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Riven Build Guide by Blarock1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blarock1

Riven makes you Cry

Blarock1 Last updated on January 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hay Summoners i am back with a new build.

This is my favorite build i take it when i go on the toplane solo when we have no Tank and
one in the jungle. It's very bad that this calculator doesnt work right. With this Build you have about 4000 Life 320 Ad 25% Lifesteal over 120 Armor over 100 Magic Resist. Its enough to
kill tanks and low life champions, how veigar, teemo, kassadin...
because you use youre shield/charge to get near to the enemy and then youre alpha skill to
be on him, then use the short time stun and hit him few times then he is still low life and when he gets to greedy he try it again... ure skills are ready a second time and youre able to kill the enemy. Use the shield to get near to him aktivate youre Ultimate use youre alpha skill and youre stun. Autohit him one time and then fire your Ultimate trough him. Great work you have a kill. The best is when you get hint in the gras and charge through him.

When you get the first kill on the toplane ( when the enemy have one in the jungle go to red buff and steal him :) ) Blue buff is not interessting for you only for cooldown reduce.

When you have Frozen Mallet and Atma's Impaler you can tank the tower to let your teammates get some kills or to crush the tower down.

When you have no enemy on your lane... still farming use your charge to shield the damage and use your alpha and stun to get the magic minions at atma's you should get them with 2 skills at warmogs you get them only with your Alpha.

When you use skills then you have a little short time buff to get more damage on your next few autohits so use your alpha 3 times and you get powerfull autohit damage.

Your Ultimate gives more damage too... so activate your ultimate and use your alpha + shooting your ultimate and make one autohit the enemy is not able to realize how much damage you can make... :) Their always write something how... What a noob build... buy skill... what the **** was can you make so much damage! THe only thing you need to now is that RIven is one offtank damage dealer. You can also go jungle, mid lane or double lane but realize that the range/notrange carry need minions too. So let him 3 minions from every wave and then he should be able to get to his beloved endequip... :)

In the jungle i can not say anything to Riven but i try it today and make a new build under this.

Thanks for reading.
Please vote this time or get a ,,I Like it''

Or send me some Samples to wrote a better build.

Thank you very much.

DMC RockstaR want to play with you... or against you.

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Actually you need only two things to farm.

Your Alpha skill and your stun.

Later when you get my first to damage items you only need 2 strikes on the caster minions and
then turn around to the fighter minions and make the third strike from your alpha skill.
The release your stun and you have 3 - 6 new minions for your score.

With this combo you can get the Ghosts in the jungle and the wolves.
All you need is the red buff so try to get one when you can.

When you got some free time because your enemy should go back to base to regenerate his life from your impossible damage you can make dragon with your lane partner.

When the enemy try to make baron your team can ward him and when he get a little bit under 300 life you use youre ultimate and steal him :D

( I have it one time : I go through the jungle and see hay they make baron. But the failure where all of them stand on one point... i actually wait a little bit charge trough them use my stun on all of the enemy. I run to baron use my alpha to charge behind him turn around and fire my ultimate... then how happy i where at this time i flash over the wall and have steal the baron buff for our group. :D)