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Riven Build Guide by Chewie

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chewie

Riven - Chase Those Rabbits Down!

Chewie Last updated on September 18, 2011
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(This guide is still in process :)

Hello everyone! My name is Chewie and in this guide i will explain a little about Riven, The Exile.
You will get to know how to play her well from this guide, and with that i hope you can extend your self to learn how to pick the right items depending on your opponents, maybe change some runes / masteries / summoner spells depending on how your team looks.

I really think you should read this whole guide and take in the information. I dont say that you have to do your build exactlly as this one to succeed at being the best Riven. What I do say is that this guide can help you pretty much in how to prioritice in LoL, and thats not only with Riven.

Please dont vote on the guide before you have read it. Comment if theres anything you wonder or wanna get said, I can take critics and I love to see if it have helped you :)

Anyways, lets get started!

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The runes I've chosen for Riven is pretty standard for an AD champ that also wants some survivability.
I go with 9x Armor Penetration on marks, 9x Flat Armor on seals, 9x Magic Resist scaling per lvl on glyphs, 1x Armor Penetration and 2x Movement Speed on quintessence.
The reason that i have 1x Armor Penetration and 2x Movement Speed on quintessence instead of 3x Armor Penetration is that i want the extra speed to be able to play a bit more aggresive with the chasing and the "go-in-run-away" parts. You could ofcourse go with 3x Armor Penetration if it suits your play style better.

In the guides I've read so far it seemse like many people wanna put cooldown reduction on glyphs. I acctuly thougt so my self in the start, but after a few matches with Riven i found out that the magic resist per lvl acctuly did more for me. Her cooldowns are already low and if you desperatly want them lower(which i dont consider so important) just go and get blue buff.

On the seals I've also found people putting Health per lvl, which aint bad. But I find more use of flat Armor unless I go with Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler for a bit more tanky Riven.

On the marks I see that pretty much everyone goes with Armor Penetration which is the best if you ask me. I've seen a few people go with attack damage there and i dont see why, Armor penetration gives more damage overall.

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I go with 24/6/0 and finds it really good.
You could also go with 9/21/0 for a more tanky build, then I advice you to not pic Nimbleness unless you go with dodge on your seals.

Archaic Knowledge is usless unless you go with items like Madred's Bloodrazor, Malady, Sword of the Divine, Wit's End and so on.. You get the point(items that let you deal out magic damage).

Go with 23/6/1(8/21/1 for tanky) if you wanna have ghost as a summoner spell.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I go with:

Ofcourse you can go with other, but theese are the ones i prefer.

Flash: Flash is a really good summoner spell and its my personal favorite. Its good for chasing and awesome for fleeing. If you got low hp and runs away from a fight you can just flash behind a wall and get away. If you chase someone you can just flash to get closer and dash into them with your E and start the combo(see Skill Sequence) or flash through a wall like when you flee but catch them instead!

Exhaust: It's just great to have a skill that slows and reduce theyre armor/magic resist when you chase someone, easier to catch them and easier to kill them. Exhaust is also very good if you go against.. lets say a feeded katarina. Just exhaust her during her Death Lotus(ultimate) and then grab the kill or run away safely :D

Ignite: Ignite is a tricky spell, it can give you a kill in the team fight even though you die, you can lay it on a guy running away cause of his low hp and hi will die anyway, you can put it on champions that heals to lower the effect and kill them easier. There are many ways of using it and I think its a great summoner spell.

Ghost: Always good when you wanna run away or run for a gank. Not as good for chasing people as Exhaust but it works. I usually dont go with ghost cause i prefer other spells better, like exhaust and ignite, but if you are familiar to ghost you should pick it cause it is a good spell. If you decide to pick it go with 23/6/1 for your masterys(8/21/1 for tanky).

If you go with other spells I figure you know them better and maybe they suit your play style better. So these choices of summoner spells dont have to be the best choices.

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Picking The Skills & Using Them

For the skills I've decided to start with 1 in all skills and then max in the order Q > W > E and always pick R(Ultimate) when you can(lvl 6-11-16).

If you wanna harass I advice you to not start before you are lvl3 and got Q W E, you can start earlier depending on who you go against in lane and who you play with in lane, but basiclly you dont start the harass until lvl3.

When you engage other champions I usually start with dashing in with E then lay W for the stun and start with the Q combo, after the knock back I run away. Repeat the process and then if they get low hp just chase them down for the killing blow. If you got R(ultimate) you activate it before you engage and only if you go for the kill, use R again when they got low hp, the less hp the more dmg it does.

Using Q and E as Riven is really good to get forward. It lets you chase enemys down faster and it helps you to run away faster.

In team battles always engage with E for the shield if you should get focused.

Using Q for knocking enemys back to your team and nuke them can be very effective. Just use W after so they get stuned, it will give you and your team mates a nice time killing the prey.

A really good thing with Riven is that she dont got any form of manapool and her cooldowns are very low. Take adventage of this and dont try to save the cooldowns in lane. The only cooldown you wanna save is R(Ultimate), and everytime you go for a kill just activate it unless they got really low hp and you know you can kill them without it.

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The choice of items can be hard. You can just follow the build if it works out for you, but if you notice that your opponents see you as a big threat and start to stack armor you should switch items out for more armor penetration. If you go against someone that gets feeded you should try to build armor/magic penetration depending on the champion and if they go ad/ap.

Banshee's Veil can be a good item even though it gives you useless mana. The shield can be very effective against many champions and its a good item overall.

The itembuild I show is just a basic start, you can change it very much depending on the teams you go against and play with. But I dont think you should try to get many cooldown reduction items. The amount of time it will remove aint near the damage you can do with Riven, her cooldowns are already low so the % from the items(runes also) wont do much.