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League of Legends Build Guide Author Koorii

Respawn at home!

Koorii Last updated on September 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Miss Fortune is a new, incredibly powerful physical damage champion. This build is a pretty standard physical damage build that will take chunks out of your opponents' health with every shot.

Summoner Skills
For summoner skills I prefer Ghost and Clarity. Ghost is super obvious for chasing or fleeing from the enemy. Clarity is personal preference as it saves me from having to build items to maintain my mana, or having to buy mana pots.

Other choices could be Flash for the same reasons as Ghost, or Ignite for the extra damage. I don't list the incredibly useful Exhaust because once you have a Phage, slowing shouldn't be a problem. However this is a personal preference, so if you want Exhaust, then go for it. It is still an Incredibly useful skill still.

Champion Abilities
Double Up-This ability is your bread and butter. You'll max it out first. This ability will hit your target for amazing damage, and then bounce back and hit another enemy behind them for even more damage than the first hit. Early game you'll use it sparingly for harassment, but late game you'll use it every cool down. The key is to make sure the enemy champ is the only enemy that can be hit by the second hit.

Impure Shots-This ability is nice. It is what helps you get your early ganks and is good for knocking out towers. It increases your attack speed and makes your shots reduce enemy healing while active. Great for nubs who use heal as a summoner skill. =P

Make it Rain-this skill will rain bullets in a target location and slow anyone who is hit. You'll get this one at level 3 (level 2 if you mid solo). This the last one you max. It does negligible damage but it slows. Similar to a mini Gangplank ult. Were getting this one for the slow, not the damage.

Bullet Time-Your Ult. Nuff said. Just kidding. You will fire waves of bullets in a cone in front of you for 2 seconds. It is a pretty powerful ult, especially in team battles. Use it to finish off an enemy team. Use it to finish off one enemy. Do not use it to initiate. It can be interrupted! I get complaints because I barely use it early game. I try to use it when it will hit multiple enemies, just to get the most out of it. try and get people when they are distracted, as it is very easy to get out of.

I have a pretty standard 21-0-9 build for my tree. In the Utility branch I have points for extra mana and regen, while I put points into attack speed and damage in the Offense branch.

For Marks and Quintessenses I went with Armor Pen, making your attacks hit harder and a tank's armor less effective against you.

For Seals I went with attack speed, so you can fire faster (obviously) More hits means more damage. Once you get Frozen Mallet more hits also means more slow on the enemy.

Finally for glyphs I went with mana regen. Like I said before it prevents me from wasting money on mana items and pots.

For Items I've listed some pretty standard attack speed and damage items. Please note that this build will work without Sword of the Occult, so If you're not confident in your ability to keep stacks up, go with the new mana/ad weapon. It increases your mana with every attack and ability you use, up to 1000 bonus mana, and it converts 2% of your max mana to attack damage. However with this build you won't need the mana and the bonus doesn't even come close to what you would have with 20 stacks of Occult.

Your core WILL ALWAYS BE Sword of the Occult, Berserker's Greaves, and Frozen Mallet. The boots are interchangeable but you ill get max ad, utility, and survivability out of the Sword and Frozen Mallet.

After your core, the other items and their order are based on personal preference. Next is going to be Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer, depending on the situation. If you need an extra speed boost because you're still having trouble with escaping enemies, the go Dancer. If you are not, and you want them to die faster, go for the Edge. After that go whichever one you didn't get. The final item depends on what you need, however you shouldn't get to that point as you should have already won, via nexus destruction or surrender.

The fifth and sixth items are interchangeable.
If you notice the opponents going heavy armor go for extra armor pen. Last whisper is a great substitute for the Dancer, but you won't get extra speed or crit chance. Black Cleaver is also a nice choice. You will be firing fast enough to get all the stacks before they know what's hitting them.

Gameplay Description

Early Game
Pick your lane. Fortune is an extremely good mid, and is vey good at keeping the opponent off your creep. However I generally lane on the side because it is much easier for her to gank with a team mate. More ganks=more duckets. Regardless, grab your Long Sword and Health pot and head out. The first couple of levels you will harass with Double Up. By level 3, if you've got the health and have had successful harassment, you will be ready for your first gank. Pop Impure Shots, Make It Rain for slow, and Ghost. Then just run and gun. Save Double Up for your kill shot, either you'll hit them directly or they'll think they've gotten away and you'll tag a minion and hit him in turn and s/he'll rage quit lol. Rinse and repeat until level 6. Clean up your lane and head back to base. By this time you'll have enough for Sword of Occult. If you managed to get some kills you'll also have enough for your boots.

Mid Game
Once you're level 6 (and assuming the opponent isn't right on your turret), mid game begins. You have your Ult so now you are ready to start your Sword Stacks. Any one who hasn't gone back to base may be low health and therefore easy pickings for you. I've gotten 2-3 kills with the ult on unsuspecting enemies. Let's not assume you'll be so lucky (although sometimes you might). All mid game is helping with ganks and knocking over towers. get a Phage as soon as possible so that you have a slowing aspect. Remeber to be a team fighter, a) because you don't have lifesteal, b) you are squishy), and c) we want to keep strut up as long as possible. I tend to play conservatively because we need to keep stacks on your Sword.

Late Game
You should have your Frozen Mallet by level 11-12. Now all your shots will slow. And you should be getting close to full stacks of Occult. You should only need your Ghost for escape now and should save it. Once the enemy realizes your are stacking Sword you will be a target. With that being said, always stay with somebody and don't get greedy! If you can't keep your stacks up you might as well buy two Bloodthirsters. But 100 AD and 15% movement speed (on top of your boots, Dancer, and Strut =D ) for 1300 or so is too good to pass up. Just run around with your team racking up kills and towers until the game ends.

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope that it is helpful to all you Miss Fortune players out there. If you have any comments or criticisms please let me know. Any ideas for improvements will be much appreciated!