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Riven Build Guide by DeathxRevanate

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathxRevanate

Riven, how do you hop

DeathxRevanate Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my version of riven, the exile. now before you rip on my build please understand this is my first build i have posted and read the entire page so you can see my reasoning. with that said here's my build.

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Pros / Cons

fantastic chaser
good farmer
can run away from almost anything
and can deal massive amounts of sustaind damage

often targeted in team fights
people think shes op and will probably cry at you because of this

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As you can see i did the basic DPS melee champ. Starting with the runes of ARP. i have found these to be my favorite marks out of all unless i'm playing an AP champ. early game you are basically doing true damage to your opponents, they also help late game as well so i have found them to amazing for almost any match.

next i go with the flat armor seals so if i am playing against someone who thinks like me i dont have to worry about the ARP marks. these just add enough armor to not get distroyed early game by that mordekiser who is building dps(i hate morde btw)

i seem to like the aspect of riven that she is only limited by her cooldowns alot like katarina. so i think its only fitting that some CDR is in place for her. even if its only a little bit it helps alot in the long run.

my quints are weird as alot of people tell me i take only one ARP but two CDR as well i find them to help my early game alot and even more so late game

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not much to be said standard DPS build in my eyes.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence isnt for max damage early on. its for harassing alot... and i mean ALOT. now people are probably like but she isnt a ranged champ or anything like that. Still she might as well be.

i take one point into broken wings because it helps harass early game and can be used to escape most situations.

but the first thing your going to max out is your ki shout. this ability is awesome it deals great damage has i .5 sec stun and will proc your item and passive. now people underestimate this ability having a stun of any kind will allow you to catch up to people. not only that its an AOE if your ally is getting chased and you think you can save them run in with valor and ki shout and run with broken wings. great in and out attack.

now for vaor this will help you stay in your lane longer as well as survive in team fights. simply put gives you a stack of your passive and a short term sheild as well as a small dash. that dash can mean life and death plus with the shield it will save your butt so many times. max this next

now you max broken wings its great but still last on your priority aside from the 1 point at level one.

of course you take one point in your ult every time you can.

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this is where i hope im differing from other guides you see i start with a doran's blade, this gives you some health, some damage, and some lifesteal its an amazing item to start off with.

next i build merc treads this allows for some nice stun reduction while still giving you the speed boost that you need to stay in the fight.

now i build yamamoto's ghost blade. this item is great on alot of champions but i find it especially useful on characters like riven. having the ARP and CDR is really nice to have. but dont forget about its active that will allow you to chase all day picking up alot of kills.

now i start to build the bigger items to help with my dimishing ability to deal good amounts of damage. i build black cleever next, having the stacking debuff is amazing it helps with so many problems. plus the good amount of damage it gives and attack speed helps in the long run.

right now you can ether go for some more damage or some survivablity by ether building banshees veil or blood thurster. if you are dieing alot build the veil it will help in the long run having the spell block every 45 sec will significantly reduce the chances that you are targeted by the other team.

but if you choose to build bolld thurster then you will get some massive attack bonus and lifesteal assuming you dont die. the choice is yours

and lastly for alittle damage boost and being able to deal with that one tank that just wont die you can ether build last whisper, which will give you some amazing damage and ARP, OR you can build infinity edge for some nice crit and great damage.

after you build ether of those sell your dorans blade (if you havent already) and build the last item of your choice

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Summoner Spells

Flash. i love this spell its amazing and can save you or get you the turret diving kill that tips the game. this spell is a must on what ever character i am playing.

Exhaust. god i love this spell with any melee or ranged character that doesnt have a built in stop them from getting away. with this spell they do less damage take more damage, if you are mastery is speced that way, and they are slowed by a whaping 40%. thats some nice things for attacking or getting away.

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Creeping / Jungling

shes not a jungler so dont try. she has a much better lane game than most people think. with all of he moving around and stacking passive makes using her abilitys great in lane. combine that with the fact that she is only restricted by cooldowns and good job.

always last hit minions because it will make you more gold than going all out on a minion wave. plus you may need those abilitys to get a kill or run from a gank.

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Team Work

if you see a teammate in trouble and think that you can get in there to help them i say do it. get there as fast as you can and stun the team and then run away. i have done this many times and usually is very effective because of her ability to get just about anywhere in a matter of seconds.

in team fights dont go streight into the frey you will die end of story. wait till someone is over extending slightly then pop out with broken wings auto attacking in between each use and stun with final broken wings attack and ki shout for the kill.

riven really doesnt have a place in team fights all she can really do is run in hit and run out if she stays in she will die so convince your team to do hit and run tatics it will help you if not your entire team.

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so with all that said this is my build to riven, the exile please comment and rate depending on how this goes i may make more guides to my other favorite chars. thank you for reading have fun owning it up with riven.

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changed some of the items to make a little less squishy. droping sheen and putting somthing else in idk what but working on it