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Twisted Fate Build Guide by kinsman

Jungle [S11] Full Attack Speed Twisted Fate **The Red Build**

Jungle [S11] Full Attack Speed Twisted Fate **The Red Build**

Updated on July 7, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kinsman Build Guide By kinsman 247 37 658,815 Views 37 Comments
247 37 658,815 Views 37 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kinsman Twisted Fate Build Guide By kinsman Updated on July 7, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate


Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #93 in
Middle Lane
Win 49%
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Middle Lane Ranked #93 in
Middle Lane
Win 49%
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Hey guys, I'm Kinsman Redeemer, and this is my Twisted Fate Guide. I have over 1 million mastery points on just attack speed Twisted Fate and he is by far my favorite champ/build in the game.

A little bit about me, I am a Plat elo player, and I dabble in all the roles fairly often. I have a YouTube and a Twitch channel, as well as a Twitter account, that you guys can check out for more guides and tips on how to play attack speed twisted fate. I love helping people learn!

Twitch -->
YouTube -->
Twitter -->

With that, I hope you like my guide, and I hope you can fall in love with attack speed Twisted Fate as much as I have.
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Pros / Cons


+ Insane Late Game Carry
+ Long Range Stun With Pick A Card and Rapid Firecannon
+ Great Passive Gold Income
+ Arguably The Best Global Ultimate In The Game

Attack Speed Twisted Fate is such a monster once he gets rolling and is definitely a hyper carry in many ways. Lots of pro's on the list.

- Squishy
- Needs items to be useful
- Hard to master
- Easy to counter jungle

This Twisted Fate build also can be shut down pretty easy and takes time to master.
Definitely things to be careful of as you learn to how to play Attack Speef Twisted Fate.
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The Red Build [Explained]

Kraken Slayer
This item is Twisted Fate's new go to mythic item. It does really good on hit damage and helps shred lots of different types of opponents. It has attack speed, crit and on hit. All the things attack speed tf needs! Plus it's kinda red...

Guinsoo's Rageblade
This item is vastly underrated I believe, but not so with this build. This item is so perfect for Attack Speed Twisted Fate, it's not even funny. It gives him both AP and AD which synergizes nicely because, though we are building him AD, both his Pick A Card
and Stacked Deck scale off AP. Not only that, but the main reason this item is OP with this build and with Twisted Fate in general, is because it mulitplies on-hit effects. So your bloodrazor, Stacked Deck, runaan's, etc all get multiplied to deal some nasty damage. Plus it's red...

Rapidfire Cannon
This is where this build gets nuts guys. So many people are completely unaware as to why this item is so OP on Twisted Fate, though I did see Hai use it one time in an LCS match mid lane. So basically Rapid Firecannon's passive charges up and when at max,
extends the next auto attack range by a whole bunch. Why is important? Because Pick A Card is considered an auto attack. AKA, when you pull a gold card on someone, your range is ridiculously long range. It is super OP. Plus gives you more attack speed and crit, which is what this build is all about. Plus it's red...

Runaan's Hurricane
Runaan's is basically pretty similar but with some perks. The multiple shots that go out actually get you to your Guinsoo's Rageblade passive quicker which is a huge plus. It also improves his teamfighting which is good as well. Plus it's red...

Blade of the Ruined King
BOTRK is always strong with on hit builds. I personally prioritize other items first, but this is a good pickup if you are wanting to chase down players or just have solid single target damage. It can be helpful split pushing as well. One major drawback though... it's not red...
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So... How Do I Make This Work?

Well... let's take a look:

Early Game
So basically early game you are wanting to farm hard and take good situations. Though you don't have damage, you do have an almost 2 second stun every 6 seconds, so if you find yourself either in the jungle ganking, or in lane with an ally close by, you can take fights and come out on top. But this is by far your weakest part of the game and something that should be "survived" rather than "milked".

Mid Game
This part of the game I think is pretty crucial for how the rest of your match goes. I would break this up into two rules:
    *If you did well early game, play aggressive
    *If you had a poor early game, play passive and farm for late
So basically, depending on how early game goes, it is CRITICAL that you adjust your mid gameplay depending on how fed you are. If you simply play the same no matter what, you will probably feed mid game because you haven't built your damage up enough. You can't play mid game with a late game mentality, unless you are pretty ahead. That being said, if you are ahead, go ham and look for picks with Destiny or with your gold card range extension through Rapid Firecannon.

Late Game
This is the fun part and honestly what keeps me coming back for more and more of Attack Speed Twisted Fate. You are a MONSTER late game with this build. Most people who haven't built armor you can 100-0 with just one gold card + auto attacks. Plus with Runaan's Hurricane your wave clear and split pushing is amazing. My goal here is to get as many picks as possible with Destiny and gold card + Rapid Firecannon. As soon as I find a pick, or we get a good teamfight, you instantly wanna start looking for objectives to take and map pressure to create by pushing into their base.
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See It In Action

So this is a guide I made to showcase how to play Attack Speed Twisted Fate (in the jungle on this one):

And this is me playing him support:

And this is a recent game where I carried pretty hard with it:
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If you have made it this far, I hope I have successfully convinced you to try out Attack Speed Twisted Fate!!

I hope you guys enjoyed the guide and were able to glean some good League knowledge from it. Feel free to leave me some comments with your thoughts/questions.

Once again, hit me up on my channels below for questions/to play with me!

Twitch -->
YouTube -->
Twitter -->

Good luck!
League of Legends Build Guide Author kinsman
kinsman Twisted Fate Guide
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[S11] Full Attack Speed Twisted Fate **The Red Build**

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