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Riven Build Guide by Fixation

Riven - I'm sure Sellotape will fix it

Riven - I'm sure Sellotape will fix it

Updated on September 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fixation Build Guide By Fixation 2,687 Views 0 Comments
2,687 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fixation Riven Build Guide By Fixation Updated on September 16, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hi and welcome to my guide for Riven The Exiled.
Like most people, I was very interested when I saw the champion spotlight and saw her as a very unique champion in the way that her Q spell can be activated 3 times to perform a combo, and it moves in the direction that she is facing.

This can be used to either escape or harass or just blow people up but I'll get to that in a bit.

Hope you find the guide useful, enjoy.
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Pros / Cons

High burst and AoE
Short Cooldown stun
Good escape mechanics
Good chase mechanics
Very fun to play

Pretty squishy
Not too good early game
Her Q can take practice
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I went for ArP (Armor Penatration) marks and Quints like most AD champions would prefer. You may, however want to swap these for AD marks, which will give you more damage early game, but I prefer to use ArP to push most damage out of late game.

I went for Attack Speed seals seeing as she's AD it obviously works out well, as well as her Passive being very useful when combined with AS seals, to get the most out of the passive damage. You could swap these for health regen or armor, seeing as you're fairly squishy, but for more damage, I'd obviously suggest Attack Speed.

I went for -Cooldown Glyphs for the sweet reason of her moves being very nicely spammable. Her E is very nice to be able to have on a short cooldown due to its escape mechanic/chase ability and her W is great to spam stun your enemies.
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I went for the damage increase Offense talent tree build of 22/0/8, going for improved exhaust and really maximising the Attack Speed/Armor Pen build for Riven.

I've seen some people go for the Defense tree, seeing as you're particularly squishy early game, to try and maximise your survivability while still going for a high damage purchase order.
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I start off with Dorans Shield. The reason I don't go for Dorans Blade is because early game you're particularly vulnerable. This tries to counteract that by giving health, armor and health regen. The latter is most important in this build since you won't buy potions.

Secondly I'll build Merc Treads. This gives that extra survivability that you will need, seeing as how squishy you are. You have good escape mechanics, but not that great.

Next I build a Phage. This gives you some extra survivability in the means of Health and also gives you some healthy AD and the passive is a very nice addition seeing as how quickly you can pull off your moves, chances are you will get a slow off.

Next I build the Bloodthirster by getting the B.F. Sword for the damage increase and obviously gets the biggest piece of the item out of the way. I particularly like this item because of how quickly you can clear minion waves and clear the jungle.

Next I build up a Brutaliser and build it into a ghost blade. This makes you very powerful when combined with your stun after you finish your Q combo.

Next I'll turn that early Phage into a Frozen Mallet. More survivability, more damage, and permanent slow. What's not to like.

Finally I build a Last Whisper. This gives both a healthy chunk of AD and a very nice amount of Armor Pen to help burst through those tanky-types late game.
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Skill Sequence + Fights

Right. Here we go.

I max out my Q first seeing as this is your unique, high damage ability, although in the first 3 levels I get each spell. Then after my Q, I max out W, and then obviously E. Why? Q is your most damaging ability, W's stun duration doesn't increase with ranks and E's shield doesn't shield much anyway. One point is enough until late.

I usually initiate by using Valor to close a gap between me and the enemy, then pop my ultimate, then W for my stun, then go through my broken wings combo, making sure I'm facing/hovering over the enemy. By this time, they've either flashed or are pretty low health. If they flashed, flash after, Valor in and stun with W and repeat the Broken Wings combo.

If they're low health after your initial burst but you're low, flash and valor out.
If they're low and on their own and running away, repeat with a stun amd auto attack combo until your Broken Wings is back off cooldown.
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Summoner Spells

I go for Flash and Exhaust. Why? Why not. There's not many champions that don't take flash and it can save a life/get a kill. It's a fight changer.

Exhaust purely because your base move speed isn't exactly high so you can forget about chasing Ashe/Kennen/Singed/Garen or any of those with higher move speed. This can be great to lock them down long enough for you to be able to get off another W into Q combo.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Fixation
Fixation Riven Guide
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Riven - I'm sure Sellotape will fix it

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