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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author porksub

Robot Girls are fine too: How to be the best support ever.

porksub Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Just a general build for playing Orianna as a support champion. There are other ways to build her, however I believe this to be the most effective to a team. If you already have a support on your team feel free to build a heavier AP nuker build.

Orianna is a brand new champ with a very interesting play-style. You have to keep your eyes on several things: Yourself, your ball position, your team mate position, and of course your enemy position. It's definitely something to get used to and not gonna lie; the first time after playing her I got quite dizzy so she is not recommended for the easily disoriented haha. That being said, she is easily one of the most fun champions I have played in a long time.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing Support Character
Great Harass
Unique Style of Play
Buffs Teammates
Debuffs Enemies
Crowd Control Enemies

Squishy early game
Short range on auto attacks
New playstayle that might be hard to learn quickly
Not a high burst champion

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Farming is somewhat simple. Use your Q to position your Ball behind creeps but close enough for your W to hit them, then position yourself so that when you E yourself it passes through as many creeps as possible to optimize killing as many as you can. Repeat forever.

The skill order is as follow for farming:

Q behind a pack of creep, W to AoE them, then when in position E yourself to send the ball back to you and strike everything in it's path.

If your farming is rather low and your carries and what not are getting more then enough kills and creep then what you can do is bubble a champion in melee range of a dying enemy and time your W right to snake yourself some kills. Be warned do this at your own discretion as some people feel that all kills belong to them.

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In the laning phase you're best in a duo lane with someone who can score kills. You're job is to protect them whilst tapping your opponents with your auto attacks to help chip as much damage as possible onto them. The more kills they get, the more assists you get. You may wish to let you're partner last hit more as you'll be able to farm creep pretty easily later on along with being able to get many many assists, but at the same time the longer it takes for you to build gold the more susceptible you are to feeding the enemy kills.

You can harass quite well with your Q as most people tend to not even come near an idle ball for fear that it will do something to hurt them so zoning your opponent out of experience is always a good idea. Just make sure you don't over extend without having a ward in position.

Another fun trick to do is Q into bushes to reveal enemies. This is a much better idea then just face-checking them as that tends to lead to your demise.

Note: At the moment, casting your E on a stealthed unit does reveal them as they will see a floating ball move around. So try to not bubble them till after they have revealed themselves.

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Team Work

You're job in team battles is to stay away from enemy champs. You are susceptible to CC's and being killed if they all catch you and focus you down. Bubble anyone who is being focused by enemies and if they are in need of a speed increase or a slow on an enemy feel free to W them to help in that situation. Position your ball when it's not needed to protect someone to optimize use of poke damage before a fight and during a fight to optimize proper time to use your R and W. Remember, a proper times ulti can not only save your team mates but also turn the tides of a team battle like that.

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Your core build is generally the same. This build utilizes items with defensive stats like armor and magic resist along with mana to optimize as much AP as possible while having them. They also provide a large mana pool so you are able to use your abilities to harass and help your team mates as long as possible. Then final item in this build is solely dependant on what you wish to build. My personal opinion are as follows: Rabadon's Death Cap for a higher AP build, Abyssal Scepter for a heavier AP opponent team and if no one else built one, Zhonya's Hourglass for a heavier AD enemy team, or Guardian's Angel if you just like to never actually die even when you die. Or if you think it will be an EXTREMELY long game, Rod of the Age is always nice as is a Rylai's Scepter. Boots may also be substituted with others such as Mercury Treads and Sorcerer's Boots. With a late game blue elixir you can spare the CDR loss from building other boots.

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A little bit about myself. I don't tend to play a lot of ranked, I just play a lot of normals with either my friends or solo queue. We are all veteran DoTA players (some more then others) and we play an aray of many different champions. We try to stray away from simpler and more commonly played champions which is why we don't play ranked often. For the most part in ranked, playing a cookie cutter team comp is very common and that doesn't quite fit our playstyle.

Oh and one final word, thank you for reading and feel free to vote. This is my first guide and I shall try to keep it updated as much as possible with any nerfs and buffs. This is a newer champion so really anything goes with these guys. For all I know next week Riot will change her to an AD champion haha.