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Riven Build Guide by zhu744

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zhu744

Riven The Swords Master!

zhu744 Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Riven is a great at soloing top. Shes strong in many was.With lots of damage and being able to get in and out of a fight.She may have a hard time with good laning characters though.

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Never to do!

Never go into a team fight alone with Riven.
Never try to solo baron alone with Riven.
Never try to go to the tower and fight with Riven.
Do not doubt Riven.
Don`t do stupid thing with Riven.
Don`t give up if your winning in towers.
Don`t feed.
Never Ever Trol.
And don`t ever rely on your power alone.
Don`t yell at team mates for one false move(only yell if they trol or help the other team)
Waste skills if not needed to

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Things To Do!

Live if you can
protect allies if you can
never get stressed out
if you do play league of legends
Try your best to gank
Try your best to get a kill but not tower dive if the have to much health points
Then try to fight your best

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Beginning middle and End Game

In the beginning you basically try to farm a lot if you solo and are getting pushed tower farm and ask for a gank.

In the middle you do lots of damage but be careful if you get focused a lot if you are start focus run towards where you can get protected (Towers,Jungle,Etc) then rejoin the fight quickly to help you team.

In the end you have lots and lots of damage so you can easily attack enemies but be careful for you can be focused alot

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Skill Sequence

The Skill Sequence that is mostly effective is to use your valor than ki burst then attack with blade of the exile as they run use broken wings to catch up then lastly if they survive finish with wind slash.In team fights try to hit as many people with ki burst,and wind slash but always focus the squishiest targets first and to never aim the tank first.

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Pros / Cons

Pros:Strong,powerful,good laner,solo laning,quick,has cc

Cons:,Squishy at first,Push able

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Since Riven has does lots of damage so farming is quite easy

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The choice of items can be hard. You can just follow the build if it works out for you, but if you notice that your opponents see you as a big threat and start to stack armor you should switch items out for more armor penetration. If you go against someone that gets feeded you should try to build armor/magic penetration depending on the champion and if they go ad/ap.

If theres lots of ad go get thorns mail or alot of magic get force of nature these can all replace warmog

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A story from SalvaDora11

A Quick Author's Note:
If you enjoy this story, please (if you have the time and patience) give my thread a bump on the League of Legends Fanfiction Forum.
You can also leave your comments and reviews there if you don't want to put one on here! I appreciate it! Now get reading!

Chapter 1 – Dawn

Following her unexpectedly invasive initiation to the League of Legends, Riven exited the Reflection Chamber, and strolled into the Grand Hall of the gigantic institute. From the raised entrance, she had a full view of the expanse of the room. It was lined with large pillars, creating pathways to various destinations. The entire building had an eerie violet glow to it, and the walls and floors shimmered in the light. There were impressive fluorescent blue details all along the edges of the walls, which caught Riven’s interest. They vaguely resembled the Noxian runes inscribed into her gigantic, broken sword.

There were several people scattered around the area. Riven studied them quickly before progressing; a habit she’d picked up while travelling alone. A few hooded figures conversing quietly. A man standing in the shadows of the pillars. Several attendants moving swiftly through the hallways. She progressed into the room slowly, unsure of where she should be heading. Her steps down the stairs to the main level echoed across the hall. The hooded figures paused and glanced over, but Riven pretended not to notice. Her focus was to study her surroundings, not pay heed to the thoughts of others.

Or at least, she’d like it to be. She’d been an outcast for so long, she had forgotten the feeling of trying to fit in. She suddenly felt uneasy and shy, wondering what those hooded people were thinking of her. She didn’t make eye contact, but the insecurity built up as she continued her descent, and they kept staring. She began to feel the need to yell across the hall and challenge them, but as she thought this, they turned back to each other and continued their conversation. But instead of feeling relieved, Riven felt frustrated. Just more people ignoring her after the first impression. She wanted to walk over there and give them a piece of her mind-

‘Stop.’ She thought to herself, taking a deep breath. ‘Just relax. You’ve been through a lot in the past hour. Your mind is a mess.’She arrived at the bottom of the stairs, and took another look around. She then noticed that some of the details on the walls spelled out words in an elegant text. Directions. To her immediate right was apparently the Library, and her left the Mess Hall.

‘Speaking of messes…’ She continued her thoughts, a hand on her gut. She was starving. She hadn’t had much money for food on her journey here, and she could use a full meal. Her goal in sight, she headed towards the archway that led out of the Grand Hall.

The sight that awaited her, however, distracted Riven completely from her hunger. In the Mess Hall, there were many people and creatures of mystical appearances, some sitting together in groups, others alone. Other champions of the League, she realized. There were a few impressive-looking humans scattered about, but the ones that really stood out were the supernatural. A large humanoid tree sat alone along the windowed wall, bathing in the sunlight that leaked into the room, and playfully toying with a small sapling trying to get to his water dish. On the other side of the room was a giant bull, whom she actually recognized as Alistar, a former gladiator from Noxus. She’d also heard that he still held a grudge against them, and made a note to avoid him for now. As far as she knew, there wasn’t any fighting allowed inside the hall, and though she wasn’t actually afraid to battle the beast, she just wasn’t in the mood for it.

Her stomach gurgled, and Riven remembered the reason she was here. She proceeded towards the buffet on the far side of the room. She passed several people, including a small group on ninjas, all of whom studied her curiously. She tried to ignore it. She quickly filled a plate with whatever was available. At this point, she didn’t care whether it tasted good or bad, as long as it was edible. She found a vacant table close by, and sat down. She preferred to be alone, and the room had sufficient space to accommodate her wish.

Riven began wolfing her food down. It was exceptional, especially compared to how she was used to eating. Almost unfairly delicious. Suddenly, it all hit her at once. The past, the long, seemingly endless journey, and finally the rude awakening at her unexpected destination. Her eyes teared up as she thought about the hardships she’d had up to this point, and now it was somehow all supposed to be fixed just by showing up here. She wondered why she even thought of joining the League in the first place. Even here, she was a misfit. No real purpose. No noble goal. Not even a drive to battle, which had defined her past life. She truly was lost.

Just then she caught something in the corner of her eye. She quickly wiped away the tears and focused on the spot. There it was again. On the other side of the room, an occasional strange glimmer in the sunlight occurred near one of the tables. She kept staring, but it didn’t happen again. She was about to brush it off as another oddity of the institute, but as she blinked, a young woman appeared at the table she was watching. A petite, fragile-looking girl with beautiful golden hair that shone brightly in the light. She seemed captivated by the sun, a faint smile showing on her face. Her clothes were casual, but sparkled with elegance all the same. Riven couldn’t help but stare at her in wonder, and was only awakened when the other girl slowly turned her head to look back. Riven quickly averted her eyes, but noticed that the girl’s smile had turned into somewhat of a mischievous grin, and just as suddenly as she appeared, she vanished. Riven looked to the spot where she’d been, and then around the room. She was nowhere to be seen.

Riven turned back to her food, only to find the girl sitting across from her. She jumped a little in her seat in surprise, causing her to bang her knees loudly against the table. As Riven grimaced from the pain, the girl simply sat there, until finally breaking the silence.

“Hello, Noxian.” She stated simply, smirking. Her tone of voice was high, cheerful.

Riven immediately took the words as a challenge. “Former Noxian.” She corrected, glowering.

The girl shrugged, “A Knock will always be a Knock.”

“And you’re obviously just another blind Machee.” Riven countered.

The girl giggled, “Well you sure looked blind a few moments ago looking for me, didn’t you?" She countered, "Oh, and they call us Shinnies nowadays. Where have you been?” She added, almost as an afterthought.

Riven opened her mouth to respond, but stopped. She never allowed her emotions control her. Instead, she simply asked “Why are you here?”

The girl paused for a moment, and her smile faded. Riven realized she’d hit a sore spot somehow.

“I could ask you the same question.” Came her solemn answer.

Riven turned back to her plate and shuffled her food around the plate. “That isn’t what I meant.”

“I know. But it is what I meant.” The girl replied quickly, leaning on the table, her voice back to its normal, cheerful tone.

Riven looked up and met the girl’s blue eyes with a cool stare. She knew she was being played with, and she really didn’t want to play along.

“Please go away.” She said flatly. That line usually sent people away, regardless of what they wanted.

The girl stood up suddenly and turned to leave, but stopped and looked back.

“Aren’t you at least going to ask my name?” She asked.

“Why would I-“ Riven stopped short when she noticed a strange blue glow surrounding the girl. She squinted to see it more clearly. ‘Another trick?’ She thought cautiously.

The girl smiled again and held out her hand. Riven looked at her own, and noticed the glow was surrounding her too. She reached for her sword, but as soon as she grabbed it, she was in darkness. She was weightless, in limbo. She was terrified. Just what the hell was going on? Was this the girl’s doing?

Let’s see what you’re capable of. A voice spoke inside her head. Only then she realized what was happening.

She was being summoned.

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A word of thanks

Thanks for SalvaDora11 for the Story!