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Riven General Guide by DarkViolinist

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkViolinist

Rev it up Riven 3v3 Map Build

DarkViolinist Last updated on October 30, 2011
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Welcome to my guide on Riven! My summoner name is DarkViolinist and I will be showing you my 3v3 Riven build. Please note that this is my first guide ever so sorry for anything "unprofessional". Anyways I love to play melee champs and Riven has become my new main champ with each of my past games ending aroun 9/0/1 and the enemy team surrendering at about 15:30 so I decided to make a build becaus of the success I've had with her.

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Now you may be wondering about the runes I put above, but the fact is unless you build her tanky which in this build we won't Riven can be pretty squishy. So I included magic resist, armor, and health regen runes to try and prevent early game harassment and feeding. Then armor penetration marks so that you can deal some damage to tanks.

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For masteries you may be wondering, "Why choose sorcery alacrity?". Well Riven is a unique champion who uses no mana whatsoever. Her abilities have no cost and we want to take advantage of that. This is also the reason why we get a Stinger as part of our item build mid game. To reduce cooldowns. Not much else to say. 6 points in defense to help her not be so squishy, 3 points in utility to reduce the time spent dead, and the usual 21 in offense other that the boost in cooldown reduction.

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For Items you're going to want to get a Doran's Blade to start out. Then, you'll want to get another one ASAP. Again, this helps make Riven a little more tanky without actually building her as a tank. Afterwards the usual Boots of Speed. However, before you finish building your boots get a Wriggle's Lantern. Wriggle's is a good item that has life steal, defense, and attack damage. Once again we make Riven semi-tank with this Item but you may want to trade it late game for Frozen Mallet, Sunfire Cape (because Riven is almost always in melee range and the sparkles that damage enemies are pretty useful), or Banshee's Veil (for magic resist). Once you have that finished finish building your boots getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity to take advantage of Riven's no cost abilities and reduce her ability's cooldowns. Then, a Hexdrinker for a nice attack damage boost with some magic resist and a passive spell shield.(Again late game you'll want to trade Hexdrinker for one of the three items you traded for your Wriggle's Lantern.) Next, grab a B.F. Sword. The Stinger afterwards is optional. I get Stinger because it's cheap and reduces cooldown reduction. You could get a Phage instead but later you'll sell it so whatever you do doesn't matter. NEVER, upgrade your Stinger to Nashor's Tooth. It's really expensive for you to only be using the part that benefits your cooldown reduction. The order in which you get the last three items depends on what's going on in the game. If you enemy is stacking armor get Black Cleaver. If they're getting Health related items get Bloodthirster first. Or you could always get a good old Infinity Edge first. You'll evantually have to get rid of your Stinger or Phage but you'll want to make room for one of these three items.

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Skill Sequence

Lots of people think that with Riven you should max out you broken wings first. Really you should level it last with Ki-Burst being first Valor being second and always grabbing a point in Blade of the Exile when you can. However, you do want Broken Wings to be able to do some moderate damage which is why I grab 2 points in it early-game. Not much more to say here.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells really aren't that important to this build. However, I will admit you will use them from time to time. Usually I'll get Exhaust and Ignite with Riven. Exhaust because Riven doesn't have a slow and Ignite just for last hitting enemy champs. You could get Ghost or Flash to replace Exhaust but in by personal opinion I think that Riven has enough mobility thanks to Valor and Broken Wings.

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Wow, you read the entire thing. Thanks for reading everything. As I said above this is my first build but I do love melee fighters. Hopefully you can master this build like I have and if this build goes well I might make a guide for Shyvanna when she comes out.


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