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Wukong Build Guide by Evanescent

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Evanescent

[S3] Wukong Mid: A Crushing Blow against any Mid

Evanescent Last updated on June 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to Wukong Mid

Hello, √Čvanescent here.
This guide isn't for beginners who want to learn to play this great champion. It's for Wukong players to try a different strategy to gain the early lead, and to snowball their lane.

So, if you're new to wukong, this guide isn't for you.
This guide isn't detailed telling you what his abilities are or what his passive does.
It's just one strategy that I've found to work 90% of the time.
I can back this up. I have a 100% win rate with wukong in ranked queue.

Anyway, let's begin.

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Wukong was meant for the Mid Lane.

AD assassin mid-laners exist. Talon and Zed, for example. I mained zed, until his 2 consecutive nerfs. I usually win my lane with zed, however I noticed Zed was easily shut down in team fights with CC, and that I was not able to help out my team with any CC.

My Solution? Wukong.

I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest playing wukong mid, but I feel as if this guide is special because of Wukong's early damage to get First blood by level 2 or 3 on unsuspecting mid laners.

Wukong has the burst damage of AD Assasins, Complete with a disengage and a gap-closer. However, unlike other AD assasins (Talon, Zed), He can be built more tanky and is more useful within mid/late game teamfights with his W+E+R combo. His ult has that AoE Knock-up as well as sustained damage (Usually around (500x4)2000+ if he cyclones for the full duration)

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How to get the First Blood

To get First blood, It's important to stack that early damage by going Full AD runes and 21/9/0 masteries.

Start your item with Dorans Blade (Sometimes I take Elixer/3pots, but I like the double dorans during mid game phase, so I buy the dorans since I'm going to get it anyway)

I usually start with E or Q, just whichever one I can hit my opponent with during level 1.
Sometimes, I don't even harass level 1, it really does not matter. You should judge if you can out-damage your opponent while level 1.

At level 2, you should have one skill on E and one on Q.
The appropriate combo is:
E+Auto Attack+Q.
Once you E, it should do some damage, Then you can auto attack. This will usually result in your opponent running away, so, you can now Q for the bonus-range Auto attack to deal extra damage.

This combo is deadly at such a low level especially with your doran's and early damage rune page.

Usually, they will be 100~200 Hp at this point, and under their tower.

If you think you can finish them (you usually will be able to) E then Q and ignite to finish it off.

Often, however, the enemy will realize you can kill them, so they will stand far enough away from your E, thinking they are safe.

Surprise them with a quick Flash + E + Q + ignite combo, and bam, First Blood!

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Laning Phase

Building HP (Giants belt or double dorans)

Will give you enough sustain to survive the full combo of the opposing AP carry. Farm as usual, bullying your way. Harass them from time to time using your damage. Often, the enemy won't be stupid enough to die again, but, once you hit level 6, they will suffer the cyclone.

Make sure they don't have their flash active.
You'll be able to do about 75% of their HP from your ignite+E+Q+R+E+Q

Having reached level 6 before my opponent from the First kill, I usually go all in as soon as I reach lvl 6.

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Hopefully you'll get an AP mid that's a squishy ap mage, (Lux, zyra, ahri)
Be careful if you go all in on other AD's (Zed, Kha zix, Talon), however, played right, you'll be able to beat them with your dorans, or elixer, with your armor penetrating Q buff and E attack speed buff.

Anyways, hope this method can help you snowball your mid lane with wukong and carry your team to win some solo queue.

Good luck fellow Summoners!