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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ascaron

Ryze - Ultimate Assassin

Ascaron Last updated on January 31, 2011
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Here comes my build for Ryze, An atypical Build for a Deadly Assassin able to nuke most of people late game while being able to survive Deadly punishment

Why two Builds?

As an assassin, You will have to adapt your items purchase to the opposite team. Here i give you two paths, the Ap oriented Ennemies and Ad.
First thing you'll have to do is guess which is which

This Build Is Focusing on Cooldowns, Mana, Survability and Your Q spell

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Runes & Masteries

Same Rune Build and Masteries for both builds, Force runes to strengthen your power as you don't have much AP items. Magic Penetration use is Obvious so lets get down to masteries.

Improve exhaust And Improve Ghost : Chase, Pindown your target with improve spell damage and Nuke the hell out of it.

Basic but all good Masteries, everything proves usefull early and late game

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Core Items

Start Off with Doran's shield and Mana Pot
For Survability Early game and to grab more XP and gold as you can stay longer on your lane

Get Rod of The Ages Asap
Survability, Mana, Mana Regen and Damage for your Q

Next is a Tear of The Goddess
Upgrades your Mana Pool, damage for your Q and Mana Regen.

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Facing an AD Oriented Team - Items Purchase

Now we're getting serious:

Build your Frozen Heart
Armor for Physical, AS slow, Mana, More Damage with your Q Spell, and CD
With it, you'll already be near 40% Reduced CD with your masteries, items and Q Maxed. This meaning you can easily cast all your spells twice while in Ult Mode

Finish Your Archangel Staff next.
Get all the AP from your insane and still growing Mana Pool, Mana regen and flat AP

The last Items are up to you depending on who's doing the best in the opposing team you might want to take protection against It or take more Health. See you in Last items section

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Facing an AP Oriented Team - Items Purchase

Build a Banshee Veil, starting with the MR if those casters pwn you or simply do too much damage for you to feel free, else start with the Catalyst.- Mana, Health, Spell Deny, and Pretty Good MR

Finish Your Archangel Staff next.
Get all the AP from your insane and still growing Mana Pool, Mana regen and flat AP

The last Items are up to you depending on who's doing the best in the opposing team you might want to take protection against It or take more Health. See you in Last items section

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Last Items

Insane solo or Duo Nukers: Banshee Veil - Mana, Health, Spell Deny, and Pretty Good MR
Your doing good they DPS Hard : Rilay Scepter - Nice health addition, Slow that'll keep your ennemies away or near you
AP friends and your doing Good but casters annoys you: Abyssal Scepter - MR aura reduction, MR and flat AP
Your Armor Isnt enough for those Bastards: Zhonya HourGlass - A 50 more Armor and a sweet + 100 AP
Your Powning Faces and Changing them to dust : Rabadon DeathCap/Mejai SoulStealer
Some tanks that just won't die ?: DeathFire Grasp is for you

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Skill Sequence

As it's not really a beginner's Guide, i don't explain skills but knowing all that i've said along this build, you'll get to point of Maxing Q asap as it will deal insane amount of damage with no Cooldown or near from it, next is the Prison to pindown your ennemies and last is Spell Flux. As an assassin with no Cooldown, you'll get them One by One.

R>A>Z>E, look how its almost Ryze name on Azerty Keyboard --> R>Q>W>E for Qwerty.

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When You cast a spell, all your others spells cooldown are reduced by one second.

What you should do to rape faces :

A) ULT MODE (AOE damage + Xtra AP)
C) BIND WITH PRISON and GET CLOSE (Cut off is retreat by a good positionning)
D) SPELL FLUX ( Bouncing between you and your prey )
E) NUKE 'Q' ( What you're still in ULT MODE? :) )

By this time your ult should wear off, but the bright side is that you only have to wait between 3 to 8 seconds to get it again, dont stop spamming your spells, one at a time to get your ult refresh

When you need to end a fight quickly, dont fear to go all out, even if that means getting less damage overall on time ( who cares if they are all wiped out? )

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Keys To Success !

1. As your are Squishy early, Only last hit minions with your AA or your Q, ryze AA speed is pretty u for it, and once you get the trick, you will farm nicely early games.
Result of this is that they have to tower dive to get to you, and your rune prison is well leveled > Pownage, but don't forget to get from an ideal distance from him if he's a Close Combat Type of Champion.

2. Mana pots are your friends from Early to Mid Game, do not fear to take even 6 of them to stay in the lane longer, grab kills and assists, surprise your opponent with 'I'm Not Oom and now your dead'

3. Till lvl 10-15, you will only have a small burst of damage, even if its a nice one, try to think to the end of the action and don't put yourself in harms danger if you and your mates obviously wont make it.

4. A death for a kill is rarely worth it, except to cancel Snowball Items like Mejai

5. Ward your place, even more if they are Invisibles jerks, protect your territory

6. From lvl 9-10 you can easily do the blue buff, so Do it, 40% CD free of charges is way to good to ignore, and only 15 sec are needed for that.