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Riven Build Guide by PECHKIN67

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PECHKIN67

Riven(solo top)Ranked

PECHKIN67 Last updated on September 28, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Health points - 500, +91.059 for lvl - 1962 on the 18th
It is not enough as for mile on start, but a good gain for лвл.

Recovery of health (for 5 seconds) - 10.4, +1.06 for lvl - 26.6 on the 18th
Rather high parameter to swing him I do not advise, not enough profit.

Attack speed - 0.63, +3.5 for lvl - 1.02 on the 18th
Riven does not depend on this parameter on a straight line.

Loss - 54, +2.912 for lvl - 104 on the 18th
Points for lvl it is rather high, but start AD is similar to the majority of Kerry.

The armor - 15, +3.282 for lvl - 70.8 on the 18th
Eh. always it would be desirable bigger, especially for mile the HELL. We correct runes, masteries, artifacts.

Magic Protection - 30, +1.324 for lvl - 52 on the 18th
Gain, let and small it is good.

Attack distance - 125
Attention!!! ulti Riven increases range of autoattack and range/radius of abilities, about it, besides - further.

Speed of Movement - 320
390 about the 2nd effect, to me suffices. (Want more? Runes, masteries will help, whether only reflect there is it that?)

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I take such runes on all off-tank as they give also def and AD that together with punching will allow to press the opponent not feeblly. Well and magic protection with level increase. I always thought why runes on the armor take directly and on magic to offset with level, because initial AP in most cases from 0 and to 30 and AD from 50 and to 90 that's all)

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Solo a top / jungle - variations on the subject of shortage нр and protection

To trowel for smite in a jungle, +2 m of protection on a top.

You as can sacrifice 3 % of a LAN and +10 % Crete DMG. what to take 4 % of a cd as it is done by me or to exchange нр*lvl and 30 нр on нр regeneration and-15 seconds of cd of a flash; there is a set of small-sized changes which you can always change and set up under yourselves.

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Riven has really a good loss, but requires careful farm. Learn to use all skill.

Initial stage of game:

Will concentrate on farm of creeps, to try to reach a level in 150-200 кс by 20th minute. Expect the help of a command (the forester, a mider), in a complete measure use mobility and stan skill Riven. Remember that the 6th lvl - a peculiar turning point in game when murder of the purpose becomes more important priority than farm (if against you very much the strong susteyner, continue farm, ask the help). In duel after the 6th lvl 1х1 not many champions can resist against Riven as by means of the forester can arrange baits constructed on your low index to health (it is desirable to have a flash for emergency).
The quicker you receive the box guide - the better, as Riven not a susteyner and not terpilny Farmer.

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Skill Sequence

1 skill-Maximum DMG (taking into account hit of all 3х shocks); in 0.7 from bonus the HELL (native not in the score) each separate hit causes a notable loss in case of a fast swing of ability.
AOE effect of all 3х shocks + AOE (throws in air all purposes in defeat radius in case of the 3rd shock (Q3))
Charges 3 times a passive; Q1/2/3 Combo + autoattacks = notable pressure at the beginning, often fatal further.
The 1st of 2х the skills providing mobility of Riven (allows to ignore a line-shot are ripe to leave AOE of zones to pass "through" mobs to move quicker than "pinches"). Speed ours 475, for comparing - our run with bots "2" 390.
Magic vampirism works for all put AOE DMG from 33 % as efficiency.
It is impossible to move through textures!!! by means of Q1/Q2/Q3 it is possible to move through "crowds" of creeps, champions without noises if guide "the cursor at the earth" not beings.
2 skill-AOE a camp with small radius, but to small cd.
We do not forget to force down are ripe (from the nastiest ульт Malzakhara, Nuno, Fidla (only when he executes him). and тд)
Big bonus AD +1, in pour is 400-600 дмг from a skill each 4-7 seconds.
The best farming Riven (DMG after all is less than series Q, but there is the mini camp allowing farm and to cause a loss of the opponent with impunity in most cases)
Magic vampirism works for all put AOE DMG from 33 % as efficiency.
To evaluate radius of action it is necessary approximately, under ultimeyty the radius is higher, again we aim approximately.
3 skill-Not comic survival rate, possibility to absorb each 4-10 seconds 60-~500 losses during 2.5 seconds.
Gives the chance to ignore a loss of the half-scientist of ignite, pillboxes. To cause a loss (To execute 1 skill and to recede without special losses of HP, and even at all whole)
Need for HP artifacts disappears, we can concentrate on full HELL. Behind an exception the guide off-tank.
Distance amusing does not increase under the influence of ulti, it is impossible to amuse under a camp effects
4 skill(ulti)-Turns Riven into the murderer of ^^ +20 % the HELL it is possible to be dispersed ~ 600 HELL in pour (personally I was dispersed to 576, but it is possible and more)
Increases range of attack from "hand" 125> 200!!!, we receive the greatest range for attacks of short-range fight in game, now it is possible to attack through creeps, champions; Increases AOE Q and W radius!!!
Small cd, we use in all command fights, kill of a dragon, the baron, dense forests.
Ideal flippers the hit skill, the is less нр at the purpose the more loss!!!; if on to train with his help it is possible to lay fight, the baron, from for textures. We pay attention to a time delay in fractions of a second!!!.
Wind Slash has 1 second of cd after activation of Blade of Exile.
The image of skill of Blade of the Exile will be green while the edge will not be used.
In a combo with AOE uilti of allied champions can deprive a hostile command of several champions for read seconds.
passive-Very "Notable" increase to a loss from a hand, on a straight line bound to our index the HELL (a physical loss). In early game 10-20, to 100-250 in pour, an additional loss for a charge.
For output maximum the AD/period, obliges to use combinations of skill and autoattacks.
Perfectly helps in case of a jungle, and loss plotting to the enemy.
The bonus loss does not increase in case of critical shock.!!!

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Summoner Spells

Ignite - that "smallness" pure (ignores the armor and the magician resistance) the pillbox of a loss which increases ability to domination of a line 1 on 1 or with as the help to a ganker, we do not forget about-50 % to treatment and effects of regeneration, is very good against such champions as Mundo, Centuries.
Flash - mandatory CC, gives the chance to press towers, to initiate Ghanaians, to finish, leave from gongs and so on and so forth. whole heap of applications.

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+ Excellent Farmer.
+ Very high loss.
+ there is no manna.
+ Good mobility with abilities.
+ 3 AOE DMG of a skill.
+ Skill's for autoattacks.
+ the High gain from one (AD).
+ It is effective at all stages of game.
+ there are no direct counter peaks.

- A little "soft" at an early stage of game.
- Requires many farm, or murders.
- It is dependent on cd.
- It is very dependent on subjects.
- Has no true mechanism of escape.
- Easily locks silence.
- Camp of only 0.75 seconds.