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Riven Build Guide by Jmanbrau

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jmanbrau

Riven the lost top/roaming gaurdian

Jmanbrau Last updated on May 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Runes masteries

I get my runes because they give you lots of defense for low lvls and allow you to sustain yourself up to lvl 8 with no items. your physical runes will allow for you to punch with the extra damage and armor pen. i get the runes 21/9/0 because it allows for the player to do tons of damage all the way threw the game yet still get the important defensive parts of your build.

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first guide sorry for any confusion

sory for any conclusion along with this. this is my first guide and i am creating it due to the shortage of rivens that i see and that every guide on mobafire as of now is completely different and don't work as well

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In the beginning of a game u ALWAYS want to start boot three pots. this gives u high offensive power early on. because of your runes and masteries you already have 10 additional armor and 15 armor pen so you don't need any damage items the pots allow for you to stay in lane longer. i often find myself able to stay in lane until i die by a gank or get their tower.

On your first back you want to get cloth armor or scepter. if you are taking harass from a kennan or mage solo top the cloth wont do any good so get the scepter for the additional life steal. but if you going against a wu-kong or talon get the armor to reduce the damage you take. Don't ever return to lane after buying with out at least 1 pot. you should continue that habit until the hp pot's heal is less than 10% of your hp. this will allow for you to live through mistakes stay in the lane getting xp and rise above your opponents for what 500g totally worth it. Finish you cloth and scepter by buying a wriggle lantern this will give you much needed wards, damage, defense and a lot of poking potential.

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ON you second back which will be about 15 mins into the game you will want to buy the hexdrinker this will allow for you to survive many ganks and dives. this will also give you a buffer making u the perfect engage for a fight. along with you cc and burst you will be untouchable.

At this point you will want to buy boots. If all of their damage is ad basic then you will want ninja tabi so you can stay in their faces longer and get more kills.

If their team is full of cc and you are always getting snagged then grab merc treads the extra mag res wont hurt and the tenacity passive will save you life many times over.

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middle to late game

As the game goes on you will notice that you are quickly becoming the focus of the enemy team. you are not a tank but serve as one and you do tons of damage. For this reason they can not just ignore you like the other tanks and focus the squishes because you are doing just as much damage.

Because of this i suggest getting a guardians angel. throughout your many team fights you are going to make a mistake and when it happens this late in the game it could cost you. by getting this it allows for you to take a few seconds pick your target and burst him down for vengeance after almost dying.

Now that you have guardians angel you are tanky enough and have a high enough survivability to go 1v2 against most champs and 1v3 for some. But now you need some damage. to increas your damage defense and passive shields (on top of your amazing E) get Maw Maltorious this allows for you to hit like a beast. regaining more hp and dealing more damage the lower you get on hp.

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Late game

If you get this far you must be playing like a pro. Both teams are stressed and any thing can change the game. the enemy has probably gotten some armor pen so you'll need to pick up randuins omen. this will give you some armor countering their armor pen. Some very much needed hp and a cc to add to your other 2. making you extremely deadly.

The fights continue and you seem to not be making as big of an impact you are becoming that dull tank again. Ahh but you can change that. Your next item is Madred's Blood-razor. this gives you 40% attack speed making you hit a lot harder and increasing you damage by 140%. on top of that you now have a new passive dealing 4 % of their hp

After that you will want to change your wriggles for a blood thirster to bring your ad above 350 and increase your life steal. Now you are the one man army i hope you enjoyed my guide and have as much fun using it as i do.