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Riven Build Guide by Yanbi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yanbi

Riven ~ ♠ ExileStyle ♠

Yanbi Last updated on September 19, 2011
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AD Main Build

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Here's a quick summary of my builds.

Build 1)

This is my AD build inspired by Phreak's build when he played Riven in the Spotlight.
I really recommend that build.

Build 2)

With this Build you will go alot more tankyer then with the first one however you are still able to do a high amount of damage.

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Pros / Cons


- Very easy to get fb (first blood) at level 1 with Ignite and Ki Burst.
- 2 CC's.
- A nice dash to get forward which you can use to dodge enemy spells either.
- Good finisher to save a kill (damage based on their missing life).
- Easy to farm with
- Usefull at every phase in the game (early/mid/late - game)


- CD dependet (cooldown)
- Armor Penetration dependet (mid/late - game)
- Wind Slash has a slight delay.
- Can be chased easy

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I recommend this runes for Riven:

Greater Mark of Desolation Rivens biggest enemy is a Tank with armor stacked.What to do? : Penetrate it :)
Greater Seal of Armor What is better then to have basic armor since level 1?
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist See above.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction You want to spam the skills? : Reduce the CD.

Essence which works great with my build:

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Armor Penetration must-have!! 3x this essece and you will penetrate 10% armor!
Greater Quintessence of Vigor Health regenration works with the tanky dps build too.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed A little bit more run speed won't hurt.

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Skill Sequence

Make sure that you improve Ki Burst first because this is your spam skill, never join a fight if this skill is in CD.

(Use that skill to stun enemies, be carefull that the oponent is in range, you can use this skill with Valor as combo to get to the enemy and then to stun him with Ki Burst)

2nd Skill that you have to max depents on the build that you use.
As DPS-Tank you should max Valor at second and as standart DD you should max Broken Wings ar second.

(Valor is nice to get a little distance to the enemies if you want to run away or to dodge enemy spells, early game you should use it much as you can to get the shield it helps alot to save health points. Actually you can use it in many situations)

(Broken Wings does very nice damage in a Combo which inflict a nice knockback at the 3rd use. Broken wings can also helps you to get away from dangeroes situations.)

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Build 1)
By following my 1st Build you will have a nice damage output with a little bit armor and magic ressist early game which will probably save you from dead and helps you to survive alot more easier.

If you hit late game with much money you should sell Wriggle and Hexendrinker and buy Guardian Angel and Bloodthirster instead of it.

(Guardian Angel although gives you armor and magic ressist with a ncie effect that will save you from dead.

Bloodthirster works well lategame because of the boost that you get form your kills and you will need the lifeleech form Bloodthirster after you sold Wriggle)

Build 2)

With this Build you can survive nearly everything but you still have a nice Damage output thanks to Trinity Force (you will need it because of the Unique-Passiv).

Late game you will get another nice damage buff by Atmas Impala (Depents on Froozen Mallet and Warmogs)

You can replace Mecurys, Hexendrinker and Wriggle late game with Warmogs, Atma's and Frozen Mallet when you gain enough money.

Why Wriggles and Hexendrinker??

Wriggles Lantern and Hexendrinekr are must-haves early game as Riven not only because the abilitys which gives you AD, armor, magic ressist and Lifeleech it s the unique passive that will help you alot. At first you have a ward that you can replace every 3 min and then you have a shield which prevent you from dead beside your Valor skill which is essential as melee DPS.

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Last Words

Thanks for reading this Guide I will improve it when i gain more experiences with Riven :)

And please leave a comment :P