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Kalista Build Guide by VanskaBoy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VanskaBoy

[S5] Kalista WILL get you, Betrayer

VanskaBoy Last updated on November 30, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Varus Dodge Qs and ult = GG
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First some random BS i know that you are gonna skip anyway

This is my guide to the new champion Kalista The Spear of Vengeance. At the start i want to say that this is my first guide so there might be some problems also you should know that i am not worlds greatest League player so i don't have the best knowledge about stuff so yeah. Also sorry for the typos witch i am sure there will be.

If you have the time i would appreciate if you would leave comment and tell me what i should improve.

Now lets get going with this guide.
...Or then not quite yet
Also it is not 100% finished yet so keep that in mind :)
I will add my own guide video when i get it finished.

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Pros / Cons

+ Mobility
+ The kiting is for real
+ Very good for chasing
+ Doesn't need so much mechanics

- Difficult passive
- Needs a good communication with support
- If your Oathsworn ally goes AFK you are ****ed

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If you don't know the skills you should watch the Champion Spotlight

Kalista's passive is Martial Poise. Kalista can't cancel her basic attacks but if she moves while throwing her spear she will dash in that direction.
This is where her mobility comes from. This might be difficult at first but this is the most important part of Kalista. Second part of the passive is that you cant hit your attacks if you lose vision of the target. If the enemy can use this to his advantage and your support doesn't want to buy sight stone (**** SOLO Q) there is not much that you can do but to back off.

With her Q Pierce you throw a skillshot spear witch deals damage (no ****!).
If it kills the target it continues onward and applies the Rend stacks to the next enemy it hits. This can be used quite nicely in lane if you have few stacks in a minion and the enemy champion is behind you can just kill the minion and get the stacks to your opponent and sometimes score an easy kill if the enemy is not paying attention I.E in the lower elo games.

Her W Sentinel has a passive that if you and your Oathsworn ally attack the same target within 1,5 seconds you will deal percentage of targets maximum health extra magic damage.
Active sends a soul sentinel to the target location within range and then turn back to the starting location. it will perform 7 laps in total. It gives vision to cone in front of it but it can be taken easily out from behind without being seen.

Kalista's E Rend ables your basic attacks, Qs and you W passive hits by you ally stack spears onto the target. If it activated it will rip all the spears stacked dealing damage based on how many stacks there were and slowing them for 2 seconds. This is too op with that passive dashing. There is no escaping from you now. Also you can use it to farm because of its low mana cost and cooldown that refreshes if it kills a target.

Oh boy do i love Fate's Call. So your Oathsworn ally becomes untargetable and is drawn next to you and then he/she can launch him/herself towards the direction decided. It will stop at the first enemy hit and the surrounding enemies are knocked up. So basically you get Unstoppable Force where you just sit back and melt the enemy team while you throw CC AKA Leona on to the enemy team. There will not be any team fighting because they will all get knocked up first and then stunned and your team can clean it up pretty easily. GG
I know it is not so easy all the time. But it is really good in team fights. Also it can be used to save your supp if he gets caught. You should note that the support probably should have some hp so he can stay alive. Also you can take teemo as your Oathsworn ally and then you ult and when teemo is in the middle of the enemy team rest of you can just run away and leave him to die! DIE DEAMON :D Teamwork OP

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Support synergy

Leona at first looked like it would be the best support because of the ult but after few games i found that it is one of the best but not THE best.
Mainly the synergy comes from that CRAZY ult combo. And Leona is probably the best in team fights.

Thresh is in my opinion the best support for Kalista. In lane you can dominate with your poke since the thresh flay passive and your W passive deals incredible damage specially if the enemy is squishy like the enemy ad carry.

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Laning phase

Important part of laning with Kalista is to use her mobility to poke and not lose cs. Practice using the passive to dodge enemy abilities. Best way to win your lane is by poking with your Q and aas and after level 6 you can mostly go all in, unless you have something like soraka supp who dies when you ult her, witch is not very useful when you think about it. Get good positioning with you passive and use Q, dash closer, aa, dash, E, aa and dash behind the minions for cover. But be careful because hard CC will **** it up REALLY easily. Don't just spam your abilities, use them wisely because specially early you will run out of mana quite easily. You also need to remember that you need vision in the bushes because of your passive.

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Team fights

As with any attack damage carry you should try to stay alive and deal sustained damage. There is nothing special with Kalista, but unlike most other adcs you can start a fight with your ult. If you see that the enemy team is not in very good positioning (They are split up for example.) you can R then flash and then your ally will (hopefully (**** SOLO Q again)) launch himself towards enemy team and knockup them. One of the craziest combos i have seen was first Kalista ults, then flashes, ally launches herself toward the enemy team, then ally flashes and finally for this five course meal comes 5-man Tibbers served with stun. GG

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Kalista is highly mobile champion that requires lots of communication with your "soul mate". So it is godlike for duo queue but not so good for solo Q. And remember to kite this living **** out of your enemies.
Please leave comments and rate :)
KEEP DEM SPEARS FLYING! and laugh sadistically when they pierce them... and then rip them out again! [Evil laughter]