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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueArrow0

[S4] Team Compositions Guide! (Free Wins)

BlueArrow0 Last updated on December 12, 2013
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Welcome To The Team Composition Guide for Season 4

Here I'll be talking about the best Team Compositions in Season 4 based on videos from a Youtube Channel Jeremy GamingCurios Go check him out if you want :)

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1: The Global Verry Effective OP comb, or the GuessWho'sFedNotOurADC comb

Mid: Karthus, Twisted Fate, Kassadin (Roam)

Top: Shen, Jayce, Renekton , Nasus

Jungle: Nocturne, Shen

Adc: Vayne, Miss Fortune, Draven, Ezreal, Ashe, Varus, Kog' Maw

Support: Thresh, Sona, Lulu, Leona (something that can CC/slow very good)

NOTE: This comb is mainly used for feeding the bot lane

How to dominate:
1. Install the game
2. Be A whiner or flamer
3. GG, U just lost :)

1. Get level 6
2. Run @bot lane (When Karthus you can stay in your lane if u prefer, When you are Twisted Fate use ult to go bot lane)
3. Make sure they don't expect you to be there and can't see you ( Vision Ward,...)
just fake that ur recalling and than just ult with Twisted Fate or run idk
4. Do a full man gank @bot lane (all 5 for the full effect)
5. Get some kills (0-2)
(6. Get the tower,,,optional)
7. Get a free dragon ( they are all recalling or dead :D )
8. Compliment your team for good teamplay and teamchat
9. Go back to your lane
(10.When teamfights break out be with your team and defend the fed ADC)
(10. As TF start splitpushing and ult when ur team needs help with teamfights)
(10.If you want you can doublesplitpush with Renekton-TF or Shen-TF)
11.Win the game

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2: Immortal Vayne Comb (My Favorite :) )

Mid: Zilean

Top: Yorick

Jungle: Nunu

Adc: Vayne (any other hypercarry works too, but Vayne seems to be the most popular/common)

Support: Janna

1. Choose Vayne

2. Get Yorick and Zilean

3. Add Guardian Angel

4. In team fights, ult the carry ( Omen of Death and Chrono Shift, respectively.)


Highly dependent on the Vayne player to be skillful and getting fed
Nobody plays Zilean(I have not seen a good Zilean player in a long time...where's scarra when you need him)


Shut down Vayne early
Aggressive duo lane; switching your AD and your bruiser works too.
Constant jungle/ganking pressure

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3: AoE Based Comb

Mid: Gragas, Kha, Orianna, Brand, Syndra,

Top: Nasus, Renekton, Zac, Malphite

Jungle: Cho' Gath, Nasus, Volibear, Hecarim, Amumu

Adc: Ezreal, Twitch, Miss Fortune, Varus

Support: Leona, Sona, Thresh, Lulu, Nunu

This team comp was know for a long time, since Amumu was released. Basically, choose champions with large area-of-effect ultimate abilities, either ones with high damage output or CC-lock. In team fights, everyone presses R to win. Karthus would be proud.


Anti-initiate champions ( Janna, Alistar, et cetera)
Avoiding team fights in the jungle
Not grouping up too closely

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4: Split Push Comb

Mid: Anything with escape ( Zed, Kha, Ahri), Twisted Fate

Top: Shen*, Jayce, Zed, Malph, Renekton, Nasus, Nidalee

Jungle: Shen*, Nasus, Maokai, Master Yi

Adc: Ezreal, Cait, Sivir

Support: Sona, Janna, Thresh, Soraka

This may be one of the easiest team comps to perform, except that rather than by yourself, you'll have the entire team with you. This will force the enemy team to split up, which is good for teams like the one I mentioned above. The champions will need to be able to clear out minion waves like my mother at a nightclub, and have ways to escape the oncoming slaughter of enemies dying for you blood.

NOTE1:In this combo I highly reccomend for the split-pusher to get Teleport and the Support to place a ward near the teamfight (if there will be a teamfight) so he can teleport when needed.

NOTE2: If you're Shen than just ignore NOTE1 :)


Play aggressively pre-6
Group up as soon as possible; take towers and objectives, lowering the enemy's abilities to split push
Their teamfight potential is pretty lousy. Most of them are pretty squishy, and they can't peel very well.

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5: The OP Early Game Comb

Mid: Lee Sin, Zed, Kha, Kayle

Top: Kha' Zix, Lee Sin, Renekton

Jungle: Nautilus, Nasus, Cho' Gath

Adc: Draven, Varus, Miss Fortune, Ezreal

Support: Lulu, [[Blitzcrank

NOTE: Make sure you are winning before late game or you will get DOMINATED (except when the opposing team can't play or you are just 2good4thefreakingworld or you get massive luck or ...)

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6: Kill the B*tches Comb

Mid: Zed, Diana, Kassadin

Top: Renekton, Darius, Jax, Nasus, Cho'Gath

Jungle: Lee Sin, Kha' Zix, Nocturne

Adc: Caitlyn, Ezreal

Support: Lulu, Sona, Leona

(NOTE: There are more champions who fit this Composition but I highly recommend these :)

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More soon :)

More soon :)


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