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Xin Zhao Build Guide by True L33tage

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author True L33tage

Riot Better Nerf This! XIN FTW

True L33tage Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is a quick guide and my first guide on how to play xin zhao. this may not suit your play style but, in my case it seems to work well compared to many other builds on this website. First of all, every match I play as xin zhao, i get overly told "omg ur a n00b xin is faceroll and op", and you know what, apart from the fact that every champion is op when played well and is fed, theyre right, he is pretty faceroll, but who cares; if he's so OP they should play him QQ.

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The runes are pretty basic, ARP marks or crit if you like it better, personally i like the crit for early just for your harass to be that much more scary, but for the late, the ARP is so good, especially since i dont go for a black cleaver although you can change out the bloodthirter for the black cleaver and get the crit marks. the arp quints are always good though, and if not roll some health or crit or whatever you feel comfortable with.

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with the items, its always nice to have that extra attack speed from the dagger to start of with just in case youre facing like two op laners like lets say morde and blitz, u can just gain ur hp back at the tower with ur passive and that extra attack speed. but generally, u should be winning you lane by lvl2 with ur charge and TTS combo which, depending on who ur laning against, should bring them below 1/2 total HP.

on your first trip back, pick up full boots and follow the guide from there. if your having trouble affording the giants belt, just start building the zeal and then start creeping like a boss. also, by the time you get to the PD (phantom dancer) i normally have trouble finding enough change to afford the cloak of agility, since its about that time in the game, unless ur fed which you should be ;)

when youre at the stage after your IE, and your deciding what to get next, dont feel the pressure of getting a bloodthirster, XZ excells with attack speed items and i feel that he need the life steal for the lane and team fight sustainability but go get some attack speed if you want.

for the final and defensive item, dont always get a GA, if they have a fed trynd or yi, rush a thornmail dont wait till the last item, get the magic resist or armour items you need when you need them.

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farming xin is really easy, just remember early game, caster minions u attack once, let the turret attack then attack for the creep kill, this should be easy with ur dagger, hence getting it. mid game, grab red as much as possible, blue isnt as needed but very helpful, give that to a mage or support or if u have an amumu for example jungling.

u can also jungle xin. start at wraiths with 5 hp pots and a cloth armour (build it into a wrigglers then continue build shown), but only smite the big one, pick up ur "Q" TTS, and kill double golems, kill wraiths, kill wolves, kill blue, and kill small minions in enemy jungle if they dont have a jungler. recall, go grab blue, go gank. initiate ganks with ur E, followed by Q followed by ghost followed by W and if u have ult, initiate with it, since it is percentage damage or u can try last hitting with it you KS'er ;)

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Pros / Cons

very tanky with sustained damage
with red some viable cc accompanying your OPness
can solo dragon past lvl10 with ease
doesnt need blue to jungle
nice AOE damage with ulti
great ganking if jungling (or even if not)
generally beastly!

hard to build a few items without being fed
jungling sustainability isnt to great
mid game ur damage, imo, dies down a bit

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Alright guys, thanks for looking at my build for xin, its nothing crazy spectacular but i feel some of the other builds are a bit poor (although very in depth), i've played Xin for ages and he is really great. I HOPE YOU LIKED MY VERY FIRST VERY SIMPLE VERY EFFECTIVE GUIDE