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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rothlekor

Rothlekor Ryze v1

Rothlekor Last updated on February 3, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is the current way i am playing Ryze

(not yet summoner lvl 30)

Taking this build does mean you are pretty worthless at soloing lanes so be sure to take a lane with either a tank or a melee dps who will take the hits for you

This build is subject to change if i find improvments

Tips and Hints are welkom

Greetz Rothlekor

(i have turned on comment to vote becuase i would like to know your toughts and why you voted the way you did)

BTW if there are any typos found in this guide please notify me for i hate typos

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Skill Sequence

OL = Overload
RP = Rune Prison (not roleplaying)
SF = Spell Flux
DP/Ulti = Desperate Power

Welkom to Skill Sequence (SS) v1,

I am pretty happy with the SS as it now stands.

I have chosen to take a early RP in my SS for early game kills and assists

The first point in SF is kind of a no-brainer because early AoE makes for good hero harrasment and gold in come

I have focused my Ryze play on hero harrasment to keep there XP and there possibility to be gank me low. Because Ryze is a really squishy mage if it becomes 2v1

So using this SS makes it great for Early Harresment and kills

Try getting your first kill on LVL3 when you get your OL

*subject to change*

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Welkom to Runes v1,

I have chosen for this rune build for i have found that even thought that the static runes give you more initial power the leveling rune give better results and a even distribution through out the game

Keep in mind that this is my personal prefrance if you like early game nukes take the static runes instead

*subject to change*

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Welkom to Masteries v1,

This was a b*tch to complete for there are just to little point to get the everything you want

because i am more of a hero harrasing player i took Mana regen as my focus for without my mana
i am dead easy as that

*subject to change*

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Summoner Spells

Welkom to Summoner Spells v1,

These summoner spells are bit of a no brainer

Clarity for the mana and Ghost for a easy get away


If you are playing with friends or players you have met ingame and have a Voip connection with i suggest you take Heal instead of Ghost to get that early game

but other that that these are the summoner spells i recommend when playing ryze

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Welkom to Items v1,

The item order is pretty self explanatory but going to give it a shot

i have chosen for a early Rod of Ages to get the maximum out of the timed effect thats on the staff

but this also means that you are "handicapped" in such a way that because i take the boots later in the game if you are ganked you have no means of escape because the other players will have there boots and out run you

if this is a problem for you switch around the buy order and go for the boots first and then the Rod of Ages

or make good use of Ghost and if Ghost is in cooldown dont make any crazy stunt actions to get the kill play it save

*sbject to change*

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Well i hope you didnt went TL;DR on this even though this is my first guide and still subjec to changes

i have posted it here to hear your thoughts and comments on the build i am using

thus far i have had a positive KD and of course some wins and loses

But still your thoughts and tips will help this build go a long way

Thanks in advance and hope hearing from you

Rothlekor (most played hero Ryze)