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League of Legends Build Guide Author Supernovalogia

Run, or Die, The Strongest Fiddle

Supernovalogia Last updated on July 21, 2010
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Allow me to introduce you to a dominate Fiddle build, with this build you are a monster, people will fear your existence because every time they meet you they will die, this is an all-offensive build for Fiddle.

Now it is my philosophy to build a very offensive build for almost every champion, I feel that offense wins the game, and by using this build, I utilize what works best for me, so if you are a defensive person, you can't stand the thought of recklessly dying to get 2 kills over your life(of course I'm not sayin 1 kill ain't bad or nothin), then this build ain't for you, no, this build is for those people who want to, excuse me, **** **** up!

Now, instead of laying out every step to take like every other build, I'd figure if you've been on this site enough, and are reading this, you know the nitty gritty, you've read other builds, you've played Fiddle, and are pretty good with him, so, I'm not gonna tell you step by step what to do and hold your hand, I figure you can do that yourself, what you need to focus on is getting kills early and quick, so you can build up items fast and lvl, you need to utilize teamwork, and gank people, Fiddle is good at that I'd say, so, if you really wanna know when the best time in all fights to buy item A, B, or C, this ain't the guide for you.

Team with someone you are good playing with, I don't care if that happens to be Twitch, Gragas, Ezreal, or Shen, you should know who you compliments you, maybe you like having a support character backing you up, getting you fed like Blitzcrank, maybe(like me) you like Tryndamere just because both of you are good DPS'ers and you like to nuke your opponents in your own self made microwave, I don't care, it's up to you, all champions work good with Fiddle, as long as they know what they're are doing.

Of course, that's assuming you team with someone, Fiddle is great as mid, as you have heard by now, most likely, so if you go mid, kick their ***, with Catalyst the Protector, you can maintain mid longer then they can, most likely, and when they need to go back to regain or buy items, gank, gank, gank, please. That's what you do as mid, and then if after you gank, the enemies mid is pushing your turret, teleport back, of course, only if your in a hurry, if not, go to base, then port back. Or port to gank, port to port, I dont care, port when it is a good time to, you know what the deal is.

I use Exhaust with everyone, so don't use it if you never use it, use what you use normally, although I have to say teleport is really good with this build, but that's me too, if you use heal and clarity, use em, this is just a guide, it ain't set in stone for every person.


Now, what sets this guide/build apart from others? I'm not sure, you tell me, I haven't looked at every single Fiddle guide, I see the highest rated once is much more defensive, and seein how that aint my style, I figured I'd make a build/guide, that put how I play on the table for others to see and or copy. If you like being offensive, give this a shot once or twice, see if its any good for you, if not, don't use it, use the more defensive guides, this is just one way to play Fiddle, sure you get ganked, yada yada, sure you might get focused on after a while, yada yada, but what you do do, is you force them to be defensive in team battles, this build punishes them if they make mistakes, this guide isn't for the ones who hate tough play, if you make mistakes, you're dead, if you don't, they're dead, this is no noob friendly guide, if you got the patience and or the skills, this build might just be for you.

tl:dr- You're offensive type? Try this out. You new? Don't try it out. Defensive? No man, don't try it. Like a challenge? Try it, get good with it. All up to you~

-Changed runes from all AP runes to getting 2 sets of Mag Pen runes. It puts out more early and end game.