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Riven Build Guide by ZeroKash

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZeroKash

Riven, Face Melting AD Carry (plus mini dominion guide)

ZeroKash Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chicks with big swords are cool (Introduction) - *Please Read Before Commen

First off Id like to state that I am only lvl 25 at this point and do not have full rune pages, so if you see anything wrong with this build (runes, masteries, and so on...) let me know with your opinion so i can tweak anything that may be needed.

This build is super aggressive and great at pushing. It's never failed me before, and has the ability to come back late game if your getting jacked up early game.

p.s. I've soloed Baron with this build as well as hit a 1200 crit on the golem.

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Riven is the "AD Carry" champion (items)

This is my opinion due to ALL of he abilities being heavily based on AD.

Why dorian's blade to start?
- eliminates early game squeamishness
- added ad help all abilities
(i was showing this build to a lvl 30 friend of mine and he didn't take doran's blade to start and ended up failing miserably)

Why crit items?
- simply because she can crit with her abilites.

Sell doran's blade for b.f. sword asap!
- the extra ad adds to your e and is used to enhance survival. making early game AD a must.

Getting your phantom after Infinity Edge is crucial
- the extra movement speed, and crits help with mid game takedowns and agility.

Blood thirsty
- simple, more AD and life steal.

Late Game items?
- with late game items base them on the other team.
- frozen mallet help with ambushing with wind slash, and extra health is always good.
- Madred's Bloodrazor, the AD and attack speed helps greatly with pushing and a little extra armor never hurts.
- a black clever works very well against tanky teams.
- stacking another phantom dancer is a good idea if the other team is very Dps orientated.

AD > Health, why?
- your E, no manna = spam-able
- it has a 1 to 1 AD ration for the shield (reason for baron solo)

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Runes? Masteries?

Runes... >.>
- I haven't Gotten the chance to try these runes, but i see them benefiting her the most, if you have suggestions that you think would be better for this build, please let me know.
- AD are for riven's abilities.
- Crit damage runes stack well with infinity edge, her passive, and her ult. Criting with a auto attack from Blade of the Exile with 3 stacks of runic blade proves to be DEADLY.

- 21 6 0 seems to be the best for spamming abilities, Crits, and AD.
- As well as a little deference.
- My intentions on these Masteries are for securing early game kills and farming. So you can get your build up as fast as possible.

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Taking out the Trash and Staying healthy, (skills, spells, Early game Strat


Her Abilities are all equally important to this build!

Broken Wings to start, why? First blood.
- the 3 combo itself doesn't do to much damage, but it will stack runic blade giving you bonus damage, this is why exhaust is important, so you can do as much dmg as possible. Also its knock up will help with keeping them from escaping.
- great farming tool

Valor next.
- if you were able to get the kill chances are that your going to be gaining a bunch of aggro.
- valor is your survival.
- while farming minions near enemy champions keep your cursor behind or to your side. you if your laning against champions like cho' gath or skill shot champs so you can easily doge there ranged attacks, keeping them from kitting you.
- it'll keep you healthy while farming minions as well, it'll absorb the pesky dmg that minions do (they dont do much, but over time it can stack up)

Ki burst. mini nuke at max build.
- great for farming.
- great for team fights.
- turns fight in your favor
- use as much as possible while farming. If you get jumped and know you can't win the fight stun them and E out, while escaping Q twice for the dash, the third hit seems slow you down more than anything. flash adds to Riven's escape-ness, flashing from a gank then using E and double Q puts a lot of distance from you and your attackers.

- Spamming your abilities while farming is also intimidating, and there is no mana to worry about managing. (who wants to rush a champion who is jumping all over a bunch of minions)
- keeping Distance and not letting them kill you while farming heavy will put a huge strain on
your laning enemies economy, giving you a huge advantage mid-late game.

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Combos - Defense and Escape, Ambush and Offense. (strategy, team fights)

Riven is a combo lady. Being able to use here abilities fast and effective is key.

Defense and Escape
- Keep your E going as much as possible, late game it'll give you a chunky 500+ sheild which can be used every 7 secs. (turns fight) trolls question how i don't take damage and put out so much.
- Using W to stun an attacker and then using E and Double Q will put allot of distance between you and a possible death, flash with improve this. Great for countering pesky Dps and burst dmg champs from killing you.

Ambush and Offense!
- using blade of the exile before starting a Fight will give you the underhand, as it increases everything Riven has.
- Riven is a great bush ambusher.
- when someone heads into a bush your in you can easily punish them for entering your territory. Stun them with your W and hit them with a broken wing combo. they have two choices from here, fight or run.
- - If they stay on you keep your E up as much as possible while spamming all abilities for runic blade stacks and max dmg output.
- - If they run, exhaust them, E and Q after them, landing the 3rd broken wing hit will slow them enough for you or a team mate to secure a kill, when your close make sure to use W as much as possible to keep them in your clutches.
- - If they try and ghost out while your smashin them try and land E W combo, followed by a broken wing combo this is so you can dash at them, stun them and by the time the stun ends you should be landing the 3rd broken wing hit, knocking them into the air.
- Wind slash is a great clean up if someone escape with little life, as it does more dmg against low life champs. very effective at scoring multi kills in team fights.

- if you get targeted by another Champion who has stunts, binds, silences, etc... they can easly turn the fight and kill you. Use your escape combos to leave sticky situations like these.
- 2v1 = bad during early game fights.
- Remember, you should have a team mate with you make full use of them, and communicate with them.

special combos.

Getting full use of a frozen mallet.
- if a champion is out of range of you and your chasing them and you have a frozen mallet try and land a wind slash and E double Q after them.
- You can also E, QQ then wind slash to close a large gap. Using your 3rd broken wing hit with blade of the exile active can close the rest of the gap and knock them up, as it has a larger AOE on the smash from her ult, then using W to stop them and securing the kill with auto attacks.

LEADING THE ASSAULT! great team fighter.
- riven is agile and does good and starting team fight.
- before a team fight breaks out activate her ult.
- be warry of possible stuns and silences before dashing into combat.
- flashing and dashing into a group of champs and landing a W will stop them in there tracks followed buy a broken wings combo will also stop there attacks when knocked up, when her ult is active AOE is increased, making this more effective
- TAKE CARE! make sure you have your team ready to assault if your running in, or you will be targeted and killed.

Takin down Towers.
- while pushing it is a good idea to use your ult, the added AD make for a more effective push.
- kill the minions real quick, do to her great farming and creeping abilities she can take them our real quick(having blade of the exile up will help). this'll put the aggro of your minions onto the tower and you will push harder.

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Here is a quick guide for playing riven on dominion.

Refer to the "combos" section for combat as it can still apply for dominion and make sure to farm minions when you can, it helps out a bunch.

the basic theory of playing riven on 5v5 is very similar to dominion.

Grab a Prospectors blade instead of the doran's blade.

Her agility makes her a great dominion player.

she plays very aggressive and works very well when you stack a storm shield and blade of the exile.

I don't feel it is to necessary to get to in depth on dominion, because the theory of playing dominion is very similar between champions.

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AD AD AD COMBO! (summery)

Take care and happy laning.

Remember that this is a guide, and don't be afraid to build differently based on the match.

Feed back is very nice :)