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Riven Build Guide by elnino9

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author elnino9

Riven Solo top like a boss.

elnino9 Last updated on August 18, 2012
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My League of legends experience when I first got Riven.

It's been awesome time in league of legends for me and I've had lots of fun, didn't care if I lost, it's been lots of fun, truly. When I saw Riven.. I knew she was perfect. she is a lane controller, a killer, an amazing damage dealer.. and she fights with a broken sword and totally rules. Please rate my guide as it would mean alot and please rate fairly, it does mean alot to me please do leave a comment below on what you think about this build.

I hope you win lots of matches with this build that I've used for her and have a great time in League of legends :).

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RIVEN.. Solo top like a boss.


Riven is no doubt a conquerer at solo top. she controls her lane easily I've compared her with other champions.. If you like to play as solo top, if you're sick of Nasus farming solo top the whole time, if you wanna show them who's the boss and queen of solo top... Riven is the perfect champion for you. I've been playing her for years now and ever since she was released. she has been in the league for a long time. Her Ki burst is incredibly essential and she is just amazing. If you see my other guide on Jarvan.. he is also a great solo top aswell I won't lie.

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Items I use on Riven.

So Let's go ahead with the items I get for her and why..

Okay, First off as the game starts I immediatley go for doran's blade, I don't like to use boots and 3 health potions, it maybe good for other champions.. but this is how Riven roles. After you get in lane you farm up for your next doran blade, reason I get two doran blades..well, why not ^^? It's is because it gives you more health and that extra attack damage to really control your lane, believe me, you will end up with a kill easily. So I get two doran blades to start off with, then boots of speed, after that immediatley to a bf sword. Now some of you might be thinking.. why would you do that? well, You can easily get a kill with it and as you have 2 dorans blade with that extra health and lots of damage on bf sword, you really got that lane controlled.. instead of it controlling you :).

Okay, So I have 2 doran blades, boots of speed, bf sword. as soon as you have your ultimate by there you would do crazy damage like you would not believe and that's for early game, wait and see how much damage she does late game. she is super. I upgrade the boots of speed to boots of lucidity because cooldown is essential for Riven to keep control of that lane and keep spamming your abilities. and harrassing the enemy. After that, I immediatley go for bloodthirster and the reason is very obvious, it has great lifesteal and does some crazy damage on her ultimate. After that, immediatley go for giant belt and upgrade it to sunfire cape, this is essential for the great armour you get from it and health. then I go for atmas's Impaler which gives you critical strike, I chose this because the atmas's passive takes part of your health to attack damage. That is AWESOME and I absoloutley love it, dominating in games with this build. after I choose atma's impaler.. now it's time to sell the doran blades.

I sell the first doran blade and put a phage instead of it, this helps with attack damage and health that Riven needs, it also helps with atma's impaler's passive :) I then sell my other doran blade and buy a hexdrinker for the good magic resist and damage. Then i go back to phage and build a frozen mallet and finally finish upgrading hexdrinker to a maw of marmolus.

Your build is now complete, let's go over it now.

2 doran blades, boots of speed, bf sword, boots of lucidity, Blood thirster, giant belt, sunfire cape, atma's impaler, sell doran blade and put Phage, sell the other doran blade and put a hexdrinker, upgrade phage to frozen mallet and upgrade hexdrinker to maw of marmolus.

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So why these masteries..?

I use these masteries because it's incredibly essential, these masteries literally scream out the word "RIVEN." I use the cooldown masteries on the offense as she needs to keep using her abilities and do lots of damage and the best part is -- NO MANA REQUIRED. -- Even with boots of lucidity it's already enough cooldown but just to really close that gap, put up some cooldown masteries on offense. I also use attack speed masteries to quickly hit while the sword is glowing for lots of damage per second, main reason I max it up to 4 is because I want to get the armour penetration which is extremley AWESOME. You could go for last whispers instead of frozen mallet but that is up to you, if they have alot of armour and their AP isn't that effective, grab a last whisper instead of the maw of marmolus. I then go for critical damage, reason I pick that is I need to have good critical hits and this helps by adding atma's impaler to really have an amazing effect of damage on the enemy, finally picking armour penetration masteries at the end of the offense.

For defense it's really quite simple, 2 for armour and 2 for magic resist, then I get that extra health needed because I use HP items, I also use armour from sunfire cape and atma's impaler and still do crazy damage thanks to atma's impaler's passive and critical strike, Maw of marmolus also helps with your magic resist mastery of defense and give you that additonal magic resist that saves your life.

BELIEVE ME --- maw of marmolus saves lives. I can't tell you how many times I've survived karthus's ultimate when I'm just about to die.. :)

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Runes and why I pick them.

Armour penetration marks are awesome on Riven, it really helps against enemies like Shen at solo top and you can completley dominate top with these runes against buffy champions. I pick them over attack damage runes because attack damage runes fall off a little late game and the enemy would start building armour, armour penetration helps alot especially with the masteries I've chosen and with the good choices of items.

Armour quintences is exactly the same reason, to have that additonal armour penetration that you would definatley need.

For seals, I pick armour for all of it, You can easily defend yourself with atma's impaler and sunfire cape's armour stats and have an additonal +13 for seals, these can save your life.

For glyphs I pick magic resist because I buy maw of marmolus to help improve the magic resist and to also do some really good damage at the same time, The magic resist glyphs saved me lots from karthus's ult or fizz's ult, thanks to the maw of marmolus shield when you're on low health. It gives you a nice shield that absorbs magic damage.

You are playing a very balanced Riven and doing amazing damage with these masteries and Runes :)

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-She can easily control a lane with her amazing abilities.
-No mana required.
-Low cooldown on abilities.
-She fights with a broken sword and is still awesome.
-Her ultimate does crazy damage.
-Her passive is awesome.
-You can easily use your abilities to escape your enemies, using Q to slash your way out of there, W to stop them from chasing you with a strong stun and E to dash away with a shield on you.

-If she gets focused, could be a problem.
-She needs to be well farmed at the beggining of her solo lane.
-Missing with her ultimate can be a big let down, but try not to.

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TIPS and TRICKS on Riven.

Her passive is super awesome like you would not believe. I can't tell you how many kills I've got thanks to her passive, her passive is that when you use an ability, her sword begins to glow, meaning the next hit will do alot of damage, so let's say you hit Q. after the first swing it will glow, if you press Q two more times it will still glow by that time even using W and E will make the sword glow. use that glowing to your advantage. so imagine there is enemy on top solo lane coming right at you..

Here is the most effective way of using your passive against an enemy:
You run up to him using Valor which is E on your keyboard and immediatley use Ki burst which is W, hit him once with a basic, then Q, hit, Q, hit, q hit then ultimate and BAM. that's a dead enemy right there.

Another way is using Q first. So it's Q, hit, Q, hit, Q then E and W, and keep hitting, your sword will be glowing from all the skills you've used on him. use R and keep hitting him and finish him off with the finishing blow of reactiviating R to chop him to pieces.
AWESOME... She is just super.

Here is a PENTA-KILL, notice the basic attacks doing alot of damage after each ability. :)