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Morgana Build Guide by White Fanged

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author White Fanged

Rise of the Fallen Angel!

White Fanged Last updated on June 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So you've picked Morgana

[Morgana is a great champion :D!!! I think Flash and Ignite are the best choice for her to go mid, Ignite can help you pick up some kills! :) and Flash can help you escape or do the Flash Soul Shackles Zhonya's Hourglass combo[./color] She can prove to be really reliable in lane AND in team fights. She is my favorite mid by FAR and one of my favorite champions.

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About Mii & Morgana

Morgana, was the first champion I played in League of Legends, I began to play the game about 10 months ago, since I first played her I fell in love with her! <3 I loved everything about her! Nice Splash Art cool ingame model, and she just has that bad *** attitude. I have over 1000 games played in league now and I would say about 300 of those are Morgana. She is just plainly one of my favorite champions and maybe even my best!

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Summoner spells

Ignite, Flash, Barrier, Ghost you really shouldn't run any other spell then those.

Ignite is always good to secure kills :D

Flash to make plays and when you **** your positioning off.

Barrier should only be ran if you are going against Kha'Zix or Talon I dont see why else you would run it.

Ghost is personal preference over flash.

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Pros and Cons :D

+ She has nice burst with R+Q+W combo
+ Cank gank bottom and help them snowball
+ REALLY hard to gank
+ Brings in nice CC
+ Strong lane sustain
+ Great Team fighting

Cons :(
- Falls of late game :(
- Gota make sure to land skill shots

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I enjoy the runes I run for several reason, rune of magic penetration is just to deal more DPS and have nice burst.

Greater Seal of Scaling Healthis just to prevent from being bursted.

Glyph of Ability Power I always dint know wether to get these or get get magic resist, but my Morgana gameplay is an agressive one, and in order to complete burst with R+Q+W+Ignite combo smoothly I thought that Glyph of Ability Power would do the trick! :)

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Skill Sequence

The reason on why I choose to max out Tormented Soil first is to have faster minion clearing at mid, and gives me decent time to go bot and try to pull off a gank. I level up Dark Binding over Black Shield is because I feel as if the damage on Dark Binding is needed throughout the mid game to be maximized.

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While farming you always want to set Tormented Soil in between the armor creeps and magic creeps, I use regular cast with Tormented Soil I just think is more efficient to farm that way. After Tormented Soil reaches level 3 it will kill one side of the minion wave with ease. :)

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Team Work

Team work since you are at mid, and you can easily push the lane as Morgana, you will be left with nothing to do, other then risk being ganked and killed D; So what you usually want to do is go Bot or top and try to give them a helping hand :D when you gank either of these lanes, it would be recommended to have Soul Shackles up. Also try to make sure to call your MIA's if you dont see your mid there, just use the missing ping and type it.

During team fights Zhonya's Hourglass will be one of your best friends, what you want to do, is go in Soul Shackles and Cash money (Zhonya's) if everyone starts to focus you, if they don't, just chase them around and save it for when they do focus you, using cash money after all is a really nice combo with quite alot of DPS, and could be the reason why your team will win the game.

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Match UPs!

Difficulty Medium

Malzahar can be a pain in the but especially beacaus he can clear minion waves almost as fast as Morgana However he has to get close to clear them, so just use Tormented Soil where he is standing, but try to get some creeps to. that will just do slight poke. but he will think twice before csing from that position, after wards try landing a Dark Binding Tormented Soil combo, then wait till they are back of cd,then go in on him and Black Shield Soul Shackles Dark Binding Tormented Soil Ignite and it will be a kill. Try to use your Black Shield before you go in to avoid getting Nether Grasp to the face!
The reason he is Medium is because if he uses Nether Grasp and your shield wasn't up, it will mean bad things for you :(.

Difficulty Easy

Morgana just pubstomps Akali in the laning phase pre-6 since she has yo get close to cs, poke her with your auto attack and Tormented Soil you will soon bully her out of lane and have undoubtedly more CS then her then when you reach 6 continue poking her and if she initiates on you, Black Shield Soul Shackles] Dark Binding Tormented soil Ignite she will most likely die. Really easy match up, if she is giving you a hard time with Twilight Shroud just buy Pink wards and drop them in the shroud when she uses it.

Difficulty Medium

This is purely a skill match up after 6 you simply wont kill Kayle because of Intervention which makes her invincible for 2 seconds. Divine Blessing will also give her sustain, but you can still out poke her with Dark Binding and Tormented Soil. Righteous Fury can also help her push the lane back. So this is a skill match up, just keep Tormented Soil up, farm and gank bottom whenever you can. You can try to kill her after you reach 6 if you poke her enough.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

You are most likely not going to kill a skilled Xerath so you should farm mid with Tormented Soil, try to land Dark Binding Tormented Soil combo once, and like with most match ups once they are back of CD go in and Soul Shackles Tormented Soil Dark Binding Ignite. Xerath will most likely be to far for you to use Soul Shackles so instead use Dark Binding Tormented Soil and Soul Shackles Ignite. If you have the Miss Fortune :3 to go against a skilled Xerath push the lane and roam bot.

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I play morgana this way and these are ussually the results