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Riven Build Guide by BlazzedTroll

Riven - Mana Shackles have been broken.

By BlazzedTroll | Updated on January 9, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Riven is a very strong player. She has high damage output and no mana to hold her back. This build focus' on keeping Riven from becoming squishy while maximizing her damage output. Because Riven has no mana costs on moves, Spamming them as they become available will not hurt. The only thing to worry about is CD. That is why I build CD items. Some people will say that in the Mastery page I should spec for Atk Spd versus the CD but early game when your Q and W deal a lot of damage if you can cast them every 6 seconds versus every 10 seconds you will undoubtedly do more damage. Also her Q lets you chase an enemy. The less CD means more opportunities to catch up. Also using E pushes you forward and gives you a shield. This build focus' on staying in a lane as long as possible (hence lifesteal)
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust - With mastery, Reduces Armor by 10 + the usual slow and it reduces the opponents attack. Seems like a no brainer. I use this all the time to slow a target and then gank.
Sequence. Exhaust > E > Q(until you are on them) > W > Q > Q > E > W > Q ...

Note: Obviously if the character is more tanky and requires more damage to take down. Pop your ult and run in. If they start to get away throw your ult at them.

Ignite - With the mastery for this as well this increases your damage output while its on CD whilst also providing a bit of DoT for harassment.

Note: I always use Ignite within a few minutes of it becoming available. With CD Reduction it will come back faster and you will benefit from the mastery bonus.

Flash - This can also be substituted for either move. No doubt flash has it's ganking benefits. I have just found that with Riven's moves Flash became a little redundant and I like the damage from Ignite better.

Heal - Another valid option. Early game this can be what keeps you laneing just long enough for that extra leg up on the other team. However, with Lifesteal it becomes useless late game.
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Mastery and Runes

Pretty straight forward. More AD + LS = more HP. More Mag Res and Armor = More HP. More HP = winning.

When I first made this build I had a few CD reduction glyphs I threw in to save money.
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I always start with Dorans Blade. It's a quick buy that provides some early LS, AD, and HP.

Next I put the pots. If I get first blood or need to run back before I can purchase the boots I get pots and the attack damage boost. It last for a decent amount of time and through death. Pop the elixir just before a fight. Use the pots in secret (while hiding) to surprise them with almost full health out of nowhere.

These are easily skippable I just find coming back to a lane without any more than you left with puts you behind.

Next, Tenacity and Mag Res.

Youmuu's - Probably the most universal item for Riven. Gives CD damage crit and armor pen. Also the active for this gives a speed boost and atk speed boost. Great for chasing people down and pushing out more damage. This in use with Randuin's and you can catch Yi in no time.

Wriggles - LS and damage

Randuin's - passive slow and active slow. More HP. More Armor. More CD reduction. End.

Everyone knows why we get Bloodthirsters

Spirit Visage. Lifesteal is cool. Spirit Visage makes it better. + CD reduction.

At this point the game usually ends. If I can I get the hammer for a bit more Health and more chance to make people slow.

I sell Doran's when I get spirit or bloodthirster
I sell wriggles when I get hammer
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At this point it is pretty obvious what the objective of this build is. Increase a constant damage output. Less CD means more damage from abilities. Riven's abilities do AoE which means using them appropriately can almost double your damage output. Riven starts with a pretty good base defense. It is important not to over look this. Anyone can stack damage and get big crits. It's the people that take the hits and dish them right back that win. Stacking CD reduction means you need to be able to pop your moves more than once a fight. Death will stop this indefinitely. You have no mana on Riven. This means your laneing potential is very high. Don't let low health stop you. When you are low on health. Drop of into the jungle and LS on creeps and get some buffs while your at it.

Here is how my fights go down toward the end of the game.

Pop my ult. E to get right up next to them. W to stop there damage for a sec. Pop Randuin's and Youmuu's. Q Q Q. Finish ult. Ignite them if they are getting away. Use Exhaust if they stay to fight. It will cut down there damage and make your a bit more effective (mastery for reducing armor). E W Q Q Q. Notice the space between the Q's. Don't just spam Q. It will take you places you don't want. Most the time the second spam will launch you out of the combat area. The only time I spam QQQ is when I am chasing someone down. Each hit will pounce right on them. When fighting close range. Give it some time between uses. Just not too much that you'll loose the next chance to use it. Usually I can get an extra attack between Q's. This also lets Riven get time to face the target so the next Q doesn't jump the wrong direction. E Q Q W Q works well for chasing down people. Exhaust is also good for chases. It will slow them and weaken them.
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This is my first build post and I put it together pretty quickly. I can usually get 7-15 kills a game with this build and almost no deaths. I will update this as I play with Riven more. Any suggestions are welcome just remember, this is my build, I know people build Riven all sorts of ways, don't come posting "Drop all CD reduction and switch all defense stuff for more damage". That is not my play style and quite frankly I think people who just see how hard they can hit don't do well consistently. Those builds require you to be fed in most cases. I have never had a problem finishing this build. If I get weak, Riven can turret hug like a boss. Just E W Exhaust and Q Q Q. Ignite. And watch them walk away a sore loser.

Thank you,

I hope you enjoy.

P.S. Skill sequence explanations were left out. I stack Q. But it really depends on the flow of the game. Sometimes in different situations with different team mates having a hard W is the best way to go. Just get a feel for it. I like that Q can be used three times and chasing players with high damage output is a lot more useful to me than one big hit and a short stun. That comes in handy later. So I stack it later. Also E has a good sheild. But I find that E is more useful for the chase feature.

The only suggestion I can give you is to get all 3 before stacking. With no mana, having all your damage available is key. It is useless to have one really strong move and then be done. Get all your moves before you stack one.
League of Legends Build Guide Author BlazzedTroll
BlazzedTroll Riven Guide

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Riven - Mana Shackles have been broken.
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