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Riven Build Guide by Kyrnlawl

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyrnlawl

Riven the Tank of Exile

Kyrnlawl Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey this is my first guide and the reason for me to make it is that i bought Riven instant she came out cuz she looked FUUUUN!!!, but when i played her, i found out that while she is fun, when played by me she is mostly dead, in other words i expirienced her to be mega squshi, and for me that was no good, so i started playing her offtanky/dmg style, and this is my resault.

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How to play earlygame

What i struggeled with when playing Riven when i started playing her, was that i died really easy when the enemy focused me. I then started playing really defensive and that wasnt succesful for me either cuz Riven needs good farm to be worth anything. But when i started with a Regrowth Pendant and stayed def, only using broken wings and valor to dash ahead with broken wings, get a creepkill and then dash back with valor, i got farm, and then when broken wings came in level 2-3 a kill could be build up, and when Riven gets her Phage she has more surv and is ALOT easyer to play.

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Attack Speed MarksAttack Speed GlyphsAttack Speed SealArmor Pene Quintes

These runes are what i usualy go with for all my pysical dmg chars, they are good for the dmg output and general dmg. But you could go different around this and go for hp armor and AD aswell, the important thing is imo the armor pene - and if you go armor pene and then go some defensive runes in the rest, you dont have to go so defensively in the begining possibly.

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There is not much to explain. I have tryed out alot of different masteries, but attack tree maxed and with 9 points in defense is the masteries that i have had the most succes with because as i wrote earlyer Riven is imo a hero that dies very easyly. I dont goBurning Embers because Riven dont benefit from ad at all and i dont takeArchaic Knowledge since Riven dont do anything that is decreased by magic pene. Other than that its just standard attack tree. (if you are a big fan of Exhaust you can skill exhaust instead of 1 in ad since that doesnt do any difference to have ap or not)

The defense part is also pretty simple, you take equal armor and magic resistance to get some surv early, and dodge to get the extra movement speed when you dodge, which can save you at early ganks (i know it has saved me atleast!!)

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The way i go item-wise is based on max hp, and Atmas Impaler


Since Riven is purely AD based, this works very well, and allready when you have frozenmalet, your surv is really good, and from there on its all about max hp, while putting some magic res and item-abilitys in with the hp.

In this guide i know there is only 5 items, and the reason is that the last item i purely pick depending on what i need:

- If there is alot of magic dmg i go Force of Nature - This item gives you a whole lot of magic resistance, while giving you a run speed which is good for both offence and defense AND with your massive hp you get a real sexy hp regen from both the unique passive and the flat hp regen.

- If there is a lot of hardhitting pysical dmg i go Thornmail, one thing is that it has alot of armor which is good against pysical dmg (doh, orly Kyrn?) but the important thing is the dmg return which will make you pwn in 1v1 and a less focused target in teamfights.

- The last option that i would pick is another Warmongs, this is the item with the highest max hp, and will give you a good amount of dmg with atmas while giving you a all-around surv if there is a even dmg from both magic and pysical dmg.

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Summoner Spells

What i go is :

-Ignite - Gives me extra damage and decreases the chance of heals and pots takes your kill, so early game i really love ignite with burst champions like Riven.

-Flash - Is a must spell on most champions imo! It gives you great juking posibilitys, a great hunting boost and with your Valor and Broken Wings it gives you a great gap between your enemy and you in a matter of seconds. (and with your Boots of Swiftness, your close to uncatchable)

What else is good:

-Exhaust - As ignite it secures kills, but exhaust also have defensive uses, even though imo you dont need more defensive abilitys - but if you feel different pick it! xD

-Ghost - Great for hunting and getting away, but imo movability, (while always good) is not something you need more of.

Everything else is not really something i say is worth using.

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I hope you enjoy this guide, and please give feedback, as i said its my first, room for improvements is expected ;)

Peace out Kyrnlawl!!