola Strike. This ability causes Rengar to cast out a bola, slowing his target by 60-80% for 2.5 seconds, with the slow decaying over the duration. When empowered, Bola Strike deals bonus damage, and roots the target in place for 1.75 seconds, and once the root duration have ended, the target will be affected by the usual slow. (Note that you can cast this ability mid-leap. Same goes for his other basic abilities).

R: Thrill of the Hunt. This ability causes Rengar to stealth for seven seconds after one second (three if he has recently taken damage. Afterwards, Rengar will be able to detect nearby champions, and gain 15% bonus movement speed when running towards them. After breaking stealth, Rengar gains 35% bonus movement speed, and generates five stacks of ferocity over the duration. (Note that enemy champions within 1,450 units of you will be able to tell you're nearby, but they won't be able to tell exactly where you are. Counter play, you know?).

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Early game

At the beginning of the game start at the Krugs. Afterwards, do the Raptors and from there clear your Red Buff camp. If you do it right you won't need a leash, even if you don't have any points in Savagery (although having five points in Savagery will make things easier for you. Afterwards, look for the scuttle crab on your side of the map. If you're feeling lucky you can enter the enemy jungle or look for an early gank, but both of these options come with their own risks, so use proper judgement. Another thing you can do early on is start at your Red Buff, take a point in your Bola Strike second, then look for an early gank. Trust me, no one suspects it since it's so rarely seen. Overall though, it's best to simply power-farm until you get Thrill of the Hunt.

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When ganking, make sure you have five or close to five stacks of ferocity ( Rengar's resource bar). With that said, the scuttle crab can be your best friend, because even if you don't kill it, you can still use it to generate five stacks of ferocity. Anyway, once you have your five stacks, look to enter a lane, and land your empowered Bola Strike. If you have to, use chilling smite to make this easier. Once the slow has worn off, lane another Bola Strike to slow them down even more. That should force a flash or better yet give you or your teammate(s) a kill. If the target you're ganking is completely overextended however, you can your empowered Savagery instead to burst them down before they can escape.

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How to properly ult

As I mentioned in the introduction, as Rengar you have one job, and that is to brutally murder all the squishy enemies (usually the ADC). BUT it is important to know when to go in, because otherwise you just might end up killing yourself for no reason whatsoever, and in doing so look like a complete doofus. The biggest thing that trips up beginner Rengar players is thinking that once you ult, you HAVE to go in no matter what. This simply isn't the case. In fact, sometimes you will use your ultimate thinking that you can make a good play, then suddenly realize that the target you're hunting isn't alone. With only one point in Thrill of the Hunt, this can be rather devastating, but with max CDR and two-three points, it's no big deal because his ult will have a really brief cool down by then. In fact with 40% CDR and three points in Thrill of the Hunt, the cool down will only be 42 seconds, which is shorter than the cool down on Youmuu's Ghostblade, which has a 45 second cool down. This means that in the late game you can use Rengar's ult as a scouting tool, and if you see someone who's caught out, you can assassinate them, thus temporarily making the game a 4v5. Sometimes though, a fight may go sour, or you may get caught out. If that's the case, you can use Thrill of the Hunt as your escape tool, but this can be hard to accomplish unless you are using a bruiser build, or activate the ultimate before your opponents get the chance to touch you.

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How to team fight

In team fights, never be the first one to go in unless your enemies are low on health or unless you are using a bruiser/tank build. If anything let your team engage for you, and when the time is right, strike! (Ideally when the enemy team's valuable cool downs have been blown).

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Synergies and counters

Ideally, you want champions with really strong engage and effect, AoE crowd-control and/or displacement, because this will give Rengar the ability to retaliate without having much to worry about. Ironically, however, Rengar is also weak against these types of champions, so watch out for that! Additionally, NEVER pick Rengar if the enemy team has an anti-assassin, such as Kayle or Zilean. I kid you not these kinds of champs will make your day a living hell!

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Well, that about sums up this guide. I hope this has given you a better idea on how to properly piss people off with the bipedal lion that is Rengar! Feel free to mention which build you like the most, tactics you do differently, as well as things I may have missed.


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