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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirty Goolash


Dirty Goolash Last updated on May 30, 2010
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Ryze Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a very different way to play Ryze than most guides have you do. I have found that since the damage of Spell Flux and Overload doesn't increase much when leveled up, it is better to level Rune Prison to increase the snare. Also, I have found that increasing his mana like most other guides have you do isn't as good as it may seem, as Overload only gains 10% of mana in damage, so it is better to focus on AP.

Doran's Ring-This is a great starting item for Ryze. It gives him Mana Regen to help him spam his spells, and Ability Power to make his spells hit harder. Not to mention the extra health for survivability.
Sorceror's Shoes-I'm gonna go with duh, you need movement speed, and magic penetration helps him hit harder.
Mejai's Soulstealer-Very cheap amount of AP if you are able to stack, which you should be with your combo.
Sheen-Gives mana and AP, and adds a bit of an extra nuke after your combo.
Lich Bane-Great item on Ryze. Gives mana, AP, and the passive really makes you hit hard. unleashing all your spells usually won't kill the enemy all at once unless your fed, this will help you finish the enemy off.
Zhonya's Ring-Gives some really good raw AP, and if you have good stacks on your soulstealer, the passive will boost it even higher.
From here on buy whatever you need based on your own discretion. Just don't buy something like an Infinity Edge.

Early Game
Grab your Doran's Ring and a health pot and head into lane. If you are in a side lane, go into the bushes. Ryze has amazing First blood capabilities with Spell Flux. It will tear an enemy apart. If you have an ally with a nuke as well, it should be an easy first blood. Exhaust if needed. As for the actual laning, play pretty passive and try to last hit minions, since you will want to have enough for sorcerors shoes by level 6. Use your Spell Flux on weak minions, and hopefully it will bounce to the enemy a couple timees. Go ahead and use Spell Flux to harass if you want though, you might run out of mana fast though.

Mid Game
Mid Game for Ryze starts when he hits level 6. Once your level 6, if there is an enemy mid who has been harassed to half health or lower, go gank him. If not, just go back to base and buy your sorceror's shoes. Once you have your boots, go get golem. Use your ult on the golem since it has such a short cooldown, which is lowered anyway by your passive. Once you have golem, recall if needed, if not just go back into your lane. Now you can really start killing. Start harassing the **** out of the enemy with your abilities since you have golem, and go in with your ult to finish it.

Late Game
Team Fights are gonna start now. Stay back and wait for someone else to initiate. Then run in and use your ult and unload everything. This should tear apart at least 2 of your enemies, and hopefully even more. When your spells are on cd, stay back and wait for them to come back so you can go back in and nuke again.

Spell Combo
The combo you want to always use is Desperate Power, then Rune Prison, then get close to them if needed so Spell Flux will bounce, then use Spell FLux, Overload, and finally an auto attack for the sheen/lich bane damage.