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League of Legends Build Guide Author toka29

Review Shop - by Toka29

toka29 Last updated on June 26, 2012
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Hello and I'm Toka29 and this is my review shop.

In this review shop you can ask for a review but there some few requirements before you just send me a message. I take requirements because some people aren't the best to write and their guides are completely boring to read.


- Your guide should have been through a grammar and spell check.
- Some of you dont now how to write a guide so I recommend to read jhoijhoi's guide Making a guide
- The author must be over Summoner level 20
- The author must have voted and comment on my Annie guide

Note: Most reviewers say you also have to make a 100+ post but you don't have to make any posts.

The only thing I ask is you could +rep me if you think I deserved it.

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Submission form

If you want me to review your guide please go and PM me and this should be in the PM.

The title should be called "Review by _____"

Summoner level:
Grammar and spell check done: YES/NO
jhoijhoi's guide making a guide read: YES/NO
Which champion am I going to review:
Guide link:

Note: What I expect in return: Read/vote/comment one of my guides and also +rep me if you appreciate my work, and a simple thank you would be lovely ^^

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There are some rules you should follow because some people might be stupid not to follow them and if you brake one of these rules I'll ignore you and I will not review your guide.

- Only submit once per. guide. (If you sumbit more than one time on the same guide I will not read it and it will be deleted.
- If you not have correct all the requirements I will not review you guide.
- I don't want to have spam from the same person!

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I will check if you did the requirements with looking a my REP and my guide to see if anything happends.

If nothing happends i will not do anything.. it's very simple and i dont ask for much


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