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Riven Build Guide by Sm0ke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sm0ke

Riven - You wanna se my sword?

Sm0ke Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Hi and welcome to my Riven guide. I se alot of people going for Sheen and yes it grants much dmg and movement speed but it also gives ap and mana witch is useless. And, all her abilities gain from bonus ad so loosing 1 slot for that aint worth it. And you will still get the slow from your frozen mallet.

I try to find items witch don't have mana in them and contains CDR. As for the gold per 10 items is because she needs a little help on the sustain early and more gold for her pretty expensive build!

Oh, no this aint the item section but more like a walkthrough on it.

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Pros / Cons


Very fun to play
Many abilities
Very person dependent (buildwise)
Awesome sword!


Bad base stats
Bonus ratios not ful ratios
rught early

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Build set's!

As you can se there is 2 different builds but everything is the same, the reason for that is so you can se the end-game build and all stats. On the first build the system counts all equips but you can have 21 items so for you to se how she looks at the very end (no elixirs included) you have it there.

You should take your 213.5AD plus 81.16AD from your atmas passive since the system doesn't count it.

So by the end the AD will actually be 294.66
Don't think thats a small number, it's quite nice since she also has tankyness/utility and slow. And unlike many builds you manage fine in any part of the game (early/mid/late) even if early still is her weakspot.

Also, I've added a 3'rd build (actually a second but still). There I focus on the laning part. I won't talk about that build in the guide but unlike my first it's alot cheaper and will grant 36% CDR with a huge lane sustain. Massive early active hp and regen. An early FoN and early madrens will give you a huge sustain which makes for more ganks, more money and more wards. Also, I get teleport in that build to really crush the other solotop champion. Garen can throw his reg into a wall! Well maybe not but she will still have around the same sustain and that guy is op solotop atm! (my opinion that is)

Well, gl trying em out!

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I go for a tanky runepage witch helps the early a bit and the dodge seals scales well into late game.
Here I use armor pen marks for better dmg on abilities and AA. Works well with Youmuu's
For seals I go dodge because it helps early and late plus with mastery's you get a nice speed buff randomly witch really helps in lane and teamfights.
For Glyphs I use magic resist per level because it helps your sustain overall.
For quints I go one health cause it goes well withfor early sustain!
Then 2 movement speed so you can catch up. Since she lacks blink spells you'll need this!

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My masteries might seem strange not going 21 in one tree but sometimes it's better not to. I go for dodge and health because it synergies with runes and helps early. Then armor pen/flat ad and CDR in offense cause it work's well with here.
Not much more to say actually, you can change these for your preferences but I think they are best as they are.

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Items, Here I go for GP/10 because she need the early sustain and more money for expensive build.

The wriggles helps the early farming and sustain. The lifesteal is a must!
Now the abilities need a little extra, so time for the Brutalizer, more CDR and more flat ad and some armor pen. Works wonders!

Let's look at item choicescould be changed to
You could just skip the heart of gold if it's going well or if the teamfights starts early and that won't cut it!

Overall this build goes for a stable income with decent dmg by mid, high sustain early and by late you will have an awesome dmg output, much utility though items and spells and really hard to take down. The main problem with riven is that you need lot's of flat AD because all her spells gain from BONUS ad but she goes down fast in teamfights so you need to go really tanky!

Remember that you can dodge most skillshots but other then that you lack escape mechanics so the tankyness is really good! This build makes up for most things she lacks and the only thing I could get more of is CDR so feel free to change the atmogs ending to a randuins omen and maybe an infinity edge (personaly I dont like that but the 150% crit dmg + crit change + ad + you'r passive can create devastating dmg)

Remember what she lacks and what she has and you should have no problem making a working build!

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Summoner Spells

I go for theand combo but the only part that is 110% needed is the flash.

I can recommendinstead of ghost.

Actually most summoner-spells are viable. I wouldn't recommend revive, rally, heal, clarity and fortify.

Else it's up to your likes.

For solo-top I recommend Flash and Teleport but thats just my preference.

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This is a short chapter but also the most important thing for this champ. You gotta cs,cs,cs,cs,cs,cs,cs,cs,cs,cs! Farming more than anyone!
At least don't fall behind!

With an early madrens, ad for your dash and E Q Q W Q - E Q Q W Q -E Q Q W Q.
Just keep doing that combo to farm your *** off!
Remember to pause your combo and last hit those your spells wont reach and complete the combo!

You waste the shield if you go in and farm then avoid harassment with dash instead of opening with a fast dash into the creepwave and finish everyone fast.

Something I can recommend VS a non-health-reg champ is to run in for a CS then Q AA Q AA W AA Q AA on him instead of creeps and then dash into a bush to avoid minon dmg. That will result in low push, more harass witch will make great opportunity for your jungler to gank.

Now, everyone got their ways of playing champs and this is my way. Not very unique, pretty standard in the current meta but with Riven you can farm your *** of while still having aloT of fun!

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Team Work

This build focus on an off-tank Riven. I know, most people like playing hard carry and get a sweet K/D/A but riven lacks elements witch makes her a bad carry. She could ABSOLUTELY carry a game but someone like Corki could do it much better so never try to replace the range-ad carry!!! Never ever!

Early you should focus on holding your lane, farming your *** of and make sure not to push to hard unless you know their jungler wont gank you and that the turret ain't a problem. You should have enough gold to ward nija brush and baron at all times so let you jungler help mid with wards instead.

By mid game you should have a decent farm and a nice round dmg/sustain. Now you'r ready for early teamfights. you are very mobile so help out with dragon and gank mid as much as possible. Make use of you movement speed and dash. Everything is pretty standar and actually it just stays that way all game. Your a tanky assasin? aka figther. Like most figthers you have a pretty easy job, jump in, soak some dmg and put their ad-carry out of use!

By end the teamfigths should be something like this:
You should use you frozen mallet/page to slow down their carry and just get in his/her's face. Your job is not to tank but to help the tank, soak some dmg up while slowing everyone down. Wait with ki-burst until a channel ulti comes up and then pop it to interrupt it! or wait until an enemy starts utilizing their combo on your carry to interrupt and kill her/him.

Ki-burst has many uses and thats just two of them,the main thing is to not use it either to early or to late. Maximize the potential in a short interuptiv stun!

Remember to dash in and out, you want the enemy to scream "****ing jumper!!!!". Be everywhere, untouchable. They hit you, you dash away then jumps in and Q AA Q AA W AA Q and now you got full hp and they got half. Just keep doing that, just keep annoying their carry while you'r rape their team!

Make use of your ulti, since the active is pretty bad (My opinion) I usually use it not at the very end of an teamfigth but when people got around half and you can get many people in it. I know it hit's for more when they are low on hp but using it on 4 with half will help your team better then a last hit on 1. The active is very nice so I usually engage and pop it right after the first stun hit's me. Then you got a bigger chance to maximizing the dmg output.

Don't forget that you'r dash has a shield and even if it does't seem mush it really helps you heal up hp while fighting. Soaking up some dmg is always good!

So in summary your job is to get in their carry's face and annoy their team as much as possible! (just slightly less than your tank).

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In summary, Riven is a fun melee dps champion who has a beautiful skillset and with training you can create a real high dmg while being an annoying jumper who never dies!

I like comments but please remember that if your going to be negative please make it constructive else it's pretty much a big waste of time. Thanks =)

PS, sorry for my English I'm from Sweden so English is't my first language.